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Sanford-Rand 2012?


there is no crying in Objectivism!

Happy (maybe) impeachment day, Gov. Sanford! Looks like South Carolina's Love Gov is trying to keep his options open for a post-politics career. This week he reviews the two new bios of Ayn Rand out this fall and does a nice job of it, though someone should tell him journalism isn't exactly a growth industry right now. Sadly, Sanford doesn't take the juicy bait in Anne Heller's Ayn Rand and the World She Made to opine about the romantic relationship between the very-married Rand and the very-married Nathaniel Branden, her "intellectual heir." Seems like this one-time Rand enthusiast and adultery enthusiast might have had some illuminating thoughts.

Still, passages like this one remind me why I once had a glimmer of hope for a Republican Party ticket that included small government stalwart Sanford:

All told, Atlas has sold more than 6 million copies since it was published just over 50 years ago.

Why? I think at a fundamental level many people recognize Rand's essential truth—government doesn't know best. Those in power in Washington—or indeed in Columbia, S.C.—often lead themselves to believe that our prosperity depends on their wisdom. It doesn't. The prosperity and opportunity we enjoy comes ultimately from the creative energies of the country's businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, and inventors. The longer it takes this country to reawaken to this reality, the worse we—and in turn, our children's standard of living—will be.

More Mark Sanford here. Lots more Rand here.

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18 responses to “Sanford-Rand 2012?

  1. Ha, great alt-text.

    1. Seconded.

  2. So, something like 12 hours or so ago, libertarian-ish former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said that he’s launching a 527 group in possible preparation for a presidential run:

    http://www.santafenewmexican.com/Local News/Group-wants-Johnson-back-on-ballot

    and Reason still hasn’t posted anything about it? You guys are getting slow.

  3. I would personally love a guy with some major personal screw-ups running. If he hadn’t used state resources, it’d just be satisfying to listen to someone enunciate that we shouldn’t be looking for some kind of paladin to lead us, but we should be looking to build a system where the often crooked people in the system can’t bend us over and give it to us dry.

    Plus he’s sort of un-blackmailable at this point.

  4. Sadly, Sanford doesn’t take the juicy bait in Anne Heller’s Ayn Rand and the World She Made to opine about the romantic relationship between the very-married Rand and the very-married Nathaniel Branden

    Why is that sad? Not enough salacious gossip in the world for you, KMW?

  5. I must say that before this whole adultery thing came out, I thought Sanford might make a good POTUS candidate.

    He denied the bailout money the Feds were trying to give to his state and when the White House started making fun of him for it, his response was “Could you just call off your media dogs for a minute, so the issue can actually be discussed?”

  6. I thought Sanford might have an outside chance at the nomination. That’s all over with now. As is my hope for a Sanford/Anson ticket. I’d be looking for a libertarian/GOPer named Anson for some time, too!

  7. Pro Lib – there’s still a slim chance for a Palin / Camparason ticket.

    1. That’s okay, but I’d prefer a Michael/Palin ticket. Or even Palin/Rider.

  8. Too bad he still thinks government knows best about what should happen in your bedroom.

  9. Still pulling for Sanford. I’d put his chances for 2012 nomination at 25%, way ahead of Palin.

    1. And it looks like I could make a mint on Intrade with that prediction.

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  11. Sanford reviewed the new Rand bios? He does realize that her romantic life was characterized by disasterous adulterous affairs, right?

    1. You publicize your ignorance, Abdul.

  12. Sanford should try and dissect the book Toonamint of Champions.

  13. “America’s most dangerous politician” appears to be gearing up for presidential run.

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