Loose Change, Islamic Republic of Iran Edition


Via Joshua Keating at Foreign Policy, Radio Free Europe's Golnaz Esfandiari reports that Iranian state television has aired a documentary claiming that the death of Neda Soltan was an elaborate hoax concocted by British and American intelligence services. The English-language version, I suspect, will soon be available on Alex Jones's website. But until then:

The state-television documentary suggests the video of Neda's dying moments merely depicted her pouring blood on her own face from a special bottle she was carrying. Later, the documentary alleges that 27-year-old Neda was shot dead in the car that was taking her to a hospital.

The conspiracy theory alleged in the documentary is in line with comments by Iranian officials, who have repeatedly described Neda's death as "suspicious" and a "premeditated scenario" to defame Iran.

It seems that the doctor who came to Neda Soltan's aid is rotting in an Iranian prison for his part in the "plot":

The documentary alleges that Arash Hejazi, the writer and physician who treated Neda as she lay bleeding on a Tehran street, as well as her music teacher who was with her at the protest, were members of a team that carried out the plot.

"While Neda is [pretending] she is injured and is lying on the back seat of the car on their lap, they bring out a handgun from their pockets," the documentary's narrator says.

"A handgun that they obtained from their Western and Iranian friends to water the tree of reforms and kill people and create divisions within society. Neda, for a moment, realizes their wicked plan and struggles to escape, but they quickly shoot her from behind."

The narrator adds that this is how "deceived and deceitful" Neda was killed.

Last week, New York Times reporter Nazila Fathi wrote that a spokesman for the Iranian dictatorship claimed a video of a police van running down protesters was also faked. The video in question:

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  1. Maybe the hoax video of Ms. Soltan was made by the same team who, a few yars ago, made the hoax video of the palestinian boy dying in his father’s arms?

    1. Oh yeah ,and the people who made the fake Nick Berg beheading video.

  2. Anyone at reason now want to claim that the crazies that run Iran and their nuclear ambitions are not a threat?

    No way should the US invade Iran, but the evidence is in that the people in charge of Iran are:

    1. Crazy

    2. Pursuing nuclear weapons aggressively

    1. You are 100% correct on that one. The Iranian regime are a danger to their own people and to the world, but in no way whatsoever in our wildest craziness should we ever consider invading that country. Support the uprising, yes, and stay the fuck out of their country. This is the reason that I would have never voted for McCain. It’s too bad we have such a socialist pussy as President now that can’t come out and condemn these Islamofacist pig mullahs in Iran and say something in support of the people there striving for freedom. I worked with a couple of Iranians who lived under the current regime there, one of them is an American citizen now and a Libertarian. I like the Iranians, they are good people who deserve our support, but in no way should we ever even think about attacking Iran. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Persian women are OMG HOT!

      1. Persian women…. *swoon*

      2. I got me a persian gf… Oh so hot.

      3. Yep. My first wife was half Iranian and pretty damn hot.

        And completely fucking nuts. Win some, lose some.

        1. Must come with the territory dude. My Brazilian GF is hot and crazy, lol. But so far the hot outweighs the crazy. I must be lucky, for a while…

          1. Brazillian? I think that’s whole different level of crazy. Enjoy the ride while it lasts!

            Wife #1’s dad, an Iranian escappee from the Shah’s regime, was a total loon, so it must travel in the genes. He was a physician of some type that I don’t recall and hoo boy, he was a ? w-e-e-e-e-ird o-n-n-n-n-e ?.

        2. Win some, lose some.

          Considering what you have told us about your current wife it sounds like you “lose some, lose some” 😉

          1. Oh! Touch?! I really should start outsourcing my mating selections. That can’t possibly do any worse.

            1. Perhaps there is a business somewhere we could start. “Wise Spousal Decision Makers” or some such. Not that I would be qualified or anything but….

    2. So you’re claiming we should invade North Korea immediately?

      Crazies in power with nukes don’t have death wishes.

      1. No, no, no. First Yemen, then North Korea, then Iran, stupid.

      2. No way invading either of those countries.

        North Korea is also run by crazies, but I do think we should leave bombing on the table for both countries. Treating them like rational actors isn’t realism; they have proven they aren’t rational actors.

  3. I bet the dog also ate their homework.

    Serious, Iran, this is the best you can come up with? Why not claim a micrometeorite struck her, because Allah had decided her opposition to the godly government was blasphemous?

  4. That’s my man, Mahmoud! Punch back twice as hard!!

  5. Is this thing going to change anyone’s mind?

    Is it so insulting that it is more likely to push wavering Iranians away from the regime?

    1. RC, even if this wacko nonsense were true, why would it change anyone’s mind? I mean, anyone with any logical sense of observation can easily see the situation. We have a bunch of Islamofascist mullahs that fooled the people much they way Socialist do it, into a popular uprising, and then when they succeeded, they took complete control and installed their particular brand of fascism. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the Shah was a nice guy, just that they got fooled. Now that the people of Iran are sick of the mullahs and are demanding their rights and freedoms, they are being terrorized, imprisoned, killed, and tortured. The fate of one woman changes that in no way whatsoever. The Persian/Iranian people do not want these Islamic Arab scum in their country, but it is their job to oust them. I am betting that they succeed and we need to let them do it. I just hope they do not then fall into the socialist trap.

  6. Someone should sync that video with the DK’s “Police Truck.”

    1. Ride, ride, how we ride!

      1. They were just givin’ tickets.

  7. NOW that’s what I call Propaganda… 6

  8. Rasmussen: 45% Say Random Group From Phone Book Better Than Current Congress:


  9. I’m not really dead. It was a Zionist hoax.

    1. You mean a Palestinian hoax?

  10. However she died, it’s a shame – she was hot!

    1. You think so? I guess some guys like the flat chicks.

  11. I doubt it was made in order to change anyone’s mind.

    Rather, it was made to give state-sanctioned talking points to pro-government partisans. Yes, it makes no sense to anyone who’s seen the original video or was in the cities when it happened, but it is nonetheless the response you give when the subject of Neda comes up.

    Also, if it is aired on TV, for many rural Iranians (who are generally less educated and more pro-government than urban Iranians) these carefully controlled images will be the first of Neda and the shooting they have ever seen. They may have heard the rumors, but now they’ll see it with their own eyes, and know the “truth”.

    1. I’m actually not sure that the rural Iranians are more pro government this time around. I’m no expert, but I’ve heard that a lot of the protest attendees are actually from the rural areas, and that a lot of the truly violent unrest has happened there.

  12. The Iranian protesters are some brave people. I hope they find a way to defeat the scum that is oppressing them.

    1. Word. If were a relative or a friend, this is the kind of stuff that would drive me off the very, very deep end.

  13. Anyone remember that video of guys standing on a roof shooting random protesters?

    1. Wasn’t that Tony? I heard him muttering something about the greater good or the optimal choice or something…

  14. shouldn’t that be “Alex Jones’s website.”?



    1. Hey Alex-

      Can you dig it? These cats seem to forget that, as between the United Socialist States of America and Persia, the former has actively and pervasively interferred with the internal goverance of the latter, including the engineering of a coup and supproting a terror state with a savage secret police that murdered and tortured many times more folk than the current mullahtocracy and that the former outspends the latter by at least a thousand times on defense and that the former has invaded the latter’s neighbors and continues to brandish its trillion dollar military in an attempt to bully the latter.

      Just because the reigning Iranian gangsters lie, cheat, steal and torture and murder their own does not deny the reality of the foregoing paragraph.


        1. Is Libertymike really Alex Jones?

      2. “supproting a terror state with a savage secret police that murdered and tortured many times more folk than the current mullahtocracy” [Citation Needed]

        also, there was very serious concern at the time that the Soviets would engineer a coup if we didn’t, and their records indicate that they were planning on it. Not saying that what we did wasn’t the biggest foreign policy mistake we’ve ever made, but I can see why Eisenhower thought it necessary.

  16. Why is the dead person (if that is what it is) in a bag?

  17. “A handgun that they obtained…to water the tree of reforms”

    I knew it. The protesters are teabaggers!

  18. I don’t know if the CIA was involved, but isn’t this the kind of thing they should be doing? It was a perfect piece of anti-regime propaganda–she was young, pretty, and the video was a heartbreaker. If you’re trying to support a coup, you can’t wait and hope for these types of propaganda gems to show up by accident, can you?
    I admit I am being a bit of a Devil’s advocate here, but for people who think the US secret services should support regime change, exactly what do you think we should be doing? I don’t think we’re there to hand out cell phones.

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