Alvin Toffler and Ayn Rand…


Well, sort of. Here's a Pajamas Media podcast that includes an interview with the legendary futurist and a discussion between the Washington Examiner's Mark Hemingway and Ayn Rand biographer Jennifer Burns. Well worth listening to (there's also interesting sections with Roger L. Simon regarding his memoir Blacklisting Myself and talk with Michael Malone on why old media is getting what it deserves).

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  1. Don’t come over here
    And piss on my gate
    Save it, just keep it
    Off my wave.

  2. what’s interesting about a maoist who milks wealthy egomaniacs?

  3. It may be recalled by this blog’s readers that it was Alvin Toffler who interviewed Ayn Rand for “Playboy” magazine.

  4. There is nothing interesting about this interview. Burns is a poor biographer, and her only purpose in writing this book was to smear Ayn Rand.

    But Ayn Rand speaks for herself. She requires no pretext, no biography, no introduction. Find out what all the fuss is all about. THe previous commenter called her an egomaniac. Is this a proper characterization of her ideology? Or is it an ad-hominem argument fallacy (substituting an insult for an argument)?

    Find out what all the fuss about Ayn Rand is. Find out why copies of a book that was first published in 1957, still continue to sell at a rate of 100,000 copies a year! This is UNHEARD OF.

    Why are people buying these books in those numbers, 50 years after its publication? Read Atlas Shrugged, don’t waste your time listening to an interview of a second-rate ‘biographer’.

    Read Atlas Shrugged

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