As Congress Trudges Deep Through The Night To Enact Bad Health Care Reform…


Watch recent Reason.tv videos that explain what's wrong with health care now—and how market-based approaches would actually deliver better care, more innovation, cheaper prices, higher quality, and wider coverage.

Lasik Surgery for the Medical Debate, produced by Paul Feine and Meredith Bragg.

Would ObamaCare Kill Medical Innovation?, produced by Ted Balaker, Hawk Jensen, Alex Manning, and Paul Detrick.

A True Tale of Canadian Health Care, produced by Dan Hayes, Peter Suderman, and Alex Manning.

Natural Food Fight: Whole Foods And Health Care, produced by Michael C. Moynihan and Dan Hayes.

What If Government Ran Health Care? (Sprint Ad Remix), produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie.

For downloadable versions of all videos, go to Reason.tv.

For Reason's archive on health care, go here.


NEXT: Matt Welch on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" at 7:30 AM EDT Saturday to Talk French & U.S. Health Care

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  1. What makes you think that you and all these youtube folk are smarter than the federal government, with its huge federal government brain?

  2. Furthermore, what does any of this have to do with Tiger Woods?
    My god, people, he’s stepping away from golf !

    1. ‘he’s stepping away from golf !’

      Why? What the fuck is going on? What the fuck does his fuck preferences have to do with his golfing?

      Sure his sponsors will have to read the tea leaves to read who pays the endorsement bazillions, but otherwise his golfing or not is immaterial. Jeezes bajeezus.

  3. And what about Climate Change? The government can fix that too.

    1. An’ dey’ll give us back er jerbs!

  4. Zombies! I want protection from zombies. Who can do that besides the government?

    1. The Umbrella Corporation. Duh.

  5. Copenhagen has been renamed to Hopenhagen!

  6. The irony is that Athena will likely benefit from the Project Mayhem that is about to begin. “It’s probably terrible that all this new bureaucracy is being created,” Mr. Bush says. “But there’s going to be 50 new Medicaid-type plans in these insurance exchanges, run by the same insurance commissioners, these same sort of glazed-over-looking state secretaries of health. You know, just not really the brightest bulbs in the chandeliers of the world. Medicaid, the worst payer in the country by a factor of four! Mother of pearl! So I feel a little bit like a robber baron. I am going to make oil money dealing with them.”


    Take the nearly $47 billion in stimulus cash the White House has budgeted to prime the pump for health IT adoption. Mr. Bush says he’s glad his industry is getting more attention from the bully pulpit, but that “It is kind of too bad that all these software companies that we’re really close to putting out of business, these terrible legacy companies, with code that was written in the ’70s, are going to get life support. That’s why I call it the Sunny von B?low bill. What it is, basically, is a federally sponsored sale on old-fashioned software.”



  7. LOL, Congress is a joke dude!


  8. Claiming that the Free Market can’t solve our health care problems is just like claiming that Jesus didn’t die for our sins.

    1. Should not necessarlity trust the market, fine. Why should I truct the government to fix our helth care problems?

      1. My god can beat up your god. (Or at least revoke his tax-exempt status.)

    2. That depends on what your definition of “health care problems” means.

      There are two different problems that are at loggerheads:

      1) Medical costs rising faster than inflation.
      2) Many millions of involuntarily uninsured folks (we’ll leave out the voluntarily uninsured).

      #1 exists because a lot of health care spending is hidden behind tax subsidies, employer subsidies, etc. When people look at their pay check and see their line for insurance, they don’t see the amount that their employer is paying. Then when they go to the doctor, they usually see a flat co-pay regardless of the services rendered.

      More market will alleviate #1, but it will exacerbate #2.

      Some people simply aren’t profitably insurable: this is especially the case with respect to medical care since it is so expensive, free market or not. To solve this problem, you can either use mandates or taxes. In either case, you’re footing the bill.

      The default position to not worry about #2. That’s how it would be in a free market. If I don’t have enough money to fix my burst appendix, I don’t get it repaired, just as if I don’t have enough money to buy a new Bugatti.

      Personally, I think the easiest way to fix both is a universal HDHP/HSA program with a sliding deductible based on income. I happen to enjoy my HDHP/HSA insurance because it is very easy to see what is my responsibility and what is my insurer’s. I think others would as well if their employer offered one.

      1. Stine, “Personally, I think the easiest way to fix both is a universal HDHP/HSA program with a sliding deductible based on income.” Then who would pay this deductible? I agree with your point of understanding insurance when you have a hsa (which I use too). Though I think the out of pocket/high deductible insurance is too costly for the average customer but the sliding deductible is an interesting solution.

        1. Let’s question whether there is really anything to fix. Winners get health care; losers get culled. Simple.

          1. Morris,You know what is worse than an asshole remark? A coward asshole who makes the remark anonymously.

            1. Just what are you driving at, Mary?

              1. Morris, if you think Elin can “drive” a club, you will love what I will do with my tennis racquet. “losers get culled. Simple.” Good idea because when I am done with you, I will need guts to restring my racquet.

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        2. Obviously, the deductible is paid by the policy owner. One could buy secondary coverage (just like many do to cover holes in Medicare) to cover that hole if need be.

          1. Stine, How would the “involuntarily uninsured folks” pay these high deductibles? When you have a hsa through work you most likely are receiving the benefit of high deductible insurance through a group policy. The individual who is sick/pre-existing conditions is most likely not working and thus not able to receive a group insurance deduction. “To solve this problem, you can either use mandates or taxes. In either case, you’re footing the bill.” Do you mean mandating the insurance companies to cover all people? How would that be different than public insurance? It does not seem productive to have insurance companies in the mix at all.

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  12. The BIG QUESTION: Will Nick Gillespie refuse Medicare? Not fucking likely.

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  13. Good stuff, thanks.

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