Buried in Rubble for 66 Hours? There's an App for That.


Seismometer app

Yesterday I was walking to the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C., to have dinner with a friend. She had just moved into a new place, so I thought I'd pick up a housewarming present—of the 80 proof variety.

I had this thought as I began to walk across the Taft Bridge which spans the Rock Creek. So I pulled out my iPhone, checked the time to verify that I was indeed early, used the phone's GPS to pinpoint my location, searched the surrounding area on the map for the word "liquor," found Sherry's Wine and Liquor just on the other side of the bridge. Then I thought for a moment, decided it would be fun to bring all the fixings for Manhattans, used Google voice search to find a recipe for the drink, double checked the type of bitters, and put the phone away—all before I got to the far side of the bridge.

While the making of Manhattans did seem urgent to me at the time, the award for iPhone success story of the day goes to filmmaker Dan Woolley, who used his iPhone to stay alive while buried in the rubble of Haiti's earthquake for 66 hours.

Trapped in the ruins of his hotel with a fractured leg and head gash, Woolley said he looked up treatment of excessive bleeding and compound fracture on the $3.99 Jive Media Pocket First Aid and CPR.

"So I used my shirt to tie my leg and a sock on the back of my head. And later used it for other things, like to diagnose shock," said Woolley.

Woolley said he also used the iPhone's alarm to go off every 20 minutes to keep him from falling asleep.

Of course, once he got out, I'll bet he would have liked a Manhattan, too.

While I tend to come up short on feelings of awe and wonders in response to the natural world, every now and then I have moments where I find the things that individual humans have devised and built, well, awesome.

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  1. No way dude, right when I thought my Iphone couldnt get any better LOL


    1. LOL indeed.

  2. Gotta be Maker’s Mark

  3. Agreed. Maker’s is awesome.

    1. Why do you hate your tongue so much?

      1. What possible objection could you have to Maker’s Mark, which is a quite decent bourbon?

        1. It’s quality has slipped over the years.

          For mixing Manhattens or the execrable Mint Julep, Maker’s is just fine. But it simply doesn’t compare to some other bourbons in its price range, and is hogwater compared to the premium bourbons that rarely leave the state (or are just hard to find out-of-state.)

          1. THIS.

            I consider Maker’s to be the inflection point of bourbon. Below it isnt bourbon, those are mixers. Above it shouldnt really be mixed. I dont get doing B&Coke; (or Manhattans) with, say, Elijah Craig 18-year.

            MM can go either way. Fine for mixing, fine for straight drinking (although a bit on the weak side).

        2. There are much better bourbons out there than MM. “Quite decent” != “awesome,” which I believe is part of SugarFree’s point. (And if it isn’t his point, then it’s mine.)

  4. I…found Sherry’s Wine and Liquor just on the other side of the bridge

    Next to Wein’s Sherry and Liquor.

    1. Isn’t that down the street from Likker’s Wine & Sherry?

  5. No,no. We need a Fannie App to inject some competition into the smart phone app world. This way, we spur innovation and control cost. It’s not fair Woolley had an iphone with all of the starving children in the world.

    I’m looking forward to getting some electronic innovation in health care when the state takes it over. Maybe the gubment can show these so-called innovators a thing or two.

  6. I used my shirt to tie my leg and a sock on the back of my head.

    WTF? Was his leg broken off?

  7. The biggest miracle is that he got his iPhone battery to last for 66 hours.

  8. You gotta be kidding me!?!?! His IPhone had reception in Haiti?!?! Under rubble?!?!? No way! I had an IPhone for all of three months and ditched it because I could never complete a phone call… Reception sucked so bad (and I used it on both coasts as well as at home in New Mexico with similarly poor results)….

    And while my Blackberry Storm might not “have an app for that” it could easily do the “Manhattan story” above.

    1. Nothing he did required reception. He could have already had the first aid app on his phone.

      1. Yeah, I would think he would have called for help if he had reception.

  9. I pulled out my iPhone, checked the time to verify that I was indeed early, used the phone’s GPS to pinpoint my location

    I swear, the more connected we get, the stupider we get. Me, I would have looked down at my watch and up at a street sign.

    1. How is that stupid? I don’t wear a watch anymore since my phone has a clock on it. Yes, she could have looked at a street sign, but she didn’t know where the liquor store was and was using the phone to find one.

      1. I’m only half-serious, but it galls me a little that we humans have gotten to the point where we can’t wipe our own asses without first consulting our iPhones for directions.

  10. I call shenanigans on this. No way the Iphone battery lasted 66 hours.

    1. He probably had the Buried-Under-Rubble-Battery-Saver App?.

    2. He also would have had to have purchased the first aid app before this happened. Shenanigans!

  11. why not? I heard the a battery can last more than 100 hours without problems

  12. interesting question… I made some researches and it seems that it isn’t a good application for it.
    Maybe we will try to develop one in our animation studio

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