Ron Paul Running Mates: A Lament


Yesterday Brian Doherty blogged about the eternal recurrence of the third party. Meanwhile over at RonPaul.com, they're running a running mate poll for 2012. (The poll doesn't specify whether we are talking about a major party run or a third party run.)

The list is pretty dispiriting, simply as a catalog of prominent libertarian/libertarian-friendly/libertarian-tolerant politicos (although several on the list may not even meet those basic criteria).

For a fun bonus activity, tally up the number of truthers and/or birthers on the list in the comments section.

If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, who should be his running mate?

  • Adam Kokesh

  • Rand Paul
  • Michael Badnarik
  • John McCain
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Michele Bachmann
  • Mitt Romney
  • Alan Grayson
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Cynthia McKinney
  • Jim DeMint
  • Pat Buchanan
  • Jesse Ventura
  • Sarah Palin
  • Gary Johnson
  • Mel Watt
  • Mark Sanford
  • Glenn Beck
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Alex Jones
  • Dennis Kucinich
  • Andrew Napolitano
  • Chuck Hagel
  • Wayne Allyn Root
  • Lou Dobbs
  • Other (specify below)
  • Peter Schiff
  • Chuck Baldwin

FYI: At the moment, Andrew Napolitano and Peter Schiff are the front runners.

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  1. over “at” RonPaul.com

  2. Specify Below, for sure. Putting a black German on the ticket is a great hook.

  3. while I like the guy, please do not run again.

    1. Because we definitely need more of the same.

      1. Yeah, the same entrenched politician who has run the same campaign in two different elections– and is considering a third– is anything but “more of the same”.

        You’re creating a false dichotomy– it’s not as if the small-government folks have a choice of Ron Paul or the standard Democrat/Republican crap– there are other people who can run for President while representing small government.

        I like Ron Paul, but maybe we can get somebody a little more… palatable?

        1. Sorry, but what about Ron Paul is ‘unpalatable’?

          Plus, who else besides him is known well enought that people could trust him to represent small government?

          1. Well, most decent people find extensive ties to white nationalists, neo-Confederates, anti-government militias with terrorist sympathies, and other extremists and bigots to be unpalatable.

            1. The taint.

            2. Yeah, Ron Paul is a Klan member.

              [sarcasm switch now in “OFF” position]

            3. STFU.

            4. extensive ties to white nationalists, neo-Confederates, anti-government militias with terrorist sympathies, and other extremists and bigots*

              [Citation Needed]

              1. [insert quotes from his newsletter here]

                1. Insert them, then. Wait, you have no proof so STFU.

                2. If we were in face to face conversation I would find it hard to resist punching you in the mouth.

                  1. …, Geotpf.

                3. quotes from newsletter all know he didn’t write, but were written by a volunteer just as he doesn’t write everything posted on Campaign for Liberty web site. Name a single thing HE PERSONALLY has ever done in 21 years of public office that was racist.

                  There are none.

                  So much for ‘extensive ties to supremacists’ etc.

              2. Who are you, the f’n ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center? Give me an actual quote from HIS LIPS. Ron Paul is a christian gentleman. He doesnt have a hateful bone in his body.

            5. Like his best friend of 20 years, former Texas NAACP President, current director, Nelson Linder? Go tell Mr. Linder you think his buddy is a racist, face-to-face. Then accuse him of being a self-hating black for defending a person with “extensive ties to white nationalists” or, go die in a fire.

          2. He doesn’t believe in evolution: https://reason.com/blog/2007/12…..tion-denie

            1. that’s because he’s never seen me, brad.

            2. Yeah, he doesn’t buy global warming, er I mean climate change either. Actually, evolution is only a theory. Its true that species clearly evolve and adapt out of necessity, but apes into humans? You have put your faith into the elites of old–think about it. As a social contract, social darwinism stands in direct opposition to sovereign self government. Dr. Paul’s views are actually quite consistent. Sure, if you teach everyone in a generation that we evolved from apes, most will probably agree with you. But that doesn’t put you on the side of reason.

  4. I don’t see many truthers/birthers but I did see the term “Libertarian Socialist” which I’ll argue is far crazier than the first two groups.

  5. Oh man what I wouldn’t pay to see a Paul/Bloomberg ticket. The matter/antimatter reaction when they shook hands for the first time would wipe out the eastern seaboard.

    1. So if they shake hands, strange matter is created, and everything eventually gets corrupted and transformed into some bizarre goo? Sounds kind of cool.

      1. You’re thinking of a nanotech grey goo scenario, Ska. The only grey goo coming out of Bloomberg is…oh crap, now it’s in my head!

      2. Bloomberg is already strange matter, and everything is already corrupted, so who would notice?

      3. Actually I was thinking old-school Star Trek-style massive explosion. But really, either way.

  6. After Ron Paul’s racist newsletters, anti-immigrant nativist rhetoric, and Christian identity bluster, you still find his attraction for nutjobs dispiriting? You must be a fucking moron.

    1. You’re correct. All of his points are invalid because of who he is.

    2. I do believe I’ve just revealed the childish, anti-intellectual nature of libertarians.

      1. Oh no, they’ve become self-aware!

    3. No, Morris, you’re the fucking moron for believing all that.

    4. Kindly explain to me:

      What racist newsletters?
      What anti-immigrant “nativist” rethoric?
      What Christian identity Bluster?

      BTW, before you mention the newsletters published back in the 90s, which RP did not edit or publish, there wasn’t anything explicit or inherently racist about the articles.

      1. I found the “newsletters” of mysterious origin from ~20 fucking years ago to be completely irrelevant. However, does anyone else recall how some supported Mr. Paul, despite knowing about the newsletters, until they became “big news”, when they completely changed their minds and acted like they were against him all along? As I recall, some of these individuals were even Reason staff…

  7. John McCain?

    Come on people! Are you paying attention at all to what the man says and does??

  8. Heh heh. Thomas Sowell.

    1. Hey wait… Sowell wasn’t on the list!!! would have voted for him…

      Hell, I’d have voted him for PREZ!

  9. Eddddward. Edddddward.

  10. That list looks like a random hodge podge of any big political name out there. Rather upset that Chuck Norris wasn’t put on the list.

  11. If he were still alive, Admiral Stockdale! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I’d consider his demise to be in his favor. Plus, if he’s now compost, he’s also Green.

  12. Why is Sarah Palin on that list? I don’t have anything against her personally but she’s not libertarian friendly at all…

    1. Probably for the same reasons Huckabee, Romney and McCain or on there.

  13. Other: Walter Williams, John Stossel, John Mackey, Clarence Thomas, T.J. Rogers, Cong. Paul Ryan, Robert Poole.

    1. Walter Williams, yo. Brilliant man.

  14. No “Nick’s Leather Jacket” option. Not worth voting.

  15. How come Jeff Flake is not on that list?

  16. What? No Glen Beck?

    1. Who is Glen Beck?

    2. Actually, he is on the list–although I have no idea why it’s in that order.

      1. I read the damn list THREE times before I posted and still missed his name. Apparently I am blind physically as well as mentally.

        1. Even better: No Chuck Norris?!?

  17. I voted for Dennis Kucinich. I think they agree on enough that they could work together for 4 years, and it would solidify enough fringe people in the country so we could save tax money spent on police surveillance.

    1. And they both believe in Aliens!

  18. What makes this article interesting is that; Here we are having all these problems, that Dr. Paul has predicted, yet there are still reporters that belittle him and not try to promote the message… Very sad in my opinion!!!


    1. When the market crashed last year, during the campaign, and as things spiralled after the election, that was my frustrated observation: why is the one guy who based his candidacy on this very scenario not being asked about it, while the folks who allowed it to happen are suddenly regarded as the ones with the expertise to fix it? The MSM echo chamber operates without shame.

  19. Mel Watt? Now *that* is funny.

    How about Michelle Malkin?

  20. No Ed Thompson?

  21. Ann Coulter?

  22. over at RonPaul.com, they’re running a running mate poll

    Proving once again the utter worthlessness of internet polls.

  23. Flake would be great for a solid libertarianesque ticket, but some old conservative would probably be better for electoral reasons. Not McCain and not anyone too extreme. VP doesn’t really matter that much, so a name that evokes some sort of conservative vibe would help keep the base happy. ‘Cause Paul, you know, ain’t Republican enough. Which shows exactly what’s wrong with the GOP.

    1. I would argue that “first beyond the post” is what’s wrong with the GOP. I vote for an “Instant Runoff Voting” threadjack. Who’s with me?!! (Who let all these damn crickets in here?)

    2. Let’s see, old, conservative, and running for VP so not actually required do stuff… How about Fred Thompson?

  24. Radley Balko (possibly over Radley’s dead body, but that’s my choice.)

    1. I dont think he will be old enough (TLTG). Will he?

      1. It appears i am wrong

  25. Who writes this drivel?

    1. Anal seapage is a naturally occuring phenomena.

  26. I’d do it. I’ve got my Libertarian President Top 100 list that I can revise for a libertarian vice president. The presidency is too much hardship for my family, but I think we could manage the relative quiet of the vice presidency. Besides, it would be cool to live in an observatory with a “secret” bunker.

  27. Why are you forcing Adam Kokesh like it was the two of diamonds?

  28. Dude, it’s the three of clubs.

  29. William Ayers just for a little balance. He has already visited Osama at the white house, so he knows his way around.

  30. Is this your card? ?

  31. Are you sure they were asking for possible Ron Paul running mates? They could have just said “List some politicians” and gotten to pretty much the same thing.

  32. Dangit! Let me post one friggin’ special character without giving me error messages! Please!

    Is this your card? 3?

  33. Hey, what about Janice Rogers Brown?

  34. Also, no Kinky Friedman?

    1. Kinky Friedman is no fucking libertarian.

      He’s not remotely libertarian. People like him because he’s a 3rd party crazy Texan.

      I would encourage you to look at his platform which includes such things as universal healthcare, increased teacher spending, and funding for renewable energy–coupled with lowered taxes (somehow). He also supports BANNING toll roads.

  35. Speaking of the 3?, what about Penn Jillette? Or, perhaps even better, Teller?

  36. I second Kinky Friedman, though that may be too much Texas for one ticket.

  37. Cynthia McKinney, obviously. Just because the presidential ticket always needs a little more crazy.

    1. Why stop there? I don’t think that Lyndon LaRouche is in jail right now, but that’s always subject to change.

      1. Perry Farrell as a backup crazy choice.

      2. Hey, Jim Trafficant just got out of the pokey…

  38. Kurt Russell? With the eyepatch, of course.

    1. Call me Snake.

      1. I heard you were dead.

        1. Fuck, Snake Plissken? Hell yeah!

  39. Alex Jones… is this some kind of wild card just tossed in just for kicks..a joker to give a little more unpredictability?

    Is Alex Jones even a real human, or is he the offspring of a race of alien lizards?

    Ron should cross Alex off the list and replace him with Art Bell or David Icke. It’s not helpful venturing off into separate realities at the moment.

  40. The only way I’m voting for president in 2012 is if Gillespie runs with his leather jacket as his running mate.

    Gillespie/Leather Jacket 2012

    Make it happen Reason.

    1. The jacket has a name, Matt. Jeez. Don’t be such a bigot.

      Gillespie/Clementine 2012

      1. Seeing Gillespie wear a leather jacket at his inaugural address would make it all worth it.

  41. “Cynthia McKinney, obviously. Just because the presidential ticket always needs a little more crazy.”

    And Alex Jones doesn’t have that base covered?

  42. Has there ever been a noteworthy father-son ticket? By 2012, Rand will have been a senator longer than Obama was.

    (Assuming quite a bit, obviously.)

    1. I suspect that when Obama loses in 2012, the MSM will claim it’s not a referendum on Obama’s job performance. It will be the fault of all the rubes that fell for the Republican lies.

      1. Racism. We have to have a black r

        1. oops..

          We have to have a black president from now on or we are all racists.

    2. Also by 2012, Obama will have been President longer than Ron Paul or his son ever will be.

      1. By January 21, 2009

  43. Sour grapes. You are just jealous you aren’t on the list.

  44. Interesting list.

    Except I would want Peter Schiff as Sec of Treasury and Andrew Napolitano as AG under President Paul. I don’t recall anyone else on that list I would want as his veep.

  45. “Gillespie/Leather Jacket 2012”

    That’s change we can believe in. PETA might be upset, but who cares.

    Let them eat steak!

  46. What he needs is someone with a big name that would bring name recognition to his cause, who also is libertarian leaning at the least. Which there are none.

  47. I’d vote for Penn Jillette. Been a long time since we’ve seen any common sense in the Oval Orifice.

    1. Missed yours and repeated it below. One of us spelled his name wrong (probably me).

      Bonus: Endless showings of Hackers on cable during the campaign.

  48. What about Alan Keyes?

  49. I’m really surprised Walter Williams wasn’t on there. They would be a good match, although I doubt Rush would ever ask him back to sub again for him. I voted for Gary Johnson.

    Seeing names like McCain, Romney, Huckabee on there just made me laugh. Whoever added these names (and whoever voted for them) just has no idea of political reality and the personalities involved.

    In the Ron Paul Myspace group during the campaign, someone seriously suggested Evan Bayh as Ron’s VP. Gaaaa gaaaa gaaaa…

    Thank god relatively few voted for Alex Jones.

  50. That’s funny, I didn’t see Mike Gravel or Bob Barr on the list. Weren’t they the two fighting for the Libertarian nomination last election with Barr slightly edging out Gravel?

    And who the fuck put Mel Watt on that list? Is that a fucking joke?

    1. I put myself on.

      Screw you and H.R. 1207!

    2. Mary Ruwart would be a better choice. I was sorely disappointed she didn’t get the nomination.

      1. She’d probably run a cutout of herself photographed 20 years ago.

  51. Cynthia McKinney. Definitely. That would be fucking hysterical.

    1. About as funny as projectile diarrhea.

      Dennis Kucinich is on the list? Shouldn’t a belief in capitalism be a prerequisite on a Paul ticket?

      1. No! Kucinich would be AWESOME. He’d get the right wing libertarians AND the left wing anarchists, and maybe a good chunk of plain ole liberals! It’s about time we saw a cross-party platform.

      2. Maybe they can replace Ron Paul with Kucinich halfway through the election and run a Kucinich/McKinney ticket.

    2. As funny as Pat Buchanan/Lenora Felani?

      1. That would be even funnier. Just imagine them trying to craft a common platform. They’d probably end up sounding like Khang and Khodos.

        1. Hazel, they did run for P/VP together. Same ticket.

  52. Adam Kokesh would be a nice choice if he got elected to the House of Representatives, first (would he be old enough?) Where is Chuck Hagel these days? Jesse Ventura would be another nice match if he could put down the surf board.

  53. We should go back to the original way of electing the VP. I would like to see more open hostility among members of the executive branch.

    1. The end to dueling certainly has turned serious politics into a joke.

  54. I say we go to two consuls, who can veto each other and any bills.

    1. Alea iacta est, ProL.

      1. Hey, it wasn’t the consular system that led to authoritarian rule. The Roman checks and balances were a good thing. Unfortunately, like in our system, the constitutional limits started getting ignored, which led to disaster. Interestingly, the decline of the censor happened at about the same time people like Marius and Sulla were operating extralegally, which just goes to show that having an effective watchdog helps.

  55. Others:

    Nick Gillespie
    Pen Gillette

  56. Forget Ron Paul. Ventura/Bachman in ’12!!

  57. Nina Hartley, for great justice.

    1. I’d pull the lever for that.

    1. Yeah, I think that’s the kind of change we need to see in DC

  58. I suggest he nominate a libertarian— to balance out the ticket. We certainly wouldn’t want two social conservatives pretending to be libertarians.

    1. Alice Cooper — “A Troubled Man for Troubled Times”.

  59. This is a stupid, pointless list.

      1. Shut the fuck up, Mel Watt

  60. Doyle mentioned Alan Keyes.

    I haven’t heard much out of him since he ran for president several years ago. I remember he was articulate and intelligent…I don’t remember if his policies were libertarian friendly or not.

    1. You know that’s racist, right?

  61. Frankly,

    I think it’s time for Ron Paul to pass on the torch to someone else…as far as running for president anyway.

    Ron has too much baggage that people remember from other elections, ie the arguments over 9/11 patriotism, etc. Libertarians need a cleaner, younger, and more vibrant candidate.

    If such a candidate could be found, Alan Keyes would balance the ticket out nicely. I would keep Ron Paul around because of his experience, but probably not so much in the public eye.

    1. I would agree, James, that if you’re looking for someone to balance a young, clean, vibrant candidate, Alan Keyes is a good choice.

    2. He has no baggage, HE is not a 9/11 truther, he just thinks government should be transparent. As for Keyes he seems sincere but is very pro war, isn’t he?

    3. You have to balance out acceptability with the general population with the integrity of your message. If you don’t think Paul is a libertarian then fair enough, criticize him on that. But the fact is that a lot of libertarian ideas are not accepted by the mainstream. The libertarian viewpoint is not shared by large numbers of people on issues such as drugs, foreign policy, social policy, property rights etc. I’ll grant you that there are more photogenic candidates and candidates who have more charisma, better personality. But don’t expect those candidates to have fare any better than Paul is they are honest about what most libertarians believe. I’ll give you two examples:

      Interviewer: So you’re saying that an individual should be able to refuse somebody service because of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc?

      The fresh face of libertarianism: The owner of the property has the right to determine who he lets onto his property. We might find his motivation to be anathema, but we cannot undermine a right because we disagree with the motivation.

      Interviewer 2: If you were governor what would you do about drugs?

      Fresh faced 2: What an individual does to his body is his choice. We should punish actual acts against other individuals, but respect ones right to deal with ones body as one see fit. I would legalize all drugs.

      Next day headlines:

      Right Wing Wingnut Says that Discrimination ought to Legal!!

      Gubernatorial Candidate Wants to Surrender to the Drug Lords!!

      Anytime you argue for libertarian viewpoints (full legalization of drugs, a non-compromising view on property rights, the validity of secession*, the elimination of taxpayer funded social programs, the elimination of the American Empire) You will be called a kook, a racist, someone who hates the poor, a neo-Confederate, a reactionary, anti-American, a dhimmi, and unreasonable. Ron Paul was unfortunate in the fact that the media and the talking heads had some evidence to smear him with; whether he wrote them or not is really irrelevant. But even if someone with no such skeletons in his closet were to run and say the same things Paul did or was honest about what libertarians believe in they’d get the same accusations thrown at them. Libertarianism would still have an image problem even if all the unsavory connections were severed and there no skeletons in no closets. No amount of image consulting will change that.

      Alan Keyes on a libertarian leaning ticket? Are you kidding me?

      * Convince me otherwise if you disagree.

  62. nick gillespie? the leather jacket you can trust.

  63. nick gillespie? the leather jacket you can trust.

  64. No love for Gary Johnson?

    1. Bend him over…

  65. As several people have mentioned, Paul is the wrong person for L/libertarians to want for president, for several obvious reasons (he’s really old, his quasi-racist past, etc.).

    But it doesn’t matter, since L/libertarian policies (as taken as a whole) are not popular, and you need popularity to win an election.

    1. STFU.

  66. Ron Paul isn’t going to run as a Libertarian. He’s made that abundantly clear over the course of the past few years. He probably won’t even run as a Repbulican again due to the fact he’s getting up there in age and the guy honestly doesn’t seem like he ever wanted to be President. I think Paul will endorse Gary Johnson in the Republican primary, and I think the best VP candidate for Johnson (this is all fantasy as Johnson will never win) would be Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. And Mackey isn’t even on that stupid list.

  67. You know, there might be a real chance if Paul were to be a VP. Granted, that’s not a power position, but it would mean a libertarian in the administration.

  68. Let’s throw T.J.Rodgers hat into the mix.

  69. Currently Ron Paul has some power as a congressional representative. If Peter Schiff / Rand Paul / Adam Kokesh are elected to Congress, they would also be in positions of power. The VP spot is powerless, unless the President dies. I would not sacrifice anyone in a power position to take the innocuous VP position. The VP spot is just a public relations spot. Someone like Andrew Napolitano might be just right. But let’s not sacrifice anyone from a position in Congress for a nonsense VP spot.

  70. The Judge just interwiewed Ron and Rand on Beck’s show. I think the ticket needs to be the Judge and Rand, with Ron as treasury secretary.

  71. Man, all you freakin libertines at reason make me sick. As if Barr was a libertarian. Ron Paul, even at 100 years old is more credible than anyone else in Washington, and I will support his presidency if he so decides to run. It was you scumbags at Reason, specifically Weigel, who put a hurt on Ron Paul’s campaign with the whole racist newsletter BS. Thanks for nothing Weigel.

  72. Palin.

    Boo-yeah! This is english!

  73. How about Lindsey Graham? ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. I went to school with the man, and Adam Kokesh should not be allowed anywhere near elected office.

  75. Good Grief, Guys, just look up Kokesh + IVAW on the web, if you still want a traitor, dont think you’re saving the country and dont call it liberty when you vote for a guy who marched with Marxists!!
    Kokesh + ANSWER
    Kokesh + World Workers Party
    Kokesh + Ansbach Germany

  76. I am the one who painted that “RP 2012” sign that is with this article. It was a at tea party rally in Manchester NH. SWEET

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