Reason Writers Around Town: Shikha Dalmia on Detroit's Downward Spiral


Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia looks at whether Detroit Mayor Dave Bing can save the Motor City from economic collapse.

Read all about it here.

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  1. In a sick sort of way, it’s fascinating to see a city circle the drain like that, like a modern Ozymandius. Sorry to Shikha and J sub D and anyone else who lives there.

    The union official is unbelievable. A lot of parasites evolve so that they don’t kill off the host. American unions apparently aren’t as intelligent as tapeworms.

  2. It occurred to me that we may not have had a discussion of the relative merits of Detroit-style pizza (vs. those of Chicago, New York, St. Louis, et al.). 😉

    1. Can’t be as bad as that Chicago crap.

      FTR, the red-stuffed pizza from Hi-Way Pizza in State College, PA is damn tasty!

      1. Losers.

    2. Deep dish = sucktastic

      No more need be said.

      1. I totally agree, thin crust is awesome.

      2. What? Heresy! I’m calling the Pizza Inquisition.

      3. What? Heresy! I’m calling the Pizza Inquisition.

    3. I am running a ‘movie night’ here in downtown Detroit for our linguistics students, and I’ve ordered some genuine Detroit pizza (from Pizza Papalis) to be delivered. Will report.

  3. It ain’t a pie unless it’s think enough to see through. Or would be, ‘cept for the grease.

  4. It’s been my experience eating NY pizza (the style I prefer) that some places suck and some are great. To date, I haven’t had a Chicago style slice worth a damn.

  5. From the article:

    “Only 25% of high school students graduate each year.”

    Is that 25% of high school seniors? Otherwise, for a 4-year high school, 25% isn’t bad.

    1. Maybe, unless the 9th – 11th grade consists of 5% of the student body.

  6. The only thing certain is that fate is not kind to a city that allows unions to run amok.

    QFMFT. Bankrupcy may indeed be the only way out. I’d try auctioning off assets first (what do you think Belle Isle [982 acres] would go for?) but that may not be politically possible.

    1. Maybe Ontario would buy it? Hell, could we just sell the entire city of Detroit to Canada? It may just be the only way Canada ever wins another Stanley Cup, after all.

  7. Is that 25% of high school seniors? Otherwise, for a 4-year high school, 25% isn’t bad.

    Depending on which estimate you use (DPS doesn’t keep trustworthy stats) 25-48% of children who enter the ninth grade in Detroit public schools graduate from a high school somewhere within 5 years. DPS can’t tell you if a student transferred out of the district or just stopped attending. That would invole recordkeeping.

  8. Oh man! That’s bad. That’s Mississippi bad. We hover around a 40% drop out rate at any given time.

  9. So, what we’ve learned is that Detroit was doomed from the start because it has no famous food item to call it’s own. Even Idaho has potatoes.

  10. Good riddance, Detroit. I look forward to someday taking a tour of the country’s largest ghost town.

  11. The strange thing about what’s going on in Detroit is that tons of new, interesting restaurants have opened in the central Detroit area in the past year and a half, and they seem to be doing well. Be glad to host a Reason Blog readers gathering at one of them (can’t offer the delights of DC, mind you…)
    I live here (well, in a close-in suburb) and I fear Shikha is right, but I like the place nonetheless.

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