Capitalism in Action: Get Your Stabproof Vest for South Africa World Cup 2010


The U.S. government still can't quite manage to appropriately provision its soldiers with body armor. But gosh darn it, the world's soccer fans will be more that adequately prepared for any stabbing that may occur at this year's South Africa-based World Cup.

For a couple extra bucks you can get your commemorative World Cup protective garment festooned with the logo of your home team. This makes target selection easier for would-be stabber/fans, I suppose. But then the vest will thwart them. See how that worked! One assumes that generic South African stabbers will be indifferent to team affiliation.

I grant you that it seems somewhat improbable that this company is real. But company founder and owner Sascha Cutura (and legit owner of the apparently fully-functional site since October) says via email that the product launched yesterday, and that he has already received 35 orders, "mainly from America and the U.K" for the vests, which are made by "a reliable manufacturer in Asia."

Via World Cup Blog.