Reason Morning Links: Obama Accepts Nobel, Sanford Spared Impeachment, Congress Moves Toward Mandating College Football Playoff


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  1. Aw, Dude!

  2. I got nothin’ today.

  3. “House subcommittee passes bill forcing college football to hold a national championship playoff.”

    you gotta be fucking kidding…

    1. Actually, assuming you consider anti-trust to be a legit government function (I dont), this is much more legitimate that most of the stuff they do.

      The BCS is a cartel at a level that would never stand in standard business.

      1. robc, can you honestly say that after seeing 19 too-big-to-fail banks get immunity from just about everything? The government is going to wind up etching the BCS cartel in stone.

        1. I didnt say they would do it right.

      2. Well, it is a cartel in the same way that the Catholic Church is a cartel.

  4. The Norwegians are not the only Euros that Obama has been pissing off.…..itain.html

    1. He insults our troops and PM while sucking up to the French and Germans. But, says NILE GARDINER, the President needs to remember who his friends are . . .

      Sure. You bet. Like you won’t be licking his boots and kissing his rings anyway.

      And he knows it too, hence….

  5. Exxon trying to manipulate the price of gasoline?

  6. Key source for claims Iraq had WMDs was . . . an Iraqi taxi driver?

    Kinda surprised it wasn’t a NY taxi driver.

  7. Key source for claims Iraq had WMDs was . . . an Iraqi taxi driver?

    Kinda surprised it wasn’t a NY taxi driver.

    Since when are these mutually exclusive?

  8. Banks are using money given to them via the government bailout to pay bonuses, so the government will slap a “windfall profits” tax on the bankers.

    This is a much smarter plan than just not giving them the money in the first place.

    1. What is wrong with banks giving their employees raises? I mean, I often read about complaints about companies not paying workers a living wage.

  9. Norwegians are incensed over what they view as his shabby response to the prize by cutting short his visit.

    “Yeah, this is great, it looks really sharp. We’ll make sure that’s it’s prominently displayed in the White House bath…um…living room.”

    1. I’m sure the administration sees this thing as a huge albatross and potential, or already, PR nightmare.

      The not Bush award has become somewhat of a joke.

      1. Yes, what a PR disaster this has been.

        A US President who’s not dismissed by the rest of the world as a retarded alcoholic and wannabe cowboy.

        It’s truly disgusting.

        1. I think the committee just wanted to bask in His presence–that’s why he won the award for not doing anything.

          1. They gave Obama the award hoping he would play ball. He’s not, and that pisses them off.

            I guess they are disappointed that a guy who didn’t deserve the award is acting like he doesn’t deserve it.

            1. You know what they should do? Award the next prize to Bush. Boy, would that piss off Obama. Next best is Bill Clinton. Who, by the way, would attend everything and would close the evening by banging some elderly woman on the committee.

              1. Obama doesn’t care about the award. He knows his reception is as much bullshit as everyone else.

        2. Sometimes, when I wet my panties, mommy cleans me.

          I love you mommy!

        3. Jesus christ on a stick. Troll, moron, or koolaid drinker?

          1. Troll-Aid.

            1. Fuck their interbreeding. This does not bode well for the internets.

              1. You can’t prevent fecal ontogeny.

                1. Fecal ontogeny recapitulates fecal phylogeny.

  10. Advocates of the ban, such as Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., say they want to protect fliers from the intrusion of phone calls in one of the last phone-free zones

    Is this the only reason cell phone are not authorized? Fuck!

    There I was thinking that there was a technical reason why the phones needed to be off. If someone told me that the effect on aircraft electronics of 500+ transmitters (cell phones & laptops) turned on in the cofined space of a 747 had not been studied and therfore until it could be proven that there were no negative effect, that cell phone were banned, I’d buy into it. If someone complained, I’d just ask them to put up the money to fund a study or shut up. However, if it is just because some congressman doesn’t want to hear someone else talk, then fuck!

    1. I sat next to a chick on a flight who never turned her phone off and sent texts the whole time, with no repercussions that I know of. Since she was hot, I just said something like “If the plane goes down, I’m blaming you.”

    2. I think it would depend on the age of the aircraft. Newer and retrofitted ones having control surfaces operated by transceiver controled servos would be more susceptible to interference from other devices.

      1. If the servos can’t handle cell phone interference, that’d make take offs and landings mighty risky.

      2. Don’t post about things you don’t understand.

        Considering fly-by-wire systems are tested to extreme lengths to ensure lightning strikes can bring an aircraft down, the sum total of 500 cells phone is trivial.

      3. The real issue is with thousands of 30+ year old relics still operating with analog autopilots.

    3. I am not suggesting that there is a problem with the cell phone/wireless modems turend on. I am just suggesting that if it had not been studied, I’d buy into a transmitter ban until it had been studied. While each transmitter emits a near trivial amount of energy, collectively it may add up when a large number of transmitters are colocated. Not being a lawyer, journalist or my ex-wife, I do not know the answer.

    4. The thing I don’t understand is, have these idiots forgotten 9/11? And the desperate calls from Flight 93 on their cell phones? Granted, if something like that happened again, ban be damned, people will use their phones. But if there’s an emergency, people should be able to communicate with the ground.

      1. Rampant celly use on a plane that crashed. Not exactly helping your argument there slick.

      2. I recall that the plane was already at low altitude when the phones were used.

        1. Before everyone gets excited, I was being a putz.

    5. The left usually tries to disguise their regulation of behavior they find distasteful in safety terms. It’s telling that when the safety excuse dries up they’re now comfortable enough to be this blatant about their true intentions.

      1. It is a safety reason. They’re attempting to save the life of the cellphone caller from fellow passengers.

  11. For We Have Seen His Star In The East:…..orway.html

    1. Imagine this happening on the third stage:

  12. Shortly after escalating war in Afghanistan, Obama…

    I do find it interesting that the accepted nomenclature assumes that anything that a liberal-democracy does to fight a war constitutes an “escalation” whereas anything the enemy does not. It also reveals a presumption that liberal-democracy have complete control over wars and can dial the intensity of the conflicts up and down as they wish.

    It is the same way that liberal-democracies are said to “expand” a war by attacking the same enemy in a new place even though logically it was the enemy that expanded the war by being in the new place. For example, the complaints of John Kerry et al that Nixon had “expanded” the war into Cambodia even through the North Vietnamese had been routing hundreds of thousands of troops through Cambodia for nearly a decade.

    Words mean things and the words and concepts people use to describe events reveals a lot about their mental models of those events.

    1. Words mean things and the words and concepts people use to describe events reveals a lot about their mental models of those events.

      Worth repeating, in bold

    2. The army that is able to dictate the terms and tempo of operations is the army with the advantage.

    3. I think the Afghanis would point out that while some of their guests had acted violently towards the United States, they had not in fact done so, so yes, in fact, it is the liberal democracy which is largely responsible for the war and its intensity.

      If Al Quaeda attacked Acapulco to kill Americans, would that be the headline, or would people (outside the US, of course) say Mexico had been attacked?

      Isn’t the real presumption that the United States can bomb anyone, anytime if it feels it is in its national interest?

      1. Isn’t the real presumption that the United States can bomb anyone, anytime if it feels it is in its national interest?

        What did you think all those ICBMS, stealth bombers, and refitted B-52 were for? To deliver puppies and rainbows to the third world?

    4. I would think that the use of “Escalation” in regard to a completely optional war such as in Afghanistan or Iraq, is appropriate.

    5. I do find it interesting that the accepted nomenclature assumes that anything that a liberal-democracy does to fight a war constitutes an “escalation” whereas anything the enemy does not.

      Oh, puleeze. Assuming you’re referring to the Taliban as the enemy here (and it’s worth noting that you WoT hawks are always shifty about who the “enemy” is at the moment), the media has been reporting about the Taliban increasing attacks in the previous months.

    6. I do find it interesting that the accepted nomenclature assumes that anything that a liberal-democracy does to fight a war constitutes an “escalation” whereas anything the enemy does not. It also reveals a presumption that liberal-democracy have complete control over wars and can dial the intensity of the conflicts up and down as they wish.

      Increasing the number of troops from 60,000 to 90,000 is objectively an escalation.

      And, yes, in this particular war Obama does have control over how fiercely to wage it, or even over whether to wage it. The only limits are political, and the number of troops available to deploy.

  13. Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize

    Obama’s iPod hacked! #1 most played song?

    Now everybody have you heard
    If you’re in the game, then the stroke’s the word
    Don’t take no rhythm, don’t take no style
    Got a thirst for killin’, grab your vile…

    You put your right hand out give a firm hand-shake
    Talk to me about that one big break…
    Spread your ear-pollution both far and wide…
    Keep your contributions by your side and stroke me,
    stroke me

    1. I saw Billy Squire open for Foreigner in ’82. Both were damn good.

      1. I saw Billy Squier as a headliner back in the Before Time. I enjoyed the show.

      2. Me too, in Atlanta. I was in tenth grade.

      3. So did I. In Milwaukee.

      4. So did I. In Milwaukee.

  14. Yes, what a PR disaster this has been.

    A US President who’s not dismissed by the rest of the world as a retarded alcoholic and wannabe cowboy.

    It’s truly disgusting.

    On that basis half the Hit & Run commentators should get the peace prize.

    Well, a few of them anyway…

    1. If “truly disgusting” is the criteria, SugarFree is a lock for his magnificent prose stylings.

  15. Applying the Precautionary Principle Consistently…..ent-704508

  16. Obama will be just fine. He’s gettin help from Tiger

  17. Seems to me the only thing Obambi is truly good at is giving speeches.


  18. Wow, truly seems the only thing Obambi is good at is giving speeches!


  19. Obama cancels dinner with King Of Norway.

    To be fair, I would want to have dinner with Arjen Rudd either.

    1. Aw, Dude!

    2. “wouldn’t want to”

      See! I get the links right and the typos escalate!

    1. I knew a guy in college who was really attracted to female powerlifters.

      He and his husband have been married for almost a year.


        Here, have a dumber Norwegian export.

    2. The title bears no reseblance to the video 🙁

      1. I disagree. She doesn’t look bad at all. And apparently she has a 70kg snatch.

        If you want to see something really unattractive about female powerlifters, sometimes this happens while they’re straining under the weight.

        1. NO way. I’m not clickin that link.

        2. Do not look up “squat rectal prolapse”.

          Also, powerlifting is only three lifts: bench press, squat, and dead lift. The lift in your video is the snatch, which is one of the Olympic lifts, along with the clean and jerk. Both are hilarious names of things for chicks to be doing.

          1. I LOLed. Any woman who will clean and jerk is alright by me.

        3. apparently she has a 70kg snatch.

          now I know next to nothing about the vagina and not that adept at metric to make the conversion to English units in my head, but…..

          is this a good or bad thing?

  20. Lobbying coalition makes push to allow cell phone use on airplanes.

    Oh Kryste. As if commercial air travel wasn’t already the most annoying activity known to civilized man.

  21. Miley Cyrus to star in adaptation of Nicolas Sparks novel.

    The end is truly nigh.

    1. As the new year approaches, the time for predictions draws nigh. Today’s question is–

      How low will Miley Cyrus go?

      * Britney Spears low.
      * Lindsay Lohan low.
      * Anna Nicole Smith low.
      * Dana Plato low.
      * Something lower.

      1. Something lower.

        1. Hey, now! This is a family blog.

          Wait, that might not have been the right thing to say. . . .

          1. Down, down, down…

      2. I’m thinkin KcKenzie Phillips low

        1. Are there any M’s Pat?

        2. You mean so confused that she doesn’t know what the hell happened before she was doing drugs?

          1. No. I think Ben is referring to the creepy relationship Sirus seems to have with her father.

            1. yup. I see her spiralling into drugs and sex, ending her career. After 20+ years of obscurity, I see her emerging with a titillating (in a warty sorta way) yell-all book about how she was used and abused and then thrown away.

              1. If that is true, the evil Disney corporation will bump her off in an “accidental” overdose before she has the chance. The Disney child sex ring scandal is not something they would ever allow to hit the media.

              2. yell-all.

                Occasionally, I just to have to bring RC’z Law out of retirement. Well-played, brotherben.

      3. Lower….low-w-w-w-er….

    2. It’s enough to break your achy breaky heart ain’t it?

    3. They didnt get Billy Ray to play the Dad. Huh.

  22. She’s showing signs of going crazy party slutty. I figure she’ll dip to something a notch or two above Britney. Who holds that spot now?

    What’s not so great about this, of course, is that my daughters watch her stupid show. By the way, why are all the shows on Disney so godawful?


      1. iCarly’s on Nick, not Disney. And for a kid’s show, it’s not bad.


          1. I can’t understand how Miley Cyrus got a lead role. She can’t act for shit. Zach and Cody are the only ones in her age group that may be worse.

            1. She can’t act for shit

              And she hasn’t gotten any better, so a movie career is out of the question. Her fans will grow up and tire of her crappy and generic pop tunes, and successive generations of tweens will be subjected to the Disney assembly line of over-acting kiddie-clones singing crappy and generic pop tunes.

      2. That would be Miranda Cosgrove, who is a damn fine actor. I watch iCarly and so does Camile Paglia, who compared Cosgrove and her co-star Jeanine McCurdy to Lucile Ball and Ethyl Merman. The writing is great and the characters are very well-developed. Cosgrove and McCurdy also have a gift for broad physical comedy. IMHO, iCarly is the best show on TV right now.

        1. IMHO, iCarly is the best show on TV right now.

          OK, I wouldn’t go THAT far, but yeah, it’s pretty smart and inoffensive as tweener shows go. The missus actually watches it with the daughter spawn.

    2. She has gazillions of dollars. Unless her Dad stole a whole lot, she will never go Dana Plato low. She will always have money. My guess is that she will turn into a poor man’s Drew Berrymore. She will fall from grace in a haze of drugs and cheap sex only to emerge with a Playboy spread, Oparah appearance and some kind of redeeming movie role.

      1. There’s no amount of money that a party posse can’t spend, John.

        1. see: MC Hammer

        2. Yeah but Cyrus is worth damn near a billion dollars. She is bigger than Led Zepplin and the Beatles. No kidding. Even a possee can’t spend their way through that kind of money. The guys who end up broke, professional ball players, one hit wonder musicians, are all just ordinary millionaires.

          1. She is bigger than Led Zepplin and the Beatles.

            You horrible little blasphemous bastard!

            1. I didn’t say she was better. I just said she was bigger. Twelve year old white girls have all of the disposable income in the world and thus have always driven the music business.

              1. I’m dubious about such claims. First of all, she’ll be long forgotten except as a tabloid curiosity ten years from now.

                Second, when the entertainment world throws out sales figures, they are neither adjusted for inflation nor do they address the change in population.

                1. I agree that she has no staying power. But, that doesn’t mean she isn’t making huge money right now.

                  You are correct about the need to adjust for inflation. But also consider how much the music industry has changed. Adjusted for inflation, the Beatles probably generated more revenue in their prime than any act in history. But, artists didn’t get a very large percentage of their revenues back them. The Beatles made like two cents a record back them. Second, Cyrus is more than just a music act. She is a multivenue entertainment corporation with TV shows, movies, touring, product endorsement and records. Even though she is not anything approaching the cultural phenonenon that the Beatles were, I would bet you that she is making a lot more money than they ever did even adjusted for inflation.

                  1. I read something that said that Gone with the Wind, in real dollars, is by far the biggest movie of all time.

                    1. That movie sucked so hard, and I typically like old films like that. Casablanca is all time top 5 for me. GWTW sucked ass.

                    2. I kind of agree. It goes on forever. Story of a rich bitch in the antebellum South. BFD

                    3. But we loved it, Massa Nick. we jes loved it. And Miss Scarlet? Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm how we loves de white meat!

                    4. Actually, I agree completely.

                    5. With the condemnation of Gone with the Wind and the praise of Casablanca.

                      Damn threaded comments!

      2. in a haze of drugs and cheap sex

        The only difference between her doing it and me doing it is fame and money. Who doesn’t prioritize getting high and getting laid from age 15 – 25?

          1. Anne Frank?

    3. She might have a career similiar to David Cassidy. Teen idol whose career crashs only to re-emerge on Broadway and in Vegas.

    4. But she hates Twilight because it makes baby Jesus cry. Christians don’t turn out to be sluts, Pro Lib.

      1. If I were Jesus, Twilight would make me cry to.

      2. What doesn’t make Jesus cry? That dude’s a wuss. Weakest. God. Ever.

        1. What doesn’t make Jesus cry?


          And you are calling him a wuss?

          1. “Heli Heli lema sabacthani hoc est Deus meus, Deus meus, quid dereliquisti me?”

            And there’s the whole agony in the garden thing.

            (not sayin’ I would have done any better – heck I would have taken the trade for the kingdoms of the world three years ago. (double heck, I probably would have made the stones into bread, or a least a Snickers Bar)

      3. Bullshit they don’t. I have lots of personal experience arguing otherwise.

      4. I wonder what her pole dancing on the kidschoice awards did for Jesus?

        1. Well, if you’re a believer, it did for Jesus whatever it did for you.

    5. Fineas and Pherb is actually pretty good. I have a 5 year old, so I watch it a lot.

      1. What, no love for “The Upside Down Show”?

      2. I’ll second Fineas and Pherb as well. It’s like Better off Ted for kids.

        Of course, the son spawn likes watching Johnny Test, which I despise. Fucking pointless.

    6. That age group they market the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus to are only in their wheelhouse because they know kids that age will watch anything and they like to make money. There is no good programming for that age, but the kids are not able to tell the difference between good and bad…like people who watch CSI:Miami and think it’s just as good as CSI.

      1. the kids are not able to tell the difference between good and bad…like people who watch CSI:Miami and think it’s just as good as or CSI.

        1. Like anyone who watches any version of CSI, period.

  23. Pro Lib,

    I think they figure they dont have to hire writers, kids will watch it anyway. Apparently they are right.

    AFAICT, from a morbid curiosity of trying to figure out the existence of these shows, the only show on Disney that has writers is Phineas and Ferb.

    1. I know what we’re gonna do today.

    2. I’ve considered banning the Disney shows from the house. I fear they’re sapping my older daughter’s intelligence.

      Why can’t they have, I dunno, a series featuring The Incredibles?

      1. Because it would suck.

        It was an awesome movie. Don’t suck the life out of it and ruin the memory of it by having it be a half-assed and shitty weekly.

        1. Oh, yes, it would suck by the standards of the film, but would it suck compared to the current stable of Disney TV shows? I doubt it could be that bad.

          I think they should do a series called Young Dr. House. With House as a kid.

          1. Which is why we generally avoid Disney fare. Nick is eating its lunch in that regard. Cartoon Network isn’t much better.

            I’m *so* down with Young House, MD. We could get David Spade to do the voice.

            1. With a English public school transfer named. . .Nigel Blackadder. He’s young House’s Moriarty.

              1. With an, dammit.

  24. why are all the shows on Disney so godawful?

    The answer is right there in the question.

  25. A commentor on Althouse made this point today. I can’t beleive I hadn’t thought of it. Can’t wait to throw this in the face of the next ecowarrior vegan I meet. He said

    “I’m waiting for the eco-warriors to explain why we shouldn’t be eating Chilean-grown peaches and grapes — they’re not coming here by container ship, I’m fairly certain.

    In fact, being vegetarian in the winter is environmentally irresponsible. My ancestors fattened pigs on scraps through the spring and summer, to slaughter, salt, and smoke in the fall. A daily ration of a slice of fatty salami between two slices of whole grain bread kept you alive all winter, accompanied as it was with vitamin-rich sauerkraut and applesauce. Wood being a renewable resource, no excess carbon was put into the atmosphere.”

    1. I’m waiting for the eco-warriors to explain why we shouldn’t be eating Chilean-grown peaches and grapes — they’re not coming here by container ship, I’m fairly certain.

      I’m fairly certain they are. They’re not coming by truck, otherwise the Chiapas rebels (among other dangers of the pan-american highway) would get them.

      Some might be coming by air, but airfreight only makes economic sense for fish for the most part.

      It takes a little under two weeks to transport by ship from Valpariaso to Long Beach. Plenty of time to avoid major spoilage, given that commerical produce is picked before peak ripeness anyway.

      In any case, container shipping costs about a dollar a ton wholesale for trans-ocean voyages, and is probably the most efficient way (in terms of energy use per mile) of transporting cargo there is. (it takes more energy to move a ton of stuff from Long Beach to Denver than it does from Shanghai to Long Beach)

      1. Even if you are right, unless you live in Long Beach, you are still using a lot of carbon to get your vegitables. It would seem a lot more carbon neutral to eat meat.

        The bottomline is, you can’t “eat local and organic” and lower your carbon footprint.

        1. How is something from Chile local if I live in Texas? I don’t give a shit about organic food, but eating food that has less of a transport cost does lower your carbon footprint (not that I’m terribly concerned about that either).

          1. It is not. I mistyped. You can’t be a vegitarian without living in Hawaii or having food trucked in from far away in the winter.

    2. Well, you can preserve fruits and vegetables by drying, pickling, and canning methods, so I don’t see how it would be any more difficult than preserving a non-vegetarian diet.

    3. Food miles, of course are utter BS.

      If you’re moving vegetables via semi, you’re going to have about 40,000 lbs of unloaded weight and 40,000 lbs of load (the DOT max is 80k).

      If you’re driving 8 lbs of veggies back from the farmer’s market in your Prius, you also need to move 3000 lbs of car and around another 150 lbs of passenger.

      In terms of moving weight, the semi is probably more efficent than the Prius(a gallon of gas in Prius moves around 3150 lbs around 50 miles, a gallon of diesel in a semi moves around 40,000 lbs around 6 miles), but they’re both in the same ballpark, so let’s be conservative and assume they’re equally efficient.

      So the weight to move per weight of cargo in the semi is around 2, but it’s around 400 for a trip to the farmers market – that means if you’re not buying bulk quantities of produce at the farmer’s market, every mile you drive to or from it is equilvalent to shipping the food 200 miles by semi.

      The best thing you can do for improving the energy cost of getting food to you is to go to the closest supermarket and buy whatever grows in the region near you, since it will likely have been delivered via a well-loaded semi.

  26. Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize, then angers the Norwegians.

    Has the King of Norway invited him to do the fish-slapping dance, yet?

  27. Christians don’t turn out to be sluts

    You live a pretty sheltered life, don’t you?

    1. No kidding. When I was a kid they used to have a saying about the Mennonite girls out in rural Kansas. It went that when you dated them they wouldn’t listen to the radio but they sure loved to fuck.

    2. Yes, a life completely devoid of Christian sluts and, evidently, sarcasm. 🙂

    1. Look, Warty. YouTube is blocked at work, so I just copy your links and email them home. Please slow down as this evening’s homework is already starting to pile up. 😉

  28. When I become leader of the fourth reich, all college football players, coaches, and attendees will be put to death. Select cheerleaders will be spared.

    1. No, you idiot. Blind the football players, cut off their thumbs, and use them for pulling stuff. Don’t you ever read the bible?

      1. What about the cornerbacks? I think those guys are too small to pull much stuff.

      2. Got a YouTube link of this?

        1. You lookin’ for video from Judges 1:4 or of thumbless cornerbacks? Either way, I got nothin’.

        2. You’ll have to use your imagination on this one, I think. Unless you’d like me to find you some videos of cornerbacks deadlifting, or something.

    2. I read this as “select cheerleaders will be spread.

  29. How low will Miley Cyrus go?

    IT’S MILEY!!!!

    1. Depends on which state you’re in at the time.

      1. Yeah, she’s 17 now, she’s legal in a lot of states.

        1. Yeah, 16 is legal here in Hawaii. Was 14 not that long ago.


    More proof, as if any were needed, that the government sucks.

    1. I read that yesterday. How FU’d.

      1. I, too, heard about that yesterday on the local radio. There’s some public outcry here about that.

  31. Since she was hot, I just said something like “If the plane goes down, I’m blaming you.”

    “You’ll die with me inside you” would have made your life more interesting.

  32. I had no idea a Miley Cryus comment would be so popular.


    1. Disney’s Sarah Palin.

    2. A lot of closet Hannah fans, apparently.

    3. No. They are not fans of Cyrus so much as they are fans of sick fantasies. And a teen age reasonably cute singing star with a rather odd relationship with her father is pretty good fodder for that.

      1. I like that David Lynch saw fit to give Billy Ray a bit part in Mulholland Drive

      2. As the sick fantasies go, the co-star chick is much cuter.

        1. Haley Joel Osment’s little sister, dont know if she can see dead people too.

          1. She sees dead careers.

      3. Threadwinner!

  33. She’s no Annette Funicello.

    1. Who, in turn in no Shirley Temple

      1. shirley was never stacked. Annette was stacked from like age 12.

    2. Apparently, Stevie Wonder got his start in one of her movies. Dick Dale was in it, too. I must find this cultural treasure of a film.

  34. Blind the football players, cut off their thumbs, and use them for pulling stuff.

    Job one: harness them to the various limbs and other projections of the 535 Congressidiots, and have a multidirectional tug of war.

  35. Speaking of former child stars, how the hell did the chick from Sabrina the Teenage Witch not end up in Playboy or a few soft porn flicks? After the way Allyssa Milano’s career went, I thought for sure Mellissa Joan Hart would be showing the goods before she was 21.

    1. She got married, popped out a few kids and blew up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. She’s been ratcheting her weight down. She was on the most recent Dancing With The Stars according to the All-Knowing Intarweb.

      1. And she got married right after the end of Sabrina, so there was no career lag window for a nude comeback.

      2. What, you mean she actually went on to live a normal, well adjusted life rather than some publicity seeking media freak? What the hell kind of child star turns out like that? Serious fail on her part. Doesn’t she know her purpose in life is to entertain us? What the hell is entertaining about normality?

        1. You want well-adjusted or nudity? You rarely can have both.

          1. No. I wanted her to turn out like Milano and make a string of bad B soft porn movies for my entertainment.

        2. Many of them do go on to have as much as a normal life as everyone else. Ginger, Mary Ann, Jan Brady. There are more of those than the Dana Platos. Who, btw, had a pretty decent Playboy spread.

          I never got that Pheobe Cates Playboy spread I wanted.

          1. Ginger and Mary Ann were not child stars. They were adults. Mary Ann was a former Miss Nevada.

            1. True, but they did have a normal life after stardom. Albeit not the same catagory as child star.

    2. Oh, the foul fantasies pubescent Warty had about Clarissa. Yeah, bitch, explain it, yeah…

    3. From a maxim or equivalent photo shoot/interview, I think she was a virgin past age 21.

      IIRC, married with a couple of kids now.

      1. At the height of her career death. Mildly NSFW. (Downblouse with bra.)

        1. Her looks peaked young. But it was a good peak.

        2. Anybody see or even see advertsing about Nine Dead. Movie starring MJH that apparently came out in November of this year.

          DVD release date is March of 2010. She has another movie in post-production coming out in 2010.

        3. Paging Captain Ahab.

    4. MJH started Sabrina when she was 20, according to Wikipedia. It ran for seven seasons.

  36. You lookin’ for video from Judges 1:4 or of thumbless cornerbacks?

    I’m pretty sure none of the Cowboys cornerbacks have thumbs, if their play this year is any indication.

  37. Whoa. Didn’t mean to start a Hannahlanche.

  38. Or assist in it, anyway. As with all things, this is SugarFree’s fault.

    1. Yes, everyone else had no choice but to respond to the Hannahtrolling. Totally SF’s fault.

  39. Yes, load your sins on me so I can be cast into the cold desert night.

  40. It’s more convenient this way, trust me.

  41. Jokes on the Norwegians here. They awarded him the prize so that he would visit their country and participate in all of their events and he wouldn’t play ball. Hopefully a lesson learned.

    1. The joke was on the US, unfortunately, it isn’t funny.

    2. Amazing what countries will do to boost tourism.

    3. Obama’s getting them back for screwing him out of retirement money. Since they are giving him the million bucks now, he has to donate it to charity (Acorn?).

      If they had waited until he was out of office he could have kept the money.

      1. If they had waited until he was out of office, they couldn’t have used the prize to try to influence foreign policy.

      2. He should have resigned so he could keep the money.

        Hey, maybe those Norsks aren’t as crazy as I thought…

  42. Miranda Cosgrove, who is a damn fine actor.

    As good as Barney Rubble?

    [every day is “movie dialogue reference day”]

    1. Whoa. Quoting a Henry Winkler vehicle?

      Are we really that desperate? (In all fairness, it was a good line.)

      1. Hey, I liked that movie.

        1. Face it. You just liked a young Shelly Long in her panties, reaching for the top shelf in the cupboard.

          Or maybe, you liked the “idea man” so much that you *became* Bill Blazejowski (Keaton’s character). You seem to have a lot of ideas.

          1. Hello, this is Pro Libertate to remind JW to SHUT UP!

  43. Again I inquire: What kind of idiot would buy AOL shares?

  44. Hannah Montana is a good show. Cyrus and her feigned histrionic personality disorder on the show is endearing.

    Yea, that’s right, I said it.

    1. That is the dumbest thing ever said on this blog.

        1. I’d give up HFCS if they’d eliminate that show from the air. For my children.

        2. Weigel for the self-deprecating win!

          1. Oh, funny. I conflated Weigel with Dave W. No matter, I stand by my statement.

    2. I see my younger daughter watching that drek. Random 5 second bursts suffice to convince me that it is puuuure fooking shite, as they put it on Trainspotting.

  45. “Is this a great country, or what?”

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