Anita Dunn, We Hardly Knew Ye: Maoist Flack Takes Great Leap Forward At Rolling Donut


When Anita Dunn gets angry, Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset.

Jake Tapper reports that Anita Dunn, tongue-chewing White House communications director, acolyte of Mao Zedong and Mother Theresa, and a frequent surprise guest in the Hit & Run comment threads, has been ousted by counterrevolutionary enemies of the people.

Tapper, a running dog of the American Imperialist Broadcasting Company, says that Dunn was not made a non-person by capitalist stooges, but rather is leaving voluntarily:

Dunn's departure was expected; she came on board temporarily earlier this year when communications director Ellen Moran left for a more family-friendly position at the Department of Commerce. Dunn, who advised then-Sen. Obama during the campaign, always said she was here temporarily because she wants to spend more time with her teenage son.

[Dunn replacement Dan] Pfeiffer, a Georgetown alumnus from Delaware, originally worked for the presidential campaign of Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind, but became the Obama campaign communications director after Bayh dropped out. He has worked for former Senator Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-SD, and Sen. Tim Johnson, D-SD, and is married to Sarah Feinberg, senior advisor to chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and a special assistant to the president.

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  1. If that’s a Dunn family picture, don’t be surprised if the teenage son makes an “announcement” this Thanksgiving at the dinner table.

    1. …NTTAWWT

      Fixed that for you, JW.

      1. Hey, he could be announcing his intention to kill his parents, not that I blame him.

        1. NTTAWWT…I mean, look at his parents. LOOK AT THEM!!!

          (forces JW’s head forward and puts the pin things from Opera under his eyes)

          1. My eyes! Ze goggles do nothing!

  2. Na, na, na, na,
    Na, na, na, na,
    Hey, hey hey,

  3. Unlike the loathsome and execrable Van Jones, who truly was a Glenn Beck scalp, this one isn’t, so hopefully he will keep the crowing to a minimum.

    Has her husband Bob Bauer officially been made the White House counsel yet, or it is still unofficially official?

  4. I wonder if her leaving was intended and she was given the job of flying the trial balloon for a war with Fox. If you’re leaving you are already expendable.

    1. Great, another balloon hoax.

  5. Good riddance to the bobblehead idiot.

  6. Maybe FOX offered her a job as side-kick to fellow Maoist Gen(Ret) Clark?

  7. Ms Dunn plans to resume her career of pissing on the graves of the victims of communism.

  8. Sure. And I’m going to prison to “spend more time with my brother-in-law”.

  9. As soon as that camera is off, she gonna fuck that little dog.

      1. …help me…

    1. Leave CoyoteBlue alone. He suffers from petlexia.

      1. I suffer from a very sexy learning disability.

        What’s it called Kif?

      2. Leela: You know, Zapp, someone ought to teach you a lesson.
        Captain Zapp Brannigan: If it’s a lesson in love, watch out. I suffer from a very sexy learning disability. What did I call it, Kiff?
        Kif Kroker: Ugh… sexlexia.

  10. I’m trying to remember when this whole resigning-to-spend-more-time-with-family/children/whatever bullshit started.

    It’s especially bullshit when everyone knows godamn good and well that whoever it is is going on to take some other high pressure job in academia or a think tank or the corporate or non-profit world that will keep them every bit as remote from his/her family/children/whatever.

    I do actually recall a couple of people who claimed their reason for resignation was that government work didn’t pay enough. Now, that I can go along with.

    But let’s not kid ourselves. Everyone knows that resigning from a Cabinet or White House post is a euphanism for being fired, dont they?

    1. yeah, You don’t get that high unless you are completely craven and will do anything to get them. The type of people who get those jobs, don’t just walk away from them for the good of their family. If they gave a shit about their family, they would have never made the sacrifices it takes to get that far.

    2. I’m trying to remember when this whole resigning-to-spend-more-time-with-family/children/whatever bullshit started.

      I know the phrase has been in use since 1995, and I believe at that time it had already been in use for decades.

      What is new is people pretending to take the phrase seriously — when the departing staffer in question is a woman. When Karen Hughes left to spend more time with her family, some hacks even wrote “What a breath of fresh air, for a woman to choose family over career”-type columns. Note that when a woman seeks control over the lives of others it’s Career. When men do it it’s Public Service.

      1. when a woman seeks control over the lives of others it’s Career. When men do it it’s Public Service.

        But in either case, doesn’t spending more time with family/children also often mean seeking control over others’ lives?

        I mean, won’t anyone speak for the children?

    3. Hey, I don’t care what they say on the way out, as long as they leave.


  11. The parallels between that image and Grant Wood’s American Gothic are unsettling.

  12. So we’ve got the Communist and the guy with a cat on his lap. What other Bond villains are in the Dunn family? I bet their son has braces.

  13. You know it’s a lie because no one would want to spend more time with the spawn of Anita Dunn, including Anita Dunn.

  14. Did she really comment on Hit and Run before? I don’t get what that link to the google search is suggesting.

    1. Yes, comrade, I really did. [slurp – smack]

    2. Lots of famous people comment on H&R. Why, just a few threads down, Lenin and Machiavelli are trading witty repartee from beyond the grave.

      1. Laugh if you want to but IOWAHAWK posts here and he’s the only human on earth undeserving of my molten hatred.

        1. Which one is he? Edward? Steve Smith? Suki?


          2. My vote’s for “Cliche Bandit”.

        2. What do you mean “which one is he?” He’s Iowahawk:


          1. Then I confess I do not understand what you mean by “IOWAHAWK posts here”. I haven’t ever seen a comment here under the handle “Iowahawk”, nor under “David Burge”. And I’m pretty sure he’s not one of the staff blogging in disguise.

            1. He posts here and I have seen it. It is really him. Very nice guy to.

                  1. Oh, yeah. And there’s also Amy Alkon.

    3. Sock puppeteers have frequently posted comments under her name in the threads. When I searched for previous reason coverage of Anita Dunn, most of the positives were sock puppeteers.

      Or at least, Anita Dunn wants you to think they were sock puppeteers.

      1. Sock puppets are not actually real puppets at all and you should not pay attention to them. The administration will treat them as they deserve to be treated.

        1. Cock puppet?

          1. kakagame?

  15. I feel bad for Dunn’s kid. I really do.

  16. Jeez, the stimulus can’t even save jobs in the White House! We’re all doomed.

    1. +1

  17. She’s lefiti or Juanita.

    And the funny thing is her husband is the lonewacko.

    1. “the” lonewacko? Awesome, I guess he’s a sooperhero now.

    2. And the son is Underzog?

      1. And the son androgynous lovechild is Underzog?


        1. Zoggy was conceived in hate. Sexless hatechild.

      2. The cat is UnderMoron. He aspires to be a dog.

  18. That poor cat looks unhappy.

    1. He was about a minute away from being devoured by the Visitor on the left. They caught him in mid gulp.

  19. the maoist at the department of commerce? are you fucking kidding me?

    1. Oh wait, you actually took the “Maoist” charge seriously?

      1. charge??? she said it herself.

        1. I very much doubt that Dunn is a Maoist, she’s just one of many idiots who thinks that cherry-picking what you like about dictators [whoa are not Hitler] is completely fine. And she should be condemned for that.

  20. I wonder if her leaving was intended and she was given the job of flying the trial balloon for a war with Fox.

    Before the Mao flap (ew), her reign as giant-headed red terrorizer of the press was publicized as ending right about now, so she could go back to clogging the aisles of plus-size boutiques while fantasizing about genocide.

    So yes, probably.

    1. Wouldn’t that mean that Obama’s servants fed the tape of Anita Dunn to Fox News, then?

  21. Hey Tim, you have to put the alt-text in the title field for it to show when you mouse-over. Right now we have to right click the image to see your clever jokes.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Mr Bigglesworth indeed. 🙂

    2. Not according to my mouse you don’t.

      If others are having this problem, please pipe up.

      1. The way you do it does not work on Firefox. It works on IE, though.

        1. I have Firefox and it works fine. I upgraded recently, so that might be it.

  22. Another one bites the dust.
    Another one bites the dust.

    And another one, and another one…
    And another one bites the dust!

  23. I wonder if Slajov Zizek will get Dunn’s job, after all he is a famous New York Times columnist and since he is a Stalinist he is free of the taint of Maoism,

  24. You know, I can come with a whole lot of folks who argued that you should follow your own path without having to dig into the totalitarian murderer barrel. Hell, choose an American transcendentalist or a German romantic philosopher.

  25. Caption contest:

    “Dunn and husband at home, watching Chinese peasants stave to death on TV.”

    1. For the win

      1. Well, maybe if I could type “starve” right.

  26. I’m going lowbrow to beat SugarFree:

    “The two pussies in Mrs. Dunn’s life.”

    1. OK, I grant you that’s pretty much unbeatable.

  27. “Is that an unshaven pussy in your lap or are you just glad to see me and my 6-inch long clitoris?”

  28. Her son is awfully small and hairy, but it sure is cute how he sits on his fathers lap.

  29. That’s totally a loaner cat to make them look vaguely human.

    1. Dude, he’s totally going to eat that cat. Look at how he’s holding it. The unnaturally wide mouth. The evil laughter.

    2. IT WAS A BABY!! A BABY!!!

    3. You guys are making me laugh out loud, and my office door is open. Not good.

  30. Folks, this isn’t a firing for a public faux pas. It’s a communist purge. The Maoists are out. The Trotskyites are in.

    1. How will we know when the Trotskyites start? That’s like trying to tell if you’re sick from the “regular” flu or that swine flu.

      1. It’s quite simple, really. The people in the administration carrying ice axes are not the Trotskyites.

  31. I guess we have two data points now of just how loopy someone has to be for Obama to ask them to resign.


    1. Anita Dunne, Van Jones and Yosi Seargent. Wow a collection of intellectual giants that is.

      1. That’s Yosi “Obama is my Homeboy” Seargent to you.

  32. As much as a cliche the term “banality of evil” is, I wonder if maybe Arrendt was on to something. I look at that picture. Those people look like my neighbors. They could be my neighbors. I am sure they are very nice people. I am sure their cat loves them (as much as a cat can). Yet, at the same time, if their vision of government were ever enacted, it would absolutely be evil or something really close to it.

    1. Maoism, it is what bored middle aged, middle class, reptilian cat eating alien couples dabble in when the sex life is dead.

      Viagra may be the last hope for Capitalism.

      1. There is a whopper of a hole in my theory. If this were true than why so many of us who are of the Spanish extraction who don’t need Viagra and consider it cheating by the rest of you such God damned Communist?

        Theory might not be flawed. It may have something to do with pot smoking.

        1. Maybe it’s a delayed anti-Franco reaction.

          1. Perhaps it’s time for the U.S. to get involved in the Spanish Civil War.

          2. When I get the time, I’ll have to tell the story about Franco that William F. Buckley told to me. The rest of the 800 or so people in the auditorium heard it as well, but I like to think he shared it with me, specifically, and the others by secondary contact.

            1. Well?

              1. Sometime in the early 1970’s, WFB dined in a tiny restaurant in Madrid where he enjoyed tapas and a slightly overly sweet red wine. The proprietor, an old leathery bald man, came over and asked WFB if everything was okay.

                WFB said he was enjoying his meal, so far, but could not help but notice that the business was slow with only a few diners mulling about the booths.

                The proprietor shook his head, “tourism isn’t what it used to be.”

                WFB asked him, “what do you think of Franco?”

                The old man knotted up. His eyes widened with fear, and he signed a shoosh with his index finger. He bent over WFB and whispered in his ear.

                “You want to know what I think of Franco?”

                WFB nodded.

                “Well, then, come with me.”

                WFB followed the man to the alley in the back, the man looked around nervously, and decided to take WFB even further down the road to a cobbled out growth leading to a peer on his fishing pond where there was a small boat tied down.

                He asked WFB to get in the boat. He rowed them out to the middle of the pond, and finaly satisfied that they had some semblance of privacy, the proprietor whispered,

                “I like him.”

      2. Hey now, not all cat-eating aliens are reptilian.

  33. help me…. help ME…HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. After reviewing the Mao speech, I realize what happened to the first Mr. Bigglesworth.

    1. The way she keeps testing the air with her tongue proves she wants to be one of these guys… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctIpUmJjkAs

      spend time with her teenage son? … or go into her cave to molt

  35. Good-bye to you and your crappy job!

    I’ve got a future in North Korea!!

  36. Utter BS.

    Nobody wants to spend more time with their teenage son.

  37. Perhaps she does want to spend more time with her teenage son, but what teenage son wants to spend more time with his mother?

  38. bye anita –dont let the door hit you in the ass!!

    1. It will be hard for it to miss.

  39. Unless I’m missing the actual story, the Obama administration is getting rid of these turds. That’s a good thing.

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