Just in Time for the Holidays: NEW Reason Swag!


Reason has partnered with the folks at LibertyManiacs.com to offer a top notch, new online Reason store.  Our new shirts, hats, jackets, ties and more are perfect for that friend, colleague, or family member in need of "Free Minds and Free Markets."  After all, nothing says "liberty" and "Merry Christmas" better than this handy Reason skateboard!


So grab an item or two or ten, and help someone (anyone!) look totally sweet this holiday season. Visit www.reason.com/stuff to start shopping!


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  1. Oh, it’s a skateboard. At first I thought it was a cigar or a blunt.

  2. No LobsterGirl mug. Meh.

    Although the models for the tank tops are nice.

  3. You gotta be kidding me. You’re selling a doggie shirt?


    The first time I see one of those I will run the dog over. Hopefully while it’s on a leash. Who’s idea was that? Balko’s?

    1. If it was it would be Kevlar.

  4. The “.com” on things always made me not want to buy it. I’d feel like a giant cheesy billboard walking around. Just the logo and stylized reason stuff is pretty kool, even the “.tv” stuff isn’t too bad.

    I wonder what the sales #s look like between items.

  5. I await the Reason sex toy swag with slogans like, “feel the freedom.”

  6. I’m still surprised and disappointed that you guys haven’t busted out with a Reason bong. And I don’t smoke.

    Cool on the t-shirts though. Especially the bigger sizes. I usually go with a 4x so I don’t print and it’s hard to find that size sometimes.

    And a Reason branded AR15 lower would still be awesome.

    1. I’m still surprised and disappointed that you guys haven’t busted out with a Reason bong.

      They don’t want to end up like Tommy Chong, perhaps?

  7. I’m betting you could sell AR15 receivers with Reason on them for a nice chunk of change. Especially if reason created some pirate/zombie alter egos, or some decent quotes combine with Reason stuff. Hell such an alter ego set up with decent graphics and logos could sell well period. But I’m sure that’s farther than they want to take it.

    I always found it ironic that 2 of the largest commercial AR15 receiver producers are in IL.

  8. I thought the skateboard was a paddle.

    1. It could be, if you choose to use it as one. I imagine it would not be “reasonable” to tell you what to do with it.

  9. My favourites are the hats gota like some of those, would agree with the others though not a fan of that skateboard.




  11. If one of those skateboards is a long board I’m totally in!

  12. I couldn’t find the leather jackets.

  13. So I got my box of Reason swag in return for my donation, and it contains a Reason re-usable shopping bag. I think you guys need to recalibrate your clientele. We’re not dirty smelly former Whole Foods patronizing hippies.

    1. That was a gender neutral purse.

  14. I’m still waiting for the Reason top hat and monocle.

  15. I could just be a cheap asshole, but it all seems very expensive.

  16. 1) the fashion police should summarily execute anyone wearing one of those ridiculous ties and
    2) those smelly hippie bags are stupid as hell, as noted above, recalibrate and
    3) I need a new messenger bag, but apparently that’s not an option?

  17. Skate kids just cannot shut up about Ron Paul.

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