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The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has fined Roosters salon for allowing cosmetologists to shave their customers. Texas law allows only barbers to shave. Roosters owner Joe Grondin notes that the shaves were performed not with a straight razor but with a disposable safety razor. "Any 10-year-old can walk into a drugstore and buy them. Why would they be illegal?" said Grondin. He refused to pay the fine and is suing the state.

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  1. I sure hope they’re naked…I’d pay for that.

  2. I think this guy is in for a rude awakening. Is he really so naive to think they made it illegal for safety reasons rather than revenue generation through licensing?

    1. Its true, i keep waiting for people to get tired of government bullsh** and overthrow American government, but Jews waited for Germans to get sick of Hitler and…

    2. Actually, usually the primary purpose of licensing regulations is to keep competitors from cutting into the business of the current members of a special interest group.

      The license revenue is more in the nature of a bribe to the state for running this protection racket.

  3. Or rent-seeking by his competitors who own barber shops?

  4. Too many small business owners just say to hell with it and pay the fine. Which is exactly what the bureaucrats are counting on. It doesn’t take but a few brave (foolish?) owners to throw a monkey wrench into the bureaucrats carefully laid plans.

    1. What monkey wrench?

      He’s going to lose. If courts recognized the “this is bullshit” defense, half the laws in the country would be void.

  5. yeah, yeah, yeah but are they naked?

  6. can’t you people focus?

  7. Too bad there’s no such thing as jury nullification.

  8. Once again, the question that’s never answered: Who turned him in?

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