Reason Morning Links: Afghan Troop Surge Numbers Already Increasing, Stimulus Waste, Corporate Gender Quotas in France



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  1. French law pushed by President Sarkozy’s party would mandate that women make up half of executive boardrooms by 2015.

    Jean-Fran?ois Cop?, president of the majority UMP party, said it could give a “much-needed electro-shock” to the French corporate world.

    “Electro-shock” being a supposedly gentle euphemism for jumper cables applied to your balls.

    1. Shouldn’t Sarkozy be forced to undergo surgery to be made half female, so the French Presidency can be 50/50?

      (The joke about that already being the case, because he’s French, is too easy).

    2. Carla Bruni puts the firm in affirmative action.

    3. This, from what passes for a “center-right” party in France?

  2. David Axelrod, a senior White House advisor, said Tuesday: “I’m not putting . . . an end, you know, a timetable. But . . . the president made clear, this is an action that has an end to it.”

    Good thing Axelrod knows his place.

    1. Note that he avoided the question of whether this action’s end will come before or after the sun swallows up the earth in 5 billion years.

  3. a sizable sum has gone to federal contractors in the Washington area who are helping implement the initiative

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    1. For those who didn’t read the full article, the most infuriating parts:

      Of the stimulus grants and contracts awarded so far, the District has received nearly 10 times as much per capita as the national average…

      It is only natural that a surge in government spending would benefit local contractors, said Dave Gallerizzo, a principal at Fig Leaf Software, which won a $1.1 million Interior Department contract to build a computer system for stimulus funding recipients to report back to the government. That enabled Fig Leaf to hire three more people at its office in the District.

      “I look around the country at all the places that are hurting and the one place that has jobs is here,” Gallerizzo said. “And I don’t have a problem with it. If the money went to Michigan and employed three people there, what’s the difference?”

      1. Fig Leaf Software, which won a $1.1 million Interior Department contract to build a computer system for stimulus funding recipients to report back to the government. That enabled Fig Leaf to hire three more people at its office in the District.

        At only $340,000 per job, its a bargain!

  4. The fix is in, liberal media selling out for pot of government gold


    1. This will all be worthwhile when the conservatives return to power and have the newspapers by the balls.

      No one will learn any lesson from it, but it should still prove entertaining.

  5. Regarding the 30,000 troops. I’m not sure why even conservatives aren’t taking Obama to task for providing only 75% of the troops that the theater commander stated would be necessary to achieve the objectives.

    If I were a construction site manager, and you were my boss, and you provided me 30 men to get a job finished by July of next year when the best estimates were that it would require 40 men to meet that deadline and satisfy all of the requirements, would you be supporting my mission? Or would you just be giving me enough to ensure that we’d have an expensive failure on our hands?

    1. Apparently *nation* building is easier than building building.

    2. The problem is that it would be nice to see it actually work. If you scream it is not enough, maybe that undercuts what chances it does have to work. As much fun as it would be to score points against Obama, it is not worth hurting what effort he is putting out.

    3. You got 30 men when you said you needed 40-60.

      Obama just wants the Taliban to lie low until the election, so he can declare victory and pull out, and give the country to them as a reward for their cooperation.

      Republicans, this is the risk you took with “nation building” – you don’t always win reelection and others use the powers you wanted for yourselves.

      1. If we lose, Obama will get the blame. I don’t see that as much of a political risk for the Republicans. But, I don’t think anyone but the most vile partisian hack wants to see us lose. I hope it works. Honestly, I don’t know that Obama is doing the wrong thing. I don’t know what he knows. Generals always ask for more troops. Who am I to say 30K isn’t enough? If it is, it won’t be the first time generals have asked for more than what they really needed.

        This is too important for politics. I am going to support Obama on this and hope for the best.

        1. Who you calling the most vile partisian hack?

      2. I’ve learned that girls tend to be annoyed if you declare victory before you pull out. Or at least, the feminist ones do.

    4. “Graveyard of Empires”

      As a construction site, it’s like trying to build skyscrapers in a swamp … or quicksand.
      Vietnamization anyone.
      *shakes head*

      1. The first castle sank into the swamp, so I built another!

    5. He’s trying to compromise. In that sense, it is like Vietnam — we couldn’t decide whether to pull out or go full intensity so we compromised by bleeding ourselves little by little.

      Personally I favor pulling out of AFG entirely at this point, as whatever purpose we had at the time of the invasion has long since vanished.

      1. Seriously, catching the leadership of AlQ is like playing ‘Whack A Mole’.
        Thom Hartmann* was quoting from the 911 Comm report yesterday. We’re not going to find anyone of value there.

        *We’ve got two flavors of politalk radio in Chicago, Red and Blue. In that time slot i cannot stand that smarmy Michael Medved.
        Later in my commute Michael Savage is much more fun than Ron Reagan.

        1. You listen to both WIND and WCPT–but not WLS?

          1. Can’t listen at work, so it’s drive times.
            I’ve always liked and agree alot with Mancow. But in the morning, Archie and Edi … eh, Don and Roma? Blech! I definately prefer moderates John and Sisco on WIND.
            In the evening i might catch a bit of Conn before Hannity comes on. “Let Freedom Ring!?!”, Yuk. He called himself a libertarian, but he sure doesn’t play one on teh radio.
            Savage is like a fun crotchety uncle, don’t agree much but it’s always interesting. He is pretty sharp about the nutrition issues tho.
            Reagan is simply to earnest and smug.

  6. “French law pushed by President Sarkozy’s party would mandate that women make up half of executive boardrooms by 2015.” The other half would be made up of his sons.

    1. Top half or bottom half ?

  7. It’s going to be interesting to see how the french manage the 50% female requirement.

    If this somehow passes, actually qualified women are going to have a huge amount of leverage and market value.

    1. If trannies count as women, and the employment scene stays miserable, we could see some significant changes in French white collar society’s sex ratio. Vive la difference!

    2. Actually, to get to 50% on the board, marginally or deeply unqualified women are also going to have leverage and get hired.

      Unless they allow hiring foreign female execs.

      1. I think you are overestimating the qualifications of the males already on the boards. Nepotism rules.

        1. I think you are overestimating the qualifications of the males already on the boards. Nepotism rules.

          Your first sentence is possibly true. I’m pretty sure the second one is true.

          1. Art-P.O.G., I read french newspapers and I have been following the Jean Sarkozy story along with having just had a very interesting discussion with a french citizen on this topic. I guess I should defer to your expertise because you have a penis?

            1. Don’t get your panties all in a twist, Miss. He was agreeing with you.

              1. “possibly true” BSJ, Fuck off and play with your own food.

                1. Stack, I wasn’t trying to cast doubt on what you were saying. It was an AFAIK kind of statement. Yeesh.

                  1. Chicks eh. I ask you.

                    1. I’m full. of shit.


                    2. Shit? Another reason not to eat dessert.

            2. I guess I should defer to your expertise because you have a penis?

              What Art-P.O.G. keeps in his butt is none of your business.

              1. Hey! (I’ll have you know it’s a dildo, not a penis)

                1. What you keep in Art-P.O.G.’s butt is none of my business.

        2. I’ve had a fair amount of interaction with Forbes 50 board members. The majority are very bright, educated, successful people.

  8. Federal government paying contractors stimulus money to help the government spend the stimulus money.

    And apparently the main criticism of this, according to the Post, is that it ought to be being spent directly by the federal government on more federal employees.

  9. Help support Rand Paul for Senate in Kentucky over his Global Warming believing opponent!
    1. He’s a life-long principled small government conservative and built his successful medical practice as a career doctor. Most importantly he quotes Rush (the band) on the campaign trail
    …how awesome is that!
    2. Dr. Paul can win and is actually *leading* in the latest independent poll 35%-32%!
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    His opponent in the Republican primary:
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    3) is funded almost solely by the questionable Mitch McConnell and his DC network of special interests. In addition to voting for the bailout and then being one of the minority of Republicans to continue TARP McConnell is one of the worst porkers in congress and one of non-partisan C.R.E.W’s “Top 15 Most Corrupt Members of Congress”
    4) attacked Rand Paul for not blindly committing to McConnell and stated he “absolutely, 100% will vote to keep” the tainted McConnell as GOP leader in opposition to a reformer like Jim DeMint. The subtext is that more wasteful pork can be brought in for Kentucky special interests at the expense of taxpayers in Kentucky and across the rest of the country.

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  10. White House invokes executive privilege to keep Obama social secretary Desiree Rogers from testifying before Congress.

    I guess all that transparency is coming through slow glass. In 10 years or so, we’ll know everything.

    1. Apparently she fired the person who handled the VIP guest lists last summer. No need for any list or credential checking.…..van-jones/

  11. Obama has to sell his Afghanistan plan? Not that I like the man or his plan (troops out just in time for re-election!) but isn’t he the decider-in-chief? “I won.”

    1. I think he goes by The Determinator


    I can’t get Reason to blog this. I don’t know why. But it is interesting, unsuprising, but disturbing reading.

    1. Thanks alot…
      As if the police state wasn’t onerous enough already.
      More warm fuzzies.
      Now i have the Police’s “Every Breath You Take” running through my head.

      1. The spokesman wouldn’t disclose how many of Sprint’s 48 million customers had their GPS data shared

        To do so would violate our privacy policy.

        1. Threadwinner!

    2. Other customers, upon seeing the types of surveillance law enforcement can do, might “become unnecessarily afraid that their lines have been tapped or call Verizon to ask if their lines are tapped (a question we cannot answer).”

      If only those unruly customers would stick to being “necessarily afraid” of being forced to pay extra to have the government spy on what they thought were private communications.

  13. Just think of the Afghan Surge as a jobs window-smashing program. We’re putting young people to work.

  14. “Iranian government threatening the families of critics and dissidents abroad.”

    Really. When is someone going to man -up and bomb the shit out of these fuckers? The longer this regime continues, the greater the threat to the world at large.

    1. Yes, because nothing bad would happen from the U.S. bombing and starting yet another war with a third Mideastern country.

      Sounds like the regime is headed for being taken down by another revolution.

  15. French law pushed by President Sarkozy’s party would mandate that women make up half of executive boardrooms by 2015.

    Sweet! They can be strippers and/or hookers, right?

    Nah, who are we kidding? They’ll just put their mistresses on the payroll legitmately now.

    1. I’m not a construction expert, but I doubt human bodies make very good building material. The only way I could see that working is mixing ground-up women into the gypsum, but I don’t know how much drywall you find in a typical boardroom.

      1. Perhaps something like this or possibly, this?

          1. You would need hard wood for that one and we know you are more of a soft wood guy.

            1. Damn these knotty pine genitalia!

              1. I want a divorce cause that was not clever enough! Now if you said: Damn these naughty pine genitalia!

      2. Eh, it worked in St Petersburg.

  16. By 2015 France also plans on making 50% of pregnant people be men.

  17. Obama Ecstasy pills hit the streets:…..p;catid=58

  18. Did anybody see TIMMAY! on CNBC this morning?


    Holy fuck. It was even more pathetic than usual; I was actually embarrassed for him.

    1. I couldn’t stomach more than 2 minutes of that rat bastard.

  19. Researcher: NASA hiding climate data:

    The fight over global warming science is about to cross the Atlantic with a U.S. researcher poised to sue NASA, demanding release of the same kind of climate data that has landed a leading British center in hot water over charges it skewed its data.

    Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said NASA has refused for two years to provide information under the Freedom of Information Act that would show how the agency has shaped its climate data and would explain why the agency has repeatedly had to correct its data going as far back as the 1930s.

    “I assume that what is there is highly damaging,” Mr. Horner said. “These guys are quite clearly bound and determined not to reveal their internal discussions about this.”

    The numbers matter. Under pressure in 2007, NASA recalculated its data and found that 1934, not 1998, was the hottest year in its records for the contiguous 48 states. NASA later changed that data again, and now 1998 and 2006 are tied for first, with 1934 slightly cooler.…..mate-data/

  20. You might be surprised at who’s considering running for President again in 2012. Hint: it’s not Ron Paul.

    1. Bite your tounge.
      Paultards never say die….…..beginning/
      He’ll be 81yo at the end of the term. Quite spry for his age but….

  21. Compulsory feminism class for boys in Australia.

    The report says programs for all students should start at primary level and be reinforced across all year levels in subjects including drama, English, science and sport.

    Who doesn’t want to be lectured about feminism while playing soccer?

    1. I had a compulsory feminism class in high school too, but back then they called it Home Ec.

      1. At least you learned how to bake. That apple-pear tart you made for the last Reason drink-up was delicious.

        1. Really, you liked it?

          You’ll never guess the secret ingredient I added at the last minute.

          1. Maybe you two should go to Vermont and get married. Looks like Tulpa would make a fine wife.

            1. Now, John… Jealousy is an ugly emotion.

            1. “Fresh from my body onto your plate!”

          2. Do tell …

            Is it anything like the ad campaign for a liqueur that ended with the slogan, “The taste that has come”?

            1. That device sounds like a great way to get something to pee in your sink.

              1. That was for Rich.

    2. Oh, I’m sure they’ll have the boys sit down.

      1. I sit when peeing because I clean the bathroom.

    3. SF, according to TFA it’s “feminism class for boys in Victoria.”

      One state is not the whole country.

      1. Since I didn’t want to slander Canadians any more than I already do on a daily basis, I thought a simple “Australia” would do. Because, internationally, things done in Alabama are never referred to as American ideas or practices, right? I mean, you’re correct, I should have made the link to an article about a silly idea I just posted for the amusement of the assembled as long and specific as humanly possible. I have been suitably chasten about your touchy feelings surrounding ultra-accurate description of the political divisions of Australia.

        1. I just wanted it to be clear that Tasmanian boys are still taught to be real men and the sheep had better just learn to live with it.

          1. The sheep get what they deserve, frankly.

    4. They would combat common attitudes among boys such as young women are either “good girls or sluts”, the report said.

      Well if they teach all pupils that sluts are good girls then I can’t see the problem …

      1. Are we back to the difference between a slut and a bitch?

  22. Soccer is a girl’s game.

    1. And many of the girls who play it likely could kick your ass.

  23. Obama Ecstasy pills hit the streets:

    All part of the stimulus. MDMA is an amphetamine, after all.

  24. Here is some feministing soccer.

    1. My bad. That would hvae been feministing soccer had she done that to male players.

        1. Yeah, if a male soccer player grabbed another guy’s ponytail and pulled him to the ground, nobody in the soccer world would talk about it at all. Nope.

          Hey gals, you really want to be treated as equals? How about you stop being perpetual victims? k thx bye.

          1. Hey gals, you really want to be treated as equals? How about you stop being perpetual victims? k thx bye.

            True story.

            1. I should have probably pointed out that I was not referring to women in general, and certainly not to the women who come to H&R – but rather to the feministing assholes.

              1. So was I. (Hell hath no fury…)

    2. I love that clip. As I said before, I bet she fucks like a tiger.

      1. The golfer?

  25. The North Korean jeans guys responded in that thread.

    1. Fuck him.

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