Working Up an Appetite


Marion, Iowa, police have charged Kristine Pflughaupt with public intoxication. They say she was found sitting on the kitchen floor of Marie O'Kelly's house eating leftover noodles. Pflughaupt, a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier, was in uniform and on the job at the time.

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  1. What’s the libertarian angle on this one, please?

    1. Here goes: If the USPS was a private business, this bitch would be fired so fast her head would spin.

      Least we’ll only have to worry about her sorting our mail anymore.

  2. The libertarian angle: Last names that unpronouncable should be outlawed! By the GOVERNMENT! Discuss.

  3. Thanks, wylie. Sometimes the obvious escapes.

  4. The poll on the news site asks what will happen to her for this transgression. I almost clicked “She’ll be fired,” until I realized it asked what will happen to her rather than what should happen to her. Knowing she is a federal employee instead of a normal human being, I then chose “She will be reprimanded.” Apparently, the 2118 people who selected “She should be fired,” do not understand how it works. Good news is, there are 563 potential libertarians in Des Moines.

    1. “Knowing she is a federal employee instead of a normal human being…”

      Hahaha, classic.

    2. What do you mean, reprimand???? More likely outcome: she’ll recover thousands when she sues the USPS for harassing her and failing to accommodate her disability.

      And besides, she was just about to blow the whistle on those defective noodles.

  5. Do I lose any style points for having a comment longer than the blog post?

  6. I am surprised the old lady didn’t just shoot the bitch. This is Iowa after all. It’s what happens to the dumb sack I find eating my leftvovers.

  7. She reminds me of my mother. I would have made a quick snack of her heart. Her scalp? Send that shit back to the post office as a warning…

  8. The Ra-man always rings twice.

  9. ia ia Cthulhu pflughaupt!

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