Rock The Vote Updates Lysistrata For The Health Care Debate, Convinces Modern Americans That Ancient Greeks Were Better at Satire



NEXT: Health Care Industry Lobbyists Fight President Obama's Health Care Legislation All the Way to the Bank

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  1. that was thoroughly bad…I want my 2:41 back please

  2. That’s one of the most retarded things I’ve ever seen. I feel partially to blame by being a member of their target demographic.

    The best piece of irony is at the end of the video when the dumbshit tells the “cougar” we need health care reform because insurance companies are making ridiculous profits. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they scripted this POS before the public option was totally killed.

    1. I will take your word for it (the video).

      In other news, doesn’t the insurance industry have something like a 2% profit? Guessing they are meaning ridiculous as in high. Does not sound high to me, if that number is right.

      1. Maybe he meant ridiculously underwhelming profits.

        I thought it was around the same 2-3% or so. I remember being surprised how low it was and yet lefties are still advertising them as these massive profits. What is an acceptable level of profits to a liberal? 0.5%? Lower than that even?

        1. I think something like -200% is considered acceptable.

        2. A lot of liberals think any profit is evil. They, of course, don’t define their own paycheck as profit.

      2. I think that is right. AN awful lot of people have no idea. I think that part of this is caused by a confusion between the profits and the percentage of premiums that are actually spent on actual health care, which I imagine is discouragingly low.

  3. That’s one of the most retarded things I’ve ever seen.

    You were warned. It says “Rundgren” right on it.

    1. You know nothing of my work.

  4. How horrible to compare that dreck with one of the funniest plays ever written.

  5. That was sick in a way that NO health care reform will ever treat. So it’s “Rock the Vote” … but only if you vote the way WE want you to???

  6. The people who work for Rock the Vote seem like they are particularly chosen for their utter lack of understanding of human, and especially young human, psychology. Don’t have sex? Vote or die? Why don’t they just tell Susie they don’t want her seeing that boy any more too?

  7. That was a waste of 2:41, to be sure, but on the other hand, I’m happy to avoid anyone who is dumb enough to fall for this dreck any way. So if this video convinces them to steer clear of me, that’s something to be thankful for!

  8. Considering that 18-35 year olds are the largest group without insurance, I’m HAPPY to not have them spreading their VDs around.

    1. I think you mean VIs (Venereal Infections) as opposed to VDs (Venereal Diseases), the latter having been retired because “disease” carries a greater stigma than “infection”.

      1. In other PC newspeak news … apparently special needs is out of favor for special rights because handicapped fuckers don’t have needs they have rights that, according to the handicapped fucker lobby, supersede everyone else’s.

        I almost spit my coffee out when I heard this lady use that phrase for the first time.

        1. I’m old school. I prefer gimp. Retard is good too.

          1. Cripple works for me.

            1. I’ve always liked drooler.

              1. Window licker is always a favorite.

            2. Cripple works for me.

              What’s his job description?

      2. I’m not too worried about infections if they don’t cause disease.

    2. Better to not reproduce, with fools like this making videos we should hope they keep their promises and not procreate.

  9. You can tell it’s “edgy” because they used a hand-held camera. I hear “youth” really likes that.

  10. Why in god’s name did they hide the blonde girl’s large awesome breasts???

    1. maybe you should watch the latest season of Californication. See them plenty

      1. 2-3 episodes /= plenty

  11. I’m in their demo and I fucking hate “edgy” camera work. Unless you’re filming chaos like battle scenes in Saving Private Ryan, get a fucking tri-pod, you losers.

    1. At this point I’d welcome the Martian tripods.

  12. I really thought that was a (bad) parody until I clicked the link.Blackball ’em from Reason TV.

  13. I used “Rock the vote” because i was registering late and i’m really lazy. I voted third party, this is the response i got from “Rock the vote”

    Dear Bryan,
    You did it.

    Yesterday, more young people voted than have ever voted in American history. 24 million young voters.

    You took our country into your own hands– you got registered, you got your friends registered, and you turned out to the polls on November 4th.

    You picked our next president.

    I can’t tell you what last night meant to me, to all of us here at Rock the Vote. For 18 years we’ve been telling politicians that if they only took the time and energy to talk to us, to engage us, and to take us seriously, that young people would get involved and vote.

    President-Elect Obama did precisely that. He responded to your concerns and questions. He found you on the Internet. He organized on your campuses and in your communities.

    And he won because of you. I don’t say any of this because President-Elect Obama is a Democrat, but because he ran a campaign as a democrat, with a small “d.” He ran a campaign that reached out to the young and the traditionally disenfranchised, he organized one-on-one and across the nation, and he talked to and with us about the issues we care about. He ran a campaign based on the democratic premise that our country is run by the people and for the people.

    Congratulations to each of you. You made history yesterday. Your hard work, your dedication, and your votes will go down in the books as a momentous event.

    And this is just the beginning. Yesterday, we showed them our power. Today, we start work on using that strength to make real change for our country.

    I can’t wait.

    Heather and the Rock the Vote Team


    1. You took our country into your own hands– you got registered, you got your friends registered, and you turned out to the polls on November 4th.

      You picked our next president.

      And, as payment, the president heaped trillions of dollars of debt onto you and lashed your ass to a sclerotic health care system that will take thousands annually from your wages to pay for your grandparents’ hip replacements and prostate exams.

      Don’t worry about cutting him off, gals, all of you are getting fucked continuously for the next several decades.

      1. Racist!

    2. I have an extreme urge to claw my eyes out and then viciously beat the crap out of my brain after reading that.

      But that wouldn’t be productive. I think I’ll do that to a Rock the Vote worker instead.

    3. The hidden message is: you voted third party and elected Obama. Happy now fascist?

  14. “Politics is personal”? Wow, that fresh, edgy trope didn’t get played out during second wave feminism. Nope.

    And also, didn’t self-declared progressives used to pretend to dig diversity?

  15. That video sucked so bad it was nearly entertaining! Did Ed Wood rise from the dead to write and direct?

  16. Actually, comparing it to the Wood oeuvre probably overpraises it. That thing was Creeping Terror bad.

    1. It wasn’t Manos: The Hands of Fate bad, though.

  17. Yo! Aristophanes, I’m really happy for ya, and I’m gonna let ya finish, but Euripides was the greatest Greek playwright of all time. Of all time!

    1. Ok, maybe drinking doesn’t yield good thoughts.

      1. *shakes head*

  18. Saracen you goddam sellout!

  19. “And call your Congress critter and tell them you won’t have sex with them again until they at least swear to read the goddamn legislation before casting a ballot.”

    The problem is not my wanting to fuck them. The problem is that they seem to want to fuck me and are none to interested in my opinion of or consent to their doing it.

    1. You keep leading them on by voting for them.

      1. Actually, I think we’re all askin’ for it by living in between the Niagara and the Rio Grande.

        1. ballot teases! All of you.

  20. The worst part of this video is the way that they take the right to vote and be counted -which in places like Iran or Cuba or North Korea is not even an option- and turn it in to a joke about how you won’t fuck someone unless they believe in your political agenda.

    It would be more sad if it was so fucking stupid.

    And the sanctimonious crap about “We made a difference and elected OUR president” – yeah, you and 40 million others. What a fucking achievement.

    The saying is never more true- Youth is wasted on the young.

    1. I prefer the following, more ambiguous, statement: “Youth is wasted on the wrong people!”, by the grumpy old man on the porch in It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s just as obvious that the young are the ones with youth, but it leaves that for the observer to figure out on their own.

      I know. I’m over analyzing.

  21. remember, all politics is personal

    hmm… that strangely reminds me of something i read recently. how does that go again…

    We shall abolish the orgasm. Our neurologists are at work upon it now. There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother. There will be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph over a defeated enemy.

    i never thought i would see the day when orwell was used less as a warning and more of a manual. and i’m not even forty yet.

  22. Dogs are apolitical, so the dry humping will continue.

  23. That’s Susan Sarandon’s kid, btw.

    One of the few good things about being 33 is that I’m almost out of the moronic 18-35 age group. I remember being embarrassed by these people even as an 18 year old.

  24. Great. Now all the racist t-baggers will just rape the black people, gay people, and defenseless women for sex. WAY TO GO ROCK THE VOTE. Why do you hate America? Why? WHY?

    1. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that Israeli soldiers were denounced as racists for their refusal to rape Palestinian women? If so, won’t tea-bagger rape act as a healing balm, promoting racial harmony?

      1. She’s just wishing someone would have sex with her. Garofalo hasn’t been hot since she co-starred in Mystery Men – if then.

  25. So that wasn’t a parody video?

    1. It would be an extreme parody video if they cut to the guy having sex with the woman while promising to support health care “reform”, saying the check is in the mail, saying that he won’t cum in her mouth, etc.

  26. I’m 33. If you came to me when I was in the midst of my social liberal days, aka my early 20s, and said to me that the government was going to make me purchase insurance or else fine me, I’d easily get pissed off, yell ‘screw the man’, grumble, and then not do anything.

    My point being…as I’m sure someone else pointed out (don’t remember who), there are parts of this health care bill that should piss of the youth: be able to tap into their native rebelliousness and defiance of government.

    Except for the fact that Barry is still akin to Ferris Bueller. Shouldn’t Barry be out of style by now?

  27. I’m in their demo and I fucking hate “edgy” camera work. Unless you’re filming chaos like battle scenes in Saving Private Ryan, get a fucking tri-pod, you losers.

    If you are filming a battle, use whatever camera work need to stay alive.

    If you are staging a battle, you are allowed some fast moves, and bouncy runs, but you still need a narrative thread. Saving Private Ryan and Children of Men did it very well. But there are limits. The battle scene camera work for the Lord of Rings movies was one of the two biggest faults of an otherwise splendid adaptation.

    1. The other being?

      The cutting of Tom Bombadil is #1, IMO.

  28. OMFG.

    I knew better. I read the comments. And yet, I tried to watch that.

    My brain attempted to kill me for clicking on that.

  29. The other being?

    The cutting of Tom Bombadil is #1, IMO.

    I was disappointed by losing Tom and the barrow wrights, but I could understand how they didn’t fit into the cinematographic format.

    It was cutting the Scouring of the Shire that I feel really hurt the integrity of the message in the book. The war touched everybody and no where was safe. Only that wasn’t the case in the movies.

    1. I was mostly kidding about TomB. He was the part I least wanted cut out and the obvious first cut.

      Im with on the scouring of the shire. But, I understand it from the generic movie-going perspective, to fight a little battle after a major one seems anticlimactic. And it is. But, it misses the point you were making.

      Also, while no where was safe, what may have seemed a little thing to those who were involved further south was a life-altering event to those in the shire. Sort of a hobbit version of “all politics are local”. They were heroes in the shire for what they did after their return. Without that, they would have been like Bilbo, hobbits who went traveling and came back different and a little weird.

      1. Also, what ever happened to denoument? Movies try to make the time between the climax and the credits as short as possible.

  30. If some hot babe wants to hang all over me and have sex with me in return for me promising to support whatever moronic bill emerges from conference committee, sure, I’ll fuck her.

    And then go back to not supporting said moronic legislation.

    1. If some population wants to hang all over me and have sex with me in return for… etc.

  31. Rock the Vote was one of the first entities responsible for my youthful mind realising that electoral politics process was largely about contrieved, substanceless, demographically-derived marketing that makes Bud Light commercials look intellectually penetrating. Hell, even the normal political outlets didn’t insult me by implying that I might give a fuck what Blink-182 thinks about public policy.

    1. So, they succeeded in their educational mission?


  32. Taking a page from Boondocks. We’ve already determined she a hoe so why can’t I just pay her the money the government was going to take to provide her health insurance and she can buy her own damn insurance.

    All Women Aren’t Hos

    Riley: Well I don’t see what’s the big deal with hoes anyway.

    Huey: Riley all women are not hoes. We’re talking 20-25 percent tops.

    Riley: Ok but if they not all hoes then why do I got to pay to take them out to eat then. I mean I’m paying that’s payment.

    Huey: I don’t know, cause that’s just what you do. You meet a girl you take her out to dinner but your not paying the girl your paying the restaurant.

    Riley: But I’m paying which makes her a hoe! Why do I just give her the money I was goin’ spend on dinner and that hoe can go grocery shopping.

  33. Awaiting’s response video. Maybe they can recruit Lobster Girl.

  34. Dear heavenly dear! I thought old man Nick had lost it. “He doesn’t know this is a joke?”, I actually said out loud.

    Then I visited the ‘rock the vote’ website and dispaired…

  35. I’m very proud to have been cursed out by the people working the stage for a Rock the Vote event at UCLA in 1992 when i heckled Jesse Jackson. Their idea of a nonpartisan rally was Rosie O’Donnell leading off about how awful GHW Bush was, Bette Midler continuing on about how awful GHW Bush was, and Jesse Jackson as featured speaker about how awful GHW Bush was.

    There wasn’t much they could do when Rosie asked the crowd to call out their favorite Bette Midler songs and maybe Midler would sing one and I yelled out “Fat As I Am” – after all, it’s a real Bette Midler song.

    But when Jesse was going on about the plight of the single mother, and I asked one simple question (very loudly) – “Where’s the father?”, apparently I’m just a horrendous person. 🙂

    1. Racist AND misogynist! +1

  36. After a second viewing I have the overwhelming urge to pluck out an eye of everyone of those retards in that video and skull fuck them

    Seriously, what kind of fucking douche bag thinks of this stupid shrill shit? Whoever that person is needs a good skull fucking as well.

  37. Ok now I am confused, according to their response to “the comments posted on our blog and other sites”. People “seem to miss the point. Perhaps a little context would help? the video is satire!”

    Now what I am confused about is what are they satirizing? It would seem from the video to be people who support health care reform.

  38. I was just thinking that a future GOP administration might use reducing health care costs as a pretext to shut down night clubs and overturn Lawrence v. Texas.

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