Well Played, Sir.


From the office of Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.):

Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona's Sixth District, today released the following statement regarding his vote against H.Res.784, a bill "honoring the 2560th anniversary of the birth of Confucius and recognizing his invaluable contributions to philosophy and social and political thought."

"He who spends time passing trivial legislation may find himself out of time to read healthcare bill," said Flake.

Here's Flake discussing trade with Cuba at Reason HQ:

NEXT: Jack Donaghy for Libertarian Party Nominee?

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  1. Har har. Well done, sir!

  2. And if Confucious was so fucking wise, why the hell is he dead?

  3. Goddamn Flake, being all a politician and yet likeable at the same time.

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    1. Man who run behind car get exhausted.

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  7. who is the fucktard who sponsored the legislation?

    1. It’s a resolution, not legislation. Regardless, this analysis from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is noteworthy:

      Most troubling to Confucius was his perception that the political institutions of his day had completely broken down. He attributed this collapse to the fact that those who wielded power as well as those who occupied subordinate positions did so by making claim to titles for which they were not worthy.

      Heh heh.

  8. Virginity like bubble. One prick, all gone.

  9. Man with hole in pocket feel a little cocky all day.

  10. “Flake added, ‘and your lucky numbers are 4, 7, 23, and 87.'”

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  13. dang it. High on pot.

    Let’s try another one.

    Seven day honeymoon makes one whole week.

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  15. If done by Obama, not racist.

  16. Man with five dicks will have pants that fit like a glove.

  17. Men screw with dicks; women screw with minds.

  18. A penis has a hole in the end so men can be open minded.

  19. I do agree with Flake in all points he made in the video. I’ve never condoned the Cuba policy since way back when I learned what it was. Also having friends who had gone there (Navy old timers) and a doctor who trained there, I became a lot resolute in opposition to the policy. I especially like flake’s formulation of a default. Freedom as a default is exactly how it should be. I find it encouraging to hear a Congressman saying those words.

  20. Sanford/Flake is dead. How about Flake/Flake? I don’t see anything in the Constitution barring him from serving both offices. With libertarian dignity.

    There probably is something barring him from serving both offices–it’s a joke, people!

    1. what if the veep splits with the prez on policy issues in the first term and then runs an opposition in the primaries and independant in the general election which is contested so closely that the matter had to be resolved by the supreme court resulting in Flake v. Flake?

      1. That would only be FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!

    2. I’d like to see Jeff Flake and Rand Paul on the Republican ticket in 2012. I don’t care which of them is the presidential nominee.

      Peter Schiff for treasury secretary, Andrew Napolitano for Attorney General…


  21. RACIST!

  22. Flake/Johnson 2012?

  23. Would get my vote. Actually, the politically smart move, I suppose, would be for Flake to top a ticket with some conservative VP candidate to soothe the conservative base. VPs are worthless, anyway, so it’s a cheap bone to toss for votes.

  24. VPs are worthless, anyway, so it’s a cheap bone to toss for votes.

    Like Hell you say!

  25. Gosh, we’ve gotten awfully far in this thread without someone dredging up a vote by Flake that violates Sacred Libertarian Orthodoxy, thus casting him into the outer darkness forevermore.

    1. Name it. Source it. Slam it. Suck it down.

      1. oh nooooo

      2. Yes, some of the ones listed below are a bit of a head-scratcher. Why not just vote “present”?

  26. Things voted aye by Rep. Flake in the month of October:

    H.Res.797 Espressing the sense of Congress with respect to raising awareness and enhancing the state of cyber security.

    H.Res.854 Recognizing Weber State University for the 120th anniversary of its founding as an institute of higher education.

    H.Res.786 Commemorating the canonization of Father Damien de Veuster, SS.CC to sainthood.

    H.Res 650 Recognizing that country music has made a tremendous contribution to American life and culture


    1. On that same site there was this:


      Flake and Paul were two of only 6 who voted against that damn thing.

      Flake may not be a libertarian, but other than Paul, he’s as damn close as we’re likely to get in Congress for some time.

  27. He’s a Republican, Mr. Dean. By law a sinner! Cast him out!

    1. The only thing the dems can produce is Barney Frank’s flaccid and ineffectual defense of internet gambling.

      The libertarian wing of the Replication party may not be prefect but unlike the libertarian Democrats they have the advantage of actually fucking existing.

  28. Based on his Lord of the Flies vacation pics, Flake beats the hell out of Obama in the swimsuit competition. Nobody listens to the personal statement portion anyways.

  29. Pro Libertate|10.28.09 @ 5:36PM|#
    Would get my vote. Actually, the politically smart move, I suppose, would be for Flake to top a ticket with some conservative VP candidate to soothe the conservative base. VPs are worthless, anyway, so it’s a cheap bone to toss for votes.

    Flake/ Palin?

    1. I’m not cheap, and you can’t bone me or toss me.

    2. I think there are better choices than Palin, but if that would help get Flake elected, fine.

  30. Why are we recognizing Confucius anyway? His philosophy is “suck royal dick” because it is the order of heaven.. man subject to emperor, order of heaven. children subject to parents, order of heaven, wife subject to husband, order of heaven. I would have even go ahead to say that the Chinese are so beholden their communist overlords because of Confucian philosophy. Confucius’ philosophy is anti-libertarian and dare say anti-american.

    1. Why are we recognizing Confucius anyway?


      Looks to me like it’s the US Congress doing this, not me or any friends of mine.


    2. had the chinese discovered america at that time?

    3. “man subject to emperor, order of heaven”

      Yeah, it’s hard to imagine why a deliberative body with slower turnover than the House of Lords would admire that kind of thinking.

    4. Who’s “we”? Got a turd in your pocket?

  31. From Analects:

    “A worthy man considers what is just; a small man considers what is expedient

    Of course, no one in Congress could be bothered to read that, either.

  32. crazyfish – to an extent, you’re right. However, he was a big opponent of corruption among bureaucrats, something Congress is obviously unaware of.

    Mencius, his pupil, was a far stricter “law-and-heavenly-order” type.

  33. Man who fishes in other man’s well often catches crabs.

  34. + 1 million.

    God, maybe don’t kill them all. Just a limb or two from folks like Flake.

  35. Arizona is fortunate to have such good representation. Rep. Jeff Flake gives me hope.

  36. Nope, not Palin: Levi is about to kick off a new round of Trig truther banter, and the MSM will dutifully pursue.


  37. The foul language in comments at Reason.com reminds me of a lefty site. How about a filter? Or is this really a lefty site?

    1. Often as hysterical as a lefty site, but definitely not a lefty site, unless Tony and Chad are around. All the Beavis & Butthead potty mouth stuff is relatively new. Never like this back when I discovered this place (initial waves of resistance to the war in Iraq).

  38. “I do agree with Flake in all points he made in the video…”

    Please, we’re trying to have a serious conversation about Confucius.

  39. Woman who fly upside down have hairy crack up.

  40. I’ve seen homeless people rolling and chewing their tongues. They are on antipsychotics rather than being put in a mental institution. It’s possible this woman is truly, medically crazy.

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