We're Not Saying We Want Special Treatment, We're Just Saying That There Could Be Consequences if We Don't Get Special Treatment


Some of Chicago's aldermen are incensed that they're being subjected to humiliating security searches before entering some government buildings—as if they were just regular people. Delicious quote from Ald. Carrie Austin:

"It's not a matter of giving anybody any preference. But us that are aldermen — we are the ones who set your budget. If we're the ones setting your budget maybe we'll take an adjustment."

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  1. He must have gone to school. The old “that’s a nice lookin’ budget ya got there. Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it” way of phrasing was getting a little tired.

  2. I’m sure Carrie (“God is good all the time and all the time God is good”) Austin wouldn’t do anything to harm the folks listed in her Black Pages.

    1. It’s only racist if white people do it.

      1. Speaking of racism, yesterday, while walking home after getting off the train from downtown, a little black kid, no more than nine, walks right at me like he’s some sort of gang banger. He got within an inch or two before veering off at which point as loudly as he could, he spit. It was so funny that my reaction was to laugh just about as hard as I ever have. I suspect that’s not the reaction he was expecting.

        When I got home, I began to wonder, who is raising their kids to behave like that and why?

        1. Speaking of racism …

          I thought we were going to get an anecdote about racism, but instead you give us something about a black child who spit near you?

          Did I miss some connection? Or was the racism component the fact that you compared a 9-year-old black child to a gang banger because of the way he was walking? Or that you believe his parents intentionally raised him to behave like that?

          Not saying either of those viewpoints are necessarily racist–but that’s the only connection I could see between the topic and your non-sequitur.

          1. Are you that dense? Many, many black people are very racist towards white people.

            1. I am not that dense.

              I fail to see racism in the above anecdote. And it takes a leap as big as many criticize a Jesse Jackson for making about racism to conclude that that’s racism.

              1. So if a 9-year-old white kid walked straight toward a black adult whom he didn’t know, then veered aside at the last minute, while spitting loudly, you wouldn’t see anything racist about that?

                1. Some people are programmed to think the worst of others.

                  Me, I don’t play that… except when it comes to Norwegians. Can’t stand the bastards. Swedes, meh, they’re alright, and the Dutch are okay, but keep them fuckin’ Weegins away.

                  The above was satire for the satirically-challenged.

                2. Actually I wouldn’t. I think 9-year-olds are getting too much credit for rational thought. What exactly about the kids actions would have been different if he were purposefully intimidating The Gobbler because he was an adult? Absolutely nothing.

                  Now, if he called him a honky or a cracker and then spit, I might see some racism. Same goes if the white kid called the black adult a nigger.

                  We shouldn’t get so excited about reverse racism that we see it in places that it isn’t (or isn’t in the evidence.)

                3. Having been a white “kid” I can assure you we don’t spit. Our mom’s told us it was ill mannered.

            2. That was my point. I think it’s very sad that this kid is being raised to hate.

              1. I know. Isn’t it sad? I feel bad for kids who are brainwashed this way. They grow up to be hate-filled adults.

              2. You neglected to mention that you are white, Gobbler. (I assume you are?) It’s a critical fact in the narrative.

                1. I don’t see color. 😉

                  1. Just kidding. I’m a big Colbert fan (Go US speed skating team!)

                    In a related incident, about three weeks ago on the train home, this black youth, about 14 this time, sits down in the seat across the aisle and one row ahead of me. Seeing that I am white and in business attire, he turns around nearly 180 degrees in order to mean-mug me. It was blatantly obvious. My response was to simply say “Funny.” to him and then move to a seat up front. End of story.

                    But my point here is that there is yet another generation of black youth is being raised to hate what they perceive as “The Man”. Programming racism into young kids is a hideous thing. It puts them at a tremendous disadvantage.

                    And if someone wants to call me a racist for pointing this out, I don’t give a shit, as they are nothing more than part of the problem.

        2. who is raising their kids to behave like that and why?

          Public Schools and the reason is that it insures that teacher union bosses can get their cut.

  3. Well, in the Aldermen’s defense, I’m sure they’ve worked very hard to become better than everyone else. I’d be offended and ready to take action if my superiority were questioned as well.

    Where’s a Swine Flu outbreak when you need one?

  4. I see this and I wonder, is it THAT hard not to sound and act like a thug and douchebag. I mean I go whole days without being a total dick and it doesn’t appear to be that hard.

    1. Really? I rarely make it through a whole day, myself.

  5. Consequences, shmonsequences. Subject all of them to full body cavity searches if they want to play games.

  6. If there is a god, the swine flu would only afflict politicians and union bosses.

  7. Welcome to Obama’s Chicago.

    1. Oh yeah Obama was the guy who brought corruption to Chicago. WTF?

      1. No. He brought it to DC.

        1. Oh yeah, we all know DC was the Garden of Eden until Obama brought his Chicago sin to town and defiled everyone.

          I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Chicago did not invent corruption, they merely perfected it.

          1. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Chicago did not invent corruption, they merely perfected it and have now brought this perfected version to DC.


            1. Ok I’ll grant you that point.

  8. Animal Farm plays out in real life, again.

  9. “I’m on the People’s Business, you worm!”

    1. Didn’t Cynthia McKinney use that tactic?

  10. Didn’t the Harvey Milk tragedy demonstrate that even “insiders” can become unhinged and launch devastating attacks? If they are going to poke and probe and scan us plebes, then more so they do it to those who are free to roam behind the scenes because of who they are.

    1. I fail to see the problem.

      Sounds like the people of Chicago could use a good shooting spree between their elected officials.

  11. Weren’t San Francisco Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk shot by a fellow city official?

    1. Um, what creech said.

  12. LOL, is anyone actually surprised by this? I mean really.


  13. Chicago? Say no more. No, really, please, just stop it.

  14. I’d like to give these retarded fetuses some special treatment.

  15. As a Chicago resident, I have to admit that it’s somewhat comforting to hear an alderperson threatening to reduce a budget for a change.

    1. Well, there’s your silver lining!

      1. Although where on budget gets cut, a dozen more get increased. The net savings will be distributed to family and friends in other government jobs that would never show this sort of disrespect to such a high ranking official!

  16. What creech said is the first thing that occured to me as well. But thank you, come again! makes a good point.

  17. Really. After spending so much money on bribes and vote-buying one should be able to flaunt one’s authority once in a while.

    What’s this country coming to, when privileged public officials can’t exercise their privilege?

  18. It isn’t just Chicago. One of Detroit’s more clueless councilmembers, Martha Reeves*, bitched about not getting free super bowl tickets when it was played here.

    * Yes, that Martha Reeves.

    1. However, I do think that cunt is entitled to a free abortion.

    2. Aw man, you’ve forced me to rethink my pro-Vandella policies.

  19. Welcome to ‘the Machine’ that is Chicago.
    Oh, Da Mayor; his excellency Daley II can crow all he wants about how the city has cleaned up corruption.
    But we know the score.

    BTW i’m still waiting for Reason to bring up* our new lovely gun ordinance.
    Get caught with one (anything pretty much) and get 5 days in jail.
    Aldercritters will be excluded of course.

    *missed it if covered….

  20. Radley, what do you think of putting always-on cameras on cops?

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