Mandatory Health Insurance Advocates Accuse Republicans of Caving to Insurance Industry


Jake Tapper reports:

President Obama's message to supporters on the "Organizing for America" email list may have been positive (if financially solicitous), but the director of his political arm was under no such apparent guidance.?? ??

Today OFA supporters in congressional districts represented by Republican Members of Congress who voted "No" last night received an email from OFA director Mitch Stewart lauding the "220 courageous representatives voted in favor of reform, moving it forward."?? ??

"Unfortunately, your representative," Stewart says in the email, which names the Member of Congress, "caved to intense pressure from insurance industry lobbyists and voted against health reform."?? ??

A Democratic official says the email is not being sent to constituents of the 39 Democratic Members of Congress who voted against the measure Saturday night.

Democrats, on the other hand, are steadfastly refusing to cave to the insurance industry, at least if by "refusing to cave" you mean "supporting legislation designed to force every American to purchase the insurance industry's product."