Now Playing at Reason Senior Editor Michael C. Moynihan discusses new TSA restrictions on RT


On January 4, 2010, Reason senior editor Michael C. Moynihan appeared on RT's The Alyona Show to discuss the absurd new measures implemented by the TSA in the wake of the recent attempted airplane bombing and the institutional incompetence that allowed Abdul Farouk Mutallab to board a US-bound flight in the first place.

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  1. I just realized – you’ve probably wondering what happened to those abortion threadjacks you love so much?

    Well, today’s threadjack comes courtesy of the New York Times (a well-known prolife organ). A Times article about Congressman Bart Stupak, and how if the health-care bill provides for funding of elective abortions, he’ll oppose it.
    ‘Now the disagreement over abortion financing has become a game of chicken, with Mr. Stupak saying he and 10 or 11 others, whom he would not name, will vote against a final bill that does not meet his standards, and some backers of abortion rights threatening to do the same in what is expected to be a close vote. . . .
    ‘[Stupak] is trying to pass the health care overhaul, he insists, not sabotage it, and predicts that the legislation will ultimately collapse for reasons apart from abortion. But he will be blamed anyway, he is sure.
    ‘”I get the distinct impression that I’m the last guy the president wants to see,” he said.’
    (Stupak also supports the constitutional rights of gun-owners: ‘He cannot run for governor, he continued, because no one with his stands on guns and abortion can win in Michigan.’)

  2. Who’s the interviewer? She’s kind of hot and seemingly thinks like we do. She should be on this blog, for you know, “diversity”.

  3. Michael, your hair in this clip is reminiscent of that scene from There’s Something About Mary.

    “Who’s the interviewer?”

    That’s Alyona. On The ALYONA Show.

    1. He was napping in the green room.

      1. Napping in a puddle of jizz, apparently.

    2. Have you guys not seen the opening to the show? Best thing on the TV.

      1. Hilarious finger point action there. Thank you Mr. Weigel. Now how about some prog videos tomorrow?

  4. Russia Today has some very attractive women working for it.

    Take a hint, American MSM. They are just reading off a teleprompter anyway…

    1. We did.

      1. I said “very attractive” not “attractive for the PX.”

    2. A lot of hot women and dorky-looking guys. This is a business model Reason should adopt.

      1. I must break you.

    3. “At RT we are set to step beyond the boundaries of bare facts and bring you the human side to every story.”

  5. Is it just me, or does she give the impression of not quite understanding what she’s saying? (Not that most other media types come across as intellectual giants, of course.)

  6. My personal theory is that tough airport security restrictions kill many more people than they save. Here’s the logic:

    1. The chances of dying in a crash from driving x miles is many times greater than flying x miles.
    2. The security restrictions take time and piss people off, so for destinations a few hundred miles away, people are more likely to drive than to fly than they would be if the security checks were simplier (say, at pre-9/11 levels, maybe with the addition of banning knives).
    3. The number of additional people who die in car accidents due to #2 is significantly greater than the number of people saved by preventing terrorist bombings due to #1. The second number is probably damned close to zero.

  7. We need an official reply about Moynihan’s hair situation.

    1. It’s really awful. My hair looks better when I wake up. How did the Russians let him on the air?

  8. In Soviet Union, hair do you.

    1. Gang raped by an American Broadway play?

  9. Da.

  10. That interview contained potentially the most ironic use of “go commando” ever uttered.

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