Hospitals Beg Iowa to Tax Them in Medicaid Scam


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In Iowa, a new scheme is underway to soak the feds for more Medicaid money. Here's how the trick works: Hospitals asked to be taxed by the state. (Right now, most states hospitals are nonprofits and therefore exempt from most taxation.) This generates $40 million in "provider assessment" fees. The state plows the money back into Medicaid, triggering federal matching spending on that cash. (The feds pay about two-thirds of Medicaid.) That money goes right back to the hospitals in exchange for services provided to Medicaid patients. It's a kind of Do-It-Yourself multiplier effect!

The Iowa Hospital Association, which backs the idea, says the state also would benefit from the arrangement. The association estimates that after the hospitals reap their reward, the state could wind up with about $65 million.

Everybody wins. Except, well, everybody—since this whole runaround is just a way of reshuffling the money of federal taxpayers and dealing it out to hospitals and state governments.

Meanwhile, the Mayo Clinic—beloved of Obama for its brilliant cost-cutting and high quality of care—is experimenting with refusing Medicare patients at its Arizona location. The company lost $840 million last year treating Medicare patients.

Via Mark Lambert.

UPDATE: Medicare corrected to Medicaid in the Iowa story.

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  1. the Mayo Clinic … is experimenting with refusing Medicare patients

    If the govt can require us to purchase insurance, it would seem the govt can require hospitals to accept Medicare patients.

    Stay tuned.

    1. +1 my first thought too.

    2. If the govt can require us to purchase insurance, it would seem the govt can require hospitals to accept Medicare patients.

      They will, but after deals are cut with private/public partnerships on new reimbursement rates.

  2. Great piece!

    I suspect where you wrote:

    “Here’s how the trick works: Hospitals asked to be taxed by the state. (Right now, most states are nonprofits and therefore exempt from most taxation.)”, it should have read “(Right now, most [hospitals] are nonprofits and therefore exempt…”

    1. It’s true either way…states don’t tax themselves either.

  3. “The company lost $840 million last year treating Medicare patients.”

    And regardless of whether that figure accounts for what they had to overcharge other patients to break even, you shouldn’t have to lose that much money for treating patients on a government program.

    If people on Medicare only realized… Just because you don’t have to pay your hospital bills personally, doesn’t mean the government’s paying. It’s mostly people who can’t get insurance because of a pre-existing condition, the unemployed, the working poor…they’re the ones that have to cover the difference.

    They call them “entitlements”; I call it the ol’ dine and dash.

    Have there ever been so many self-righteous deadbeats in this country as there are right now?

    1. The Mayo clinic doesn’t have to accept Medicare patients. But anyone who agrees to accept Medicare is subject the the allowed payments in the agreement.

      Hospitals don’t necessarily overcharge other patients. Especially patients with insurance that have contracted rates with the hospital. So they can only overcharge the people without insurance, out of plan, or where plans pay a percentage and the rest goes back to the patients.

      It’s usually written off as bad debt and charity, against taxes or absorbed by the facility, absorbing does hurt their bottom line.

      But lost may not fully mean what you think. Most the time when they enter into contract with an insurance company they are losing money just by agreeing to the terms. It’s agency rate vs contracted rate and agency rate is almost alway over blown.

      I had a doctor who rate for a visit was over $300. He was paid $139 for my visits because that was the agreement between him and my insurer (contracted rate). Is it really a loss if you agreed to do the services for less?

      It’s sort of like me saying my rate is $150 an hour, but I agreed to take a $25 an hour job, so I’m losing $125 an hour.

  4. This only happens because of Bush/Cheney laissez faire health policy! We need single payer healthcare reform now!

    1. Right, because medicare is such a great program… wait.

    2. The sad part is that some people really think that the Bush-Cheney policy was laissez faire.

      1. Don’t tell Choady!

    3. What part of laissez faire has the government only paying for a fraction of the costs its members rack up?

      That’s a result of laissez faire?! That’s socialism, dude. What color is the sky on your planet?

      P.S. I keep seeing this suggestion that Bush and Cheney were free market/capitalist guys, and I really don’t get the connection. If they’d been half the capitalists the current round of Obama adorers make them out to be, I might not have hated them as much as I do.

      1. Man…I can’t even tell whose sarcasm detectors are broken anymore.

        1. Satire is a treacherous tool in this post-irony age.

        2. Yeah, it seemed pretty obvious to me. OTOH there really are people who believe the whole laissez faire myth so it’s still fun to take a whack…Brandybuck just volunteered to be the tackling dummy, is all.

    4. You’re fucked in the head if you think single payer will solve all of the heathcare (read paying for it, not providing it) problems.

      Give me an example of a government program that doesn’t waste money and make a situation worse. Just one!

  5. The company lost $840 million last year treating Medicare patients.

    Oh, cool, the institution that the President holds up as the shining example of how to do health care right lost a pants-load of money trying to work within the government’s definitions of how much things should cost.

    And this is a clinc that only serves one specific condiment! Think of those cadillac hospitals that also offer mustard and teresa heinz-kerry ketchup (the name of my new band, by the way)

  6. Meanwhile, the Mayo Clinic?beloved of Obama for its brilliant cost-cutting and high quality of care?is experimenting with refusing Medicare patients at its Arizona location. The company lost $840 million last year treating Medicare patients.

    Wait a minute; I thought price controls were going to fix everything.

  7. Massive rookie mistake all through this post:

    You mean Medicaid (government insurance for poor people), not Medicare (government insurance for old people).

    States pay nothing under Medicare, but generate matching funds under Medicaid.

    This scam, by the way, was pioneered maybe 20 years ago (I want to say it was New Hampshire). The feds fixed it then, and its not gonna work now.

    The Mayo Clinic policy in AZ is completely unrelated. ALthough, to be fair, both Medicare and Medicaid reimburse less than cost, Medicaid generally much less than cost.

  8. Massive rookie mistake all through your post:

    You mean Medicaid, not Medicare. States pay Medicaid and get matching federal funds. They don’t pay anything for Medicare.

    This scam was pioneered around 20 years ago (I want to say New Hampshire). The feds fixed it then, and it ain’t gonna work now.

    1. Yep, she means Medicaid.

      It’s a bit reminiscent of the leaseback depreciation scheme a bunch of public transportation authorities use. Non-profit and public, so they had no taxes and couldn’t deduct depreciation on capital equipment. But if they sold their goods to a private company and leased it back, the private actor could take the depreciation deduction, and share the money with the transit operator.

      At one point you had USDOT encouraging the programs at the same time as Treasury was trying to kill them.

      1. KMW never fails to amaze me with her lack of attention to significant details.

        1. I’d like to do a little girl-on-girl with her.

          1. Filming it for your fan club?

          2. Then I encircle Peter North’s member.

    2. UPDATE: Medicare corrected to Medicaid in the Iowa story.

      Thanks for giving credit for the correction. I appreciate it.

      1. Thanks for giving credit for the correction. I appreciate it.

        Self self self… rc. What about my needs?

  9. Sounds like a scam to me.

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  11. “In Iowa, a new scheme is underway to soak the feds for more Medicare money. Here’s how the trick works…The Iowa Hospital Association, which backs the idea, says the state also would benefit from the arrangement. The association estimates that after the hospitals reap their reward” We know that hospitals benefit from servicing as many medicaid patients as possible but yet no one questions the accounting. It is probably not clever to assume the “facts” are correct when someone engages in schemes and reaping.

  12. I believe it’s tied to accreditation too. You can’t operate a hospital without a Medicare contract, or it’s very difficult to stay accredited that way. And your Medicare contract basically says that you have to accept whatever Medicare gives you, which averages to about 20 cents on the dollar.

    Which opens up the big question, which is, of course, why isn’t there a private option? If you can’t go to any hospital that doesn’t accept Medicare patients, so that you’re paying for their bills in addition to your own. It seems like poor people, unemployed people, people with pre-existing conditions, at the very least, should be able to access a private option. ’cause right now, you can’t.

    You can’t go to a hospital that doesn’t Medicare patients; you can’t go to a pharmacy that refuses service to Medicare patients, and that’s just not fair to poor people. …to make them cover the unpaid balance of Medicare patients? That’s so wrong.

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      1. Yeah…that was pretty terrible. tl;dr

        1. Glancing over it again, whoever wrote that definitely speaks English as a second language. There are some really awkward turns of phrase in there.

          1. Hey, maybe it was that mom who commented on the school food article from yesterday.

            1. Oh, Sweetley… rarely do I literally laugh out loud.

              1. You scare me. I like that.

      2. You guys read that?

        Scroll wheel, don’t fail me now!

        1. Yeah. I like SugarFree’s slashfic not only because of the vivid language, delightful similes and esoteric references, but because the humor in it is topical.
          With whatever that shit was, I have no idea what the point was.

    2. Goddamn, they deleted it. Now no one will know what this sub-thread was about.

      1. We are the living memory of the board. As long as we live, it can never truly be deleted.

        1. Now I’m afraid they’ll delete this subthread and then start “disappearing” us one by one.

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  14. This is exactly why carpet bombing was invented.

    Goodbye, Des Moines.

    1. The feds like your support for them to expand their power to do so.

  15. Right now, most states are nonprofits and therefore exempt from most taxation.

    I wasn’t aware that any states were profit oriented enterprises or that they paid taxes.

  16. In an unrelated story, the Mayo Clinic, whose admission to the loss of $840m indicates questionable solvency, will require immediate Federal Government oversight to remain in operation, under the Too Big to Fail provisions in the U.S. Constitution.

    1. Now that would be fucked up.

      1. Its our future. If anything like the current plan goes through, you will see hundreds of hospitals fail. Many of these are the only game in the county, and will have to be kept open somehow.

        I confidently predict a federal hospital ownership and management corporation in 5- 10 years, sucking more and more hospitals into its maw, crushing the life out of their poor beleaguered in-house attorneys . . . .

        Oh, is this still on? Never mind.

        1. We are waiting on China to approve the loans to make it happen.

  17. Wisconsin has been in on the same scheme.

    1. The hospitals spent money advertising to be taxed. Most people probably didn’t know it is a scam to fill the pockets of the state and the very hospitals that were being taxed.

      And what do the hospitals do? They pass on the tax to the patients (at least those that are covered by insurance or pay out of pocket).

      What a scam!

  18. How many Medicare visits does one have in a year to lose 840 million?

    1. How many Medicare visits does one have in a year to lose 840 million?

      About half a dozen.

    2. If you’re doing a lot of high-intensity tertiary care stuff (like Mayo does), probably not nearly as many as you think.

      1. I’m aware of that. Plus, I would bet they don’t pay their providers chump change either. They may well be worth it. What’s the reason the Mayo clinic would take Medicare patients anyway, what’s in it for them, the research?

      2. Federal grants?

        1. “Mayo Clinic pays medical doctors a fixed salary that is unaffected by patient volume…”Mayo Clinic supports patient-centered Medicare reform, based on the concepts of choice, competition, and innovation, with a defined role for government.

  19. Mayo Clinic Statement on Medicare Reform: http://www.mayoclinic.org/heal…..eform.html

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