Gallup: Americans Don't Think Health Care Coverage is a Gov't Responsibility


So what does month after month of folks arguing in favor of a bigger role for government in health care get you?

Fewer Americans believing that it's the responsibility of the federal government to provide health care coverage, according to a new poll from Gallup. "This is a first since Gallup began tracking this question, and a significant shift from as recently as three years ago, when two-thirds said ensuring healthcare coverage was the government's responsibility."

Thanks, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the late Ted Kennedy. And President George W. Bush, whose Medicare prescription drug plan for seniors was an amazingly unnecessary heist of money from relatively poor people (the young) to relatively wealthy people (those over 65 years old).

Let's just keep 'em talking long enough and who knows, maybe we'll actually get the sort of market-based reforms that would actually lower costs and improve service in the health care sector.

Reason.com on health care.

Hat tip: Spencer Strauss

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