Ugly Race for the "People's Seat"


Perhaps the special election for Ted Kennedy's former Senate seat in Massachusetts isn't as close as opponents of Democrat Martha Coakley hope. A number of polls convincingly demonstrate that Republican challenger Scott Brown has significantly narrowed the gap; enough to scare the wits of the Coakley campaign, who have taken to depicting the fairly moderate (but not for Massachusetts!) Brown to a Nazi-saluting Rush Limbaugh who loves to "deny care to rape victims." In an email to potential voters, Rep. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called Brown "a far-right tea-bagger Republican." In the coming days, expect robocalls fingering Brown as an escaped Serbian war criminal or John Doe number two.

And all across the web today, we have seen photos and grainy video of a Coakley consigliere knocking Weekly Standard journalist John McCormack to the ground and physically blocking him from approaching the candidate on a public street. The lunkheaded Coakley employee, Democratic media consultant (!) Michael Meehan, insisted that he did nothing wrong and that the Constitution dictates that "Republican operatives can't chase a candidate down the street." Coakley said that these mean journalists—errr, party operatives—were "very aggressive in their stalking," but added that she didn't see the incident, despite an AP photo showing her watching McCormack hit the ground. Incidentally, I know and have an enormous amount of respect for McCormack. He's a young and hungry reporter who possesses the enviable skill of driving moronic politicians into fits of rage.

Watch the Irish-on-Irish violence below. And while it is unclear from the video how McCormack ended up on the ground, it is obvious that Meehan is physically preventing him from walking on the sidewalk and asking questions. It's odd that Massachusetts'  top cop watches the scene unfold silently…well, odd if you haven't read Radley Balko's piece in Politico. Update: Better video added, and it seems pretty clear that Meehan, who acts like a a two-bit tough in a Studs Lonegin novel, shoved McCormack to the ground.

People's seat reference here. The man deserves to win just for being lippy with the always awful David Gergen.

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  1. What does the first sentence of your post mean? How does it connect with the rest of the post?

  2. The question and the "the people's seat" answer showed just how entrenched the Kennedy and Democratic party are in there. I hear all about how they have more independents, but that one exchanged seemed awfully telling.

  3. My end-of-day brain initially read the headline as "Ugly People Race for Senate Seat." Also true.

    1. I read the exact same thing, oddly enough.

    2. Actually Dagny, the Demwits are running a campaign suggesting Scott Brown is too good-looking.

      The house homos at the DNC, in between fetching coffee and milking gay voters for money, have been spreading Scott Brown's 1982 cheesecake photos from "Cosmo" magazine These photos make me more likely to send him money. I am tired of looking at fugly liars like Schumer and Frank or walking cadavers like Reid. Even pretty boy Van Hollen has porked up since being elected.

      1. "These photos make me more likely to send him money."

        Bruce, the Log Cabin Republicans might be a good organization for you to look into...

      2. I think Coakley's unfortunate hair distracted me, because I can see some 80's hotness there.

        Despite myself, I also kinda dig Aaron Schock.

  4. Democratic media consultant (!)

    He's also freshly Presidentially appointed to the board that oversees fed propaganda media (Radio Free Europe and shit).

    It's like irony, but unsurprising.

    1. No surprise that little-dicked thugs like this bitch think it's ok to assault folks on the people's street.

      Him and the witch he serves deserve to be burnt at the stake.

  5. What? No talk about "teabaggers" bailing on this liberal Republican? It looks like Joe Kennedy will be a spoiler because a lot of conservatives won't be able to stomach pulling the lever for Brown.

    1. After 20 minutes of the debate the other night, I felt like I was watching the Kang and Kodos debate.

  6. Too bad the reporter didn't have Steven Segal skills and make the goon eat his own shoe.

    1. Steven Segal is. . .

      Running for Office!.

      1. Steven Segal is. . .

        Running for Office! a retarded fetus.


        1. I don't know if I would call that fixed. The two are nearly equivalent.

        2. Marshall Gill=JB, hmm, makes sense...

  7. Every nation has a government it deserves. But Coakley is a special case - she should remain locked in Mass; the rest of the country already paid for their sins with other politicians.

  8. Chuck Schumer = retarded fetus.

    Michael Meehan = retarded fetus.

    I can't wait for more health care to abort these fuckers.

  9. Massachusetts is a two-party consent state. Coakley is soft on crime if she hasn't arrested youtube over that video.

    1. That only applies to "hidden" taping. If its done "in public" then its good to go.

    2. What robc said. There's usually some leeway given to the press, anyway.

  10. Was the Limbaugh ad the one that Massachusetts was misspelled in?

    1. That's the ad I would be running: "Massachuesetts, you have the choice to vote for Scott Brown or the buffoon who can't even spell the name of the state. Choose wisely."

      1. hehehe...knew I was going to do that!

  11. Oh no Tim!

    Incidentally, I know and have an enormous amount of respect for McCormack. He's a young and hungry reporter who possesses the enviable skill of driving moronic politicians into fits of rage.

    You didn't do that in proper full disclosure format! The Maobama worshipers will berate you using their non-white voices while serving you coffee.

    1. They only have negro dialects non-white voices when they choose to have them.

  12. Why is Gergen moderating anything? He is about as impartial as Ann Coulter.

  13. Worst. Media. Consultant. Ever.

    Also -- he's doing God's work.

  14. From watching the videos circulating about the incident, it seems like Meehan and McCormack are both jockeying for the same space around Coakley. McCormack so he can ask questions, Meehan so he can prevent them.

    In the jockeying, Meehan shoves McCormack in a way that usually would be harmless--the same way you might jostle or shove someone to get on a crowded subway. Except there's a low fence on the sidewalk, so McCormack is tripped up. Meehan did stop to help McCormack back up, so I don't think it was intentional.

    1. """""From watching the videos circulating about the incident, it seems like Meehan and McCormack are both jockeying for the same space around Coakley. McCormack so he can ask questions, Meehan so he can prevent them.""""

      No, they were jockeying for the same space, there was plenty of space for both of them. The government thug was preventing a citizen from walking on a public sidewalk and asking questions of a public official. And that public official who pretends to be the Attorney General has failed to protect the public but instead lied and said that she did not see her government thug attack the citizen

      1. I like how you don't even need a badge to be a gov't thug anymore. A Media Consultant position is sufficient.

        If subcontracted for the gov't once, does that mean i get to go around bein all jackbooty?

    2. Watch it again. It's obvious he is doing the 'helping' to keep him away. He blocks him out ala basketball to keep him away.

      I would have kicked him in the nuts then given him an uppercut that would send that fetus to hell.

  15. There is an odd symmetry to this election. Obama was inaugurated on the Tuesday after MLK Day 2009. This election is the Tuesday after MLK Day 2010. If Brown wins, it would be apocalyptic for the Dems. It is unimaginable that a Republican could win a Senate seat from Massachusetts no matter how dimwitted the Democratic nominee. If Brown wins, every Dem politician in the country will turn white. If they can lose in Massachusetts in a special election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat, they can loose anywhere.

    Dems keep saying that they will delay Brown's swearing in to pass Obamacare. I don't buy that for a minute. If Brown wins, Dem politicians will go into full survival mode. Reid and Pelosi may want to do it, but the rank and file will never have it. Obamacare, cap and theft, and the entire Obama agenda will be done. Obama's presidency as we know it will effectively be over exactly 365 days after it began.

    1. Turn white? Wouldn't that make Obama an absolute lock for a second term?

      1. Different kind of white, Jimbo - as in face drained of all blood and color because of fear. "White as a ghost."

    2. The fact that it's even close shows where things are going. Brown doesn't have to win for the Democrats to be wondering what the hell happened come mid November.

    3. Dems keep saying that they will delay Brown's swearing in to pass Obamacare.

      Dems will delay it at the state take their time certifying the election in Mass.

  16. Democrats: Party of liars, beggars and thieves...and thugs.

  17. "a far-right tea-bagger Republican."

    Hasnt it been determined that calling someone a tea-bagger is inappropriate and that any politician who wasnt originally aware of the term (yeah, right!) is now?

    And ignorance is no excuse? Although this is Schumer we are talking about, so its a damn good excuse.

    1. Personally I'm hoping that the Republicans start referring to "far-left cock-sucker Democrats". Should make the debates more lively.

      1. "cock sucker" will never make it past the censors.

        "far left felcher" has a better chance though. People won't find out what it means until it's alreadi in the vernacular.

    2. Yeah robc, it was "determined." There was a Blue Ribbon Commission and everything...

    3. There are two types of people in the world:

      teabaggers and teabaggees

      We know which one Schumer and his ilk are.

  18. I assume Coakley did the white right thing and posted Meehan's bail, after he was taken into custody and booked for assault.



    1. She's an attorney general and she ignores an assault right in front of her.

      Her being tarred and feathered is far too kind.

  19. I hope the Brown campaign has an ad up, showing Coakley denying she saw anything, then showing her watching the whole thing. Maybe even set it up by saying "Hey, we don't know for sure what happened, but we know she lied about it."

    That right there, running the weekend before the election, should be good for 3 - 4 points at the polls.

  20. The whole country is praying for Scott Brown to win.

    The stench of the lies, manipulation, intimidation, coercion, bribery, corruption, and backroom deals to force us to swallow the Obamacare SCAM -- which will destroy our health care, our economy, our freedoms and our country -- has forever tainted the Democratic Party.

    Thinking Americans understand there's no longer a Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has been replaced by the Progressive (Marxist) party, controlled by U.S. enemies like George Soros and bent on destroying America using the tactics of their Marxist mentor Saul Alinsky.

    Thinking Americans are ready to do whatever it takes to defend their future ? and the future of their children and grandchildren -- from Obama and his Marxist scams, like Obamacare and cap and trade.

    Donate and do what you can to help Brown win. The future of Massachusetts and the country is at stake.

  21. Funny, how she accuses other people of being Nazis.

    She should be impeached for not prosecuting that thug.

  22. It seems to me the guy intentionally body checked the guy into the fence so he could confront him about his media credentials.

    But boy that Weekly Standard guy looked terrified, like he was going to cry and poop his pants. Obviously hasn't read Manfeld's work on Manliness yet...

    1. Clearly the story MNG is the fact that a Washington reporter may be less than "manly" in your view. The story couldn't be some Democratic apparatchik body checking a reporter so a nitwit Senate candidate wouldn't have to answer a hard question.

    2. Remember folks that the retarded troll thinks it's fair to punch him in the face.

  23. I wouldn't ordinarily lower myself, but, my god! she has a punchable face.

  24. MediaMatters is ignoring the Meehan assault, so you know it DID happen.

    1. Follow-up: Nothing on NewsHounds, either. Virtually nothing on DU.

  25. Scott Brown is hot. And not "hot for DC" but hot hot. It doesn't look like he's lost any of the hotness from his Cosmo centerfold days. He and Jeff Flake are the only two male politicians in DC whom anyone would ever (ever, ever) want to see shirtless.

    1. Unfortunately, there are numerous photos out there of Ted Kennedy shirtless.

    2. He and Jeff Flake are the only two male politicians in DC whom anyone would ever (ever, ever) want to see shirtless.

      True? Or is there a female politician in DC that I'm overlooking here?

      1. You're probably right, RC, but I wasn't sure. I thought maybe there was a female hottie lurking on Capitol Hill that I wasn't aware of.

        1. Not since Janet Reno left 🙁

      2. Michelle Bachman and Olympia Snowe are the only ones who have ever looked any good that I can think of. But they're both a little two long in the tooth to be described as "hot" to anyone who's not an old codger like me.

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