If I Was Qaddafi's Boy


The Guardian reports:

Beyoncé Knowles gave at a private concert on New Year's Eve for the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, according to reports, performing five songs at a club on the Caribbean island of St Barts.

The R&B star's performance reportedly followed a similar gig at the end of 2008, when her husband Jay-Z appeared with Mariah Carey at the same nightclub, Nikki Beach. While the 2008 concert was thrown by 37-year-old Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, this year's event seems to have been hosted by Saif's brother, known as Hannibal. The New York Post reports that Carey was paid $1m (£625,000) for her song and dance—$2m is rumoured for Beyoncé's hour-long warble. Usher also took the stage, with Jon Bon Jovi, Lindsay Lohan, Russell Simmons and models Miranda Kerr and Victoria Silvstedt in the crowd….

Hannibal Gaddafi does not exactly have a sterling reputation. His father aside, Hannibal has been involved in several reported assaults, including alleged attacks on Italian police officers, Swiss hotel workers, and his own wife, Aline Skaf, though no charges were made.

You can read that story and damn Beyoncé for entertaining the thuggish son of a tyrant, or you can take it as another sign that liberatory vulgar culture is infiltrating the Muslim world. Or maybe you'll just marvel at the news that Jon Bon Jovi was on Qaddafi's guest list. Hell, you can do all three.

Elsewhere in Reason: Our March issue will include a travelogue from Tripoli by Michael Moynihan. In the meantime, here's a brief item I wrote about Col. Qaddafi's occasional pledges to abolish the Libyan state.

Update: The reference to the earlier concert allegedly hosted by Hannibal's brother has been removed from the Guardian article. A statement there says that the tale "was denied at the time and several publications retracted reports they had published."

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  1. If it got Miranda Kerr to come to my parties I would totally fuck up the people of Libya, too.

    And – Beyonce sang 5 songs, but it took an hour? If I ever am subjected to a 12 minute long Beyonce song I think I will have to immediately kill myself to escape.

    1. Even death is not an escape from that, Fluffy.


    2. We know what kind of women these are. Qaddafi just haggled with them on price.

    3. Fluffy, you turn down the volume when Beyonce is on TV. You look at Beyonce, you don’t listen to her.

  2. Hannibal Gaddafi

    Best. Name. Evah.

    1. +1

    2. Scipio Reagan would totally kick his ass, though.

    3. Maybe, but Bin Laden’s niece Wafah Dufour is way sexier!

  3. A report full of marvel!

    Favorite part is infiltrating the culture with our praise-worthy vulgarity.

    What color was Beyonc?’s hijab?

  4. Performing for kleptocrats and their larvae is a disgraceful thing to do, whatever they’re paying.


    1. There goes the Friday Night Funkaliciousness at the White House.

  5. Yeah, at this point I’m just happy to see that these losers aren’t acting like our popular culture isn’t awesome, particularly our stable of half naked chicks that can sing. Also, I like seeing celebrities dispensing with the save the world bullshit and parting with killers. It is a shame that these thugs have so much cash, but, what can you do? I’d rather have it pumped into our debased (that’s a good thing, btw) culture rather than into some terroristic “charity.” And to all the wimpering, non-aggression principle libertarians: too bad. We live in the real world.

    1. You don’t think Jay-Z is a terrorist charity? I do.

      1. Jay Z, thankfully, is about as materialist and Western as one can be. Maybe he talks about taking illegal short cuts to become wealthy and flashy, but at least the goal is wealth and flash. That’s what I think, anyway. As dumb as urban culture is, it still isn’t third world islamic culture.

        1. he’s got 99 problems, but dhimmitude ain’t one.

          1. I enjoy these comments as much or more than the articles themselves. +1

        2. “At least the goal is wealth and flash”?

          You mean to say that is an admirable goal, in and of itself? Regardless of what “shortcuts” one might take to get there? Moral, ethical, legal?

          “Git rich or die tryin'”?

          Yeah, there’s a great mantra and philosophy around which to pattern one’s life. Sounds like such a fulfilling life.

          1. I think the point is, better wealth and flash than flash and bang.

            1. Exactly, my point is wealth and flash is better than flash and bang.

  6. The sameness of all such guest lists, whether it’s for the White House inaugural or a Hilton sister fragrance launch or [insert Arab tyrant]’s holiday bash, is more notable than Jon Bon Jovi’s being on it, I’d think.

    Though that is odd. He hasn’t been actually famous for about twenty years.

    Plus, Lohan. WTF? I know WTF, but it’s still WTF. And EWWW.

  7. Once you’ve slept with Jay-Z, all other human rights violations pale in comparison.

    1. But did you enjoy it??

      1. Abdul was not unresponsive.

      2. It’s happening again! Call Amnesty International!

  8. Or maybe you’ll just marvel at the news that Jon Bon Jovi was on Qaddafi’s guest list.

    Marvel, why? Bon Jovi’s debut album just came out last week in Libya.

    *ba dum bump*

  9. I’ll take two out of three. The rulers of the Muslim world have rarely held themselves to the same cultural purity standards that they impose upon their subjects , so this part is really nothing to marvel at.

    1. You mean Saudi princes are allowed to have stables of concubines and booze it up like Gary Busey on a bender while their subjects are supposed to kneel five times a day and repent/self-flaggelate for having sexual thoughts during their adolescent years? Nooo….

      1. Something like that. When Beyonce gets to do her bump and grind act in public in Tripoli, then I will commence to marvellatin’.

      2. What’s a bender? Is that like Tuesday?

    2. Re: Spartacus|1.7.10 @ 2:06PM|#

      I’ll take two out of three. The rulers of the Muslim world have rarely held themselves to the same cultural purity standards that they impose upon their subjects , so this part is really nothing to marvel at.

      There, fixed.

  10. What no Nickleback?

      1. I think Hannibal is a sadist, not a masochist.

    1. Fuck that – Buckcherry.

  11. Has that “matrimonial service” ad always been on the side of the blog? I guess they know their audience.

    1. *matrimonial* service? They need to do a bit more market research.

  12. How many of these entertainers/celebrities even know who Qadaffi is?

  13. Just more proof that poor musical taste, poor life decisions, and poor character are all correlated.

  14. Never has so much money bought so little talent.

    1. Portable AutoTune machinery ain’t cheap.

      1. Yeah, this dude got ripped off. So maybe those celebrities did a good thing and lined their pockets in the process.

  15. Entertainers and politicians…there’s two groups made for each other.

    1. They are all whores after all

  16. With that roster, are we sure his name isn’t Saif al-Davis Gaddafi?

  17. Jon Bon Jovi was on Qaddafi’s guest list

    I hope JBJ rocked his face, as he has done to a thousand others.

    1. On a steel horse he rides…

    2. A thousand? A thousand?!?

      My friend, Jon hath rocked a million faces.

  18. We’re going to fault them for smoking cigarettes with dollar signs on them?

  19. Im a jihadist, on a steel camel I ride, Im wanted, wanted dead or alive.

  20. Maomar used to work on the bombs,
    Qaeda’s been on strike,
    he’s down on his luck,
    its tough, so tough.

  21. Moynihan goes to Libya eh? I can’t wait to see if he gives the place glowing reviews or not – was this funded by AIPAC?

  22. How many of these entertainers/celebrities even know who Qadaffi is?

    He’s a Freedom Fighter, who o’erthrew his people’s shackles. And rescued them from poverty, despair and oppression.


    1. What would Hannibal Gaddafi do
      If he was here right now,
      He’d make a plan
      And he’d follow through,
      That’s what Hannibal Gaddafi’d do.

      When Hannibal Gaddafi was in the olympics,
      Skating for the gold,
      He did two sow cows and a triple lutz,
      While wearing a blind fold.

      When Hannibal Gaddafi was in the alps,
      Fighting grizzly bears,
      He used his magical fire breath,
      And saved the maidens fair.

      So what would Hannibal Gaddafi do
      If he were here today,
      I’m sure he’d kick an ass or two,
      That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

      And what would Hannibal Gaddafi do,
      He’d call all the kids in town,
      And tell them to unite for true
      That’s what Hannibal Gaddafi would do.

      When Hannibal Gaddafi travelled through time
      To the year 3010,
      He fought the evil robot kings
      and saved the human race again

      And when Hannibal Gaddafi built the pyramids,
      He beat up Kubela Kong.

      Cos Hannibal Gaddafi doesn’t take shit from an-e-y-body

  23. I’m impressed people still invite Lindsay Lohan to things.

    1. That’s girl’s been rode hard and put away wet. She looks 15 years older than she is.

      1. She doesn’t get invited. Where there’s a fancy toilet, she shows up to do a line off the seat.

  24. Just think of the awesome concert I would have been able to get at my birthday party!

    1. They’d be paying just to hear your voice, comrade.

  25. If I was Qaddafi’s kid, I’d stay away from my dad’s tent.

    1. St. Barts isn’t far enough? Shit, where’s the kid gotta go, Munroe Station?

      1. As long it’s outside of the kill radius of a 2000lb bomb.

        It was an 80s reference.

  26. For those interested in reading more about this subject, I created a list of other notable high-paid private gigs for

  27. Mentioning Big Mo Gadaffi, has anyone else noticed our Dear Leader’s tendency to give the same elevated-chin, 20-mile gaze look as Mo?

  28. Why all this talk of others respected? I hope for all who knows that he speaks to a man first of all and thank you

  29. Beyonc? for entertaining the thuggish son of a tyrant, or you can take it as another sign that liberatory vulgar culture is infiltrating the Muslim world.

    Or in the nothing-to-see-here department, merely the status quo for Muslim countries which have relatively secular, but corrupt, thuggish dictators a-la Saddam Hussein.

    1. Yeah, Q has always seemed more opportunist than hard-line, fundamentalist Muslim to me. I’ll be much more impressed when the leaders of Iran or the Taliban host a Beyonce concert.

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