Another Disappointed Democrat


At TheStreet.com, Washington Center for Politics & Journalism head, "libertarian Democrat," and Reason contributor Terry Michael weighs in on Barack Obama's foreign policy:

President Obama has been unable to stand up to the war hawk "liberal internationalists," as they like to call themselves, in his own party—more accurately described as "Neo-Con Lites." I know them well. They are from my generation of Democratic operatives. Political careerist baby boomers with draft deferments, who raged against the Vietnam madness in the 1960's, but as they approached their own sixties forgot the lessons of that tragedy as they devised political strategies to make us look tougher, so we could win presidential elections by wooing back the Nixon and Reagan Democrats, the World War II "good war" voters, who are now mostly not voters….because they are mostly dead.

Whole thing here.

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