I Love Local Commercials!


A Cuban gynecologist turned used car salesman snaps a rubber glove against his wrist before announcing that he's about to "liberate this Chevy Impala" from a lot in High Point, North Carolina. A salesman pitching repossessed manufactured homes in Alabama concedes his houses "are used" and "sometimes they have stains." "We cover that up," he promises, then dryly recalls the time "my wife's boyfriend broke my jaw with a fence post." 

It's all part of the charm of ilovelocalcommercials.com, a viral marketing campaign for MicroBilt, a company that sells information technology to small businesses. After selecting a project from their mountain of requests, the campaign's creative team flies out to shoot quirky, wry, brutally honest commercials for tight-budgeted businesses, most of them operating in the grittier niches of the economy. The resulting ads (all viewable on the website) are refreshing, sometimes hilarious celebrations of the wide range of needs and wants met by commerce and marketing.