Obama Breaks Record, Invites Lady Into Foursome


Politico gossip monger Patrick Gavin notes that President Barack Obama, recently accused of Archie Bunkerism for not allowing lady staffers to slow down his basketball games, has broken a White House golf record:

President Barack Obama has only been in office for just over nine months, but he's already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.

CBS' Mark Knoller — an unofficial documentarian and statistician of all things White House-related — wrote on his Twitter feed that, "Today—Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office: 24.

Took Bush 2 yrs & 10 months."

This news comes on the heels of today's news that Obama played golf with a woman — chief domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes — for the first time since taking office.

According to ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper, the administration fought charges of sports sexism this weekend by releasing a note to pool reporters: "OBAMA WRAPS UP FIRST GOLF GAME AS PRESIDENT INCLUDING WOMAN IN FOURSOME."

It doesn't much bother me that the president spends so much time on the links, but I wonder how Capitalism: A Love Story director and Obama sycophant Michael Moore feels:

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  1. Obama needs all the time off. He’s exhausted from cleaning up all the messes Bush made.

    1. Now watch this drive!

      1. Oh boy. Golfgate!

    2. Actually he is exhausted from constantly blaming Bush for all the messes he (Obama) has made.

  2. It is too bad that there isn’t a female ringer somewhere in the Obama administration who played college basketball. It would be funny as hell to see some woman show up at his pickup game and school his dorky ass.

    1. from one of the linked FA’s

      Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius played basketball for Trinity University in Washington, D.C. The day before the all-male White House hoops game, Jay Leno asked her who might win a game of HORSE between her and the president.

      “You know I actually made my college basketball team,” she said as the crowd laughed. “I’m not sure he did so you know, bring it on.”

  3. I vote for the president that doesn’t play golf.

    1. Good luck finding one.

  4. I’ll bet you a hundred bucks you slice it into the woods.

    1. Gambling is illegal. And I never slice…DAMN!

  5. I promise we will not rest until we’ve run up record deficits, started a war with Iran, and destroyed the American health care system . . . Now watch this drive.

    1. +1 for transparency and honesty we can believe in!

  6. What does Michael Moore feel? Michael Moore feels jilted that he wasn’t invited along. Nothing more.

    1. Fatty. . .don’t. . .golf!

  7. I am dum. I don’t get this:

    “Today – Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office: 24.

    Took Bush 2 yrs & 10 months.”

    So, in what sense did he “tie” Bush? Bush was in office for eight years — did he stop playing golf after 2 years and 10 months?

    1. “So, in what sense did he “tie” Bush? Bush was in office for eight years — did he stop playing golf after 2 years and 10 months?”

      Glad you asked this. The answer is yes. He completely stopped playing the game because he felt if our soldiers were dying in battle while he was playing golf, then the media would have a field day. He thought the media’s field day would be disrespectful of those soldiers who were risking and losing their lives.

      1. In a non-threaded contest, John beat me to the punch.

      2. [Bush] completely stopped playing the game because he felt if our soldiers were dying in battle while he was playing golf, then the media would have a field day.

        Then Olbermann Had his own little media field day over Bush’s decision to stop playing golf.

    2. It just means it took Bush almost 3 years to play 24 rounds of golf whereas Obama played 24 rounds in 9 months.

      Because he’s fleet-footed.

  8. Reason Magazine (MOAR LIEK FAGAZINE AMIRITE?), where the important questions are asked. With boldness!

    1. Drink.

  9. “…Invites Lady Into Foursome”

    love the headline

    1. I have seen some awesome porn on this topic. “Three Holes, No Waiting” comes to mind.

      1. I’ve got some hard core foursome porn with three guys occupying one parking space…in case anyone was wondering.

  10. “Hey everybody! We’re all gonna get laid!”

  11. “So, in what sense did he “tie” Bush? Bush was in office for eight years — did he stop playing golf after 2 years and 10 months?”

    Yes he did. He stopped playing golf in 2003 because he thought doing so was disrepectful to the families of those killed in Iraq.

    1. Ahh, yes, that kind of rings a bell now.


    2. Nice to see the Dem President filled with the same sense of decorum and propriety to cease playing golf while soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan.

      Boy, all that work to try and augment the scope of government to an unprecedented degree; yeah he deserves all that time on the links.


    3. But that didn’t stop Bush for vacationing at the Ranch. I wonder how they stack up, vacation day to vacation day in their first year.

      This seems like a gottcha politics. Since Bush gave it up for the troops and Obama didn’t. It’s not as if Bush gave up vacationing.

      John, would you rather have Obama in the Whitehouse doing work?

      Obama can play golf for the next 3 years as far as I’m concerned.

      1. First, no President ever escapes the job. They can go to the “ranch” or wherever and their entourage and communications set up follow them. So, you can’t count trips to Camp David or anywhere else as real vacation. It is a seven day a week job.

        Second, like everything there is a time and a place for it. I don’t care that he plays golf sometimes. He has to get away sometime. But the running to New York and Chicago for “dates” on the taxpayer dime is a bit irksome.

        More importantly, the jackass media spent 8 years playing gotcha with Bush everytime he played golf or did anything. So, it is only fair that people point out the hypocrisy of the fawning media coverage Obama gets and how the media ignores him strutting around the world.

        1. The media was fellating Bush (and portraying anti-war people as dangerous idiots) until at least 2004, and didn’t really turn on him til 2005. Let’s not rewrite history to portray Bush as a victim of the big bad media.

          1. Keep deluding yourself.

          2. I scratch my head every time I read such bullshit. The right in this country may have been portraying the anti-war crowd as such, but the media sure as fuck didn’t. The whole “the media didn’t question Bush enough about the war” meme is so much fantastical bullshit, I can’t believe people still try to peddle it. Yeah, the media that hated Bush from day one was fellating him over going to war in Iraq. Yeah, sure they were.

      2. “This seems like a gottcha politics. ”

        It was an attempt by Bush to avoid gotcha politics. He was afraid that the media would run stories juxtaposing him playing golf with the casualties.

        Instead, as you note, they ran stories about the ranch. Perhaps “President clears brush while our soldiers die” doesn’t sound quite as bad as “President plays golf while our soldiers die.”

  12. That’s no lady! That’s a domestic policy adviser!

    And I love the notion that the woman invited into the foursome is a “domestic policy adviser.” I bet Eliot Spitzer wishes he’d thought of that one.


      1. Yeah, I was domesticating his policy real hard today, baby!

    2. Comfort Undersecretary?

  13. In a related story, President Obama keeps a copy of My Pet Goat on hand in case there is another terrorist attack.

    1. That’s “The Pet Goat” actually, and no he doesn’t keep a copy. His favorite literature for such occasions is the latest issue of Playgoat magazine.

  14. So, in what sense did he “tie” Bush?

    He’s a giant douche. That’s how.

  15. I thought he was a turd sandwich, sage. But I guess, six of one, half dozen of the other.

    1. Actually, he’s both. He’s a colace enema, best of both worlds.

      Cue Sandi.

    2. I am seriously thinking that next year during election season I’m gonna make a sandwich board that says “vote for turd sandwich” and stand at a busy intersection in Silverdale for a few hours. I’ll bet I get a shitload (no pun) of thumbs-ups.

      1. Comparing a brown man to a piece of shit is racist.

        1. No, it’s turdist.

          Honestly, who would insult a turd by comparing it to Obama?

  16. Would you rather be in a foursome with Obama or living in Gaza?

    1. Depends on who the two girls were.

      1. Oh, did I imply there would be girls? My bad, sorry.

        1. No, that’s not bad in NutraSweet’s opinion. No need to apologize.

          1. I would prefer three girls, preferable dressed by the costuming department of Mad Men.

    2. I don’t know. Would I get to watch that program with the giant bee instructing kids how to kill the Jews?

  17. You know McCain would be playing just as much golf.

    Oh, wait…

    1. My husband may not be able to raise his arms to me, but he can do doggy style and I love the reverse cowgirl!!!!!

      Silver Lining in every cloud!! Yee-Haw!!!

      And I am very proud of my country!

      1. Okay…gonna vom.

  18. So, Obama is the first president to ever golf with a woman?

    I bet he would have taken a Jew first, but the country club wouldn’t admit one.

    1. He probably took Rahm. He was a ballerina, ya know.

      1. Rahm shits himself every 20 minutes or so. The golf course would be a no-go for poor Rahm.

        Unless… he had some sort of fancy golf bag… hmm…

    2. I hear this place is restricted, Wang, so don’t tell ’em you’re Jewish, okay?

  19. An American business man was making a big deal with a Japanese firm. The night before their meeting, he decided to get himself into the culture and hooked up with a Japanese call girl. During their intercourse, she repeatedly yelled “DING WA!” He thought, cool, that must mean “great” or “awesome.” He decided he would use that at their meeting the next day.

    Before their meeting, they all decided to break the ice with a friendly round of golf. One of the Japanese men made a putt from the edge of the green that sunk right in. The American businessman said “DING WA!” The Japanese businessman looked at him and said “what do you mean, ‘wrong hole’?”

    1. If I had a nickel every time I heard that phrase…

  20. Fatty. . .don’t. . .golf!

    “I love the smell of cut grass in the morning. It smells like… stimulus.”

  21. Someday, this golf match is gonna end. . . .

  22. Those dingy broads can play basketball when they learn how to box out.

  23. Do you think Obama and the other guys yelled “Don’t be a woman!” when she teed off from the red tees?

  24. I am absolutely ok with *any* member of the government spending time on the links instead of doing “their job”. Get out there more often Mr President. The country *can* actually run itself without governmental interference.

    1. Hell, I’d contribute money out of my own pocket to try and get him a membership at Congressional or Augusta National if he would resign from office now.

  25. That’s a good question. How much golfing would rise to the level of an impeachable offense? Or could a president just spend four years goofing off? If so, I may have changed my mind about wanting to be president.

  26. Or could a president just spend four years goofing off?

    See, e.g., Clinton’s second term.

    1. Goofing off?

      Is that a code phrase for getting laid?

      1. Whoa, dude, he did. . .not. . .have. . .sex. . .with. . .that. . .woman!

  27. Dude, Bush was operating from the Batcave, located underneath his ranch.

    Which, by the way, is where bin Laden is being held.

  28. I thought Bin Laden was working in an office building in Philadelphia? The perfect cover . . .

  29. Seconding Todd @ 3:17 PM

    Would you prefer that the President be golfing or “doing something about the economy?”

  30. Aresen,

    Sadly, he’s doing both.

  31. Naga Sadow|10.26.09 @ 4:06PM|#
    I thought Bin Laden was working in an office building in Philadelphia? The perfect cover . . .

    No he’s hiding in the ruins of a deserted city on the northern border.

    That’s right. He’s in Detroit.

    1. I hope you’re here all week.

  32. At least when golfing he’s driving his balls at something other than my ass.

  33. I think they’re all idiots…but to be honest, Bush spent about three out of his eight years going on extended vacations. That’s wildly different than taking time out for golf.

    1. See R.C.’s post below.

  34. I could give a rat’s ass about how much time these jerks spend “on the job.” My problem with government is that it does too much–insanely too much–not too little.

  35. Could not give. Dangit.

    1. It works either way.

  36. Missing the point, Jamie. Bush golfing was a sign of his elitist pretensions, his disconnect from the Working Class, his whole born on third base with a silver spoon in his mouth schtick.

    Obama golfing much more frequently is simply . . . a non-story.

    Personally, I find the Obamas I’ve-got-mine, the White-House-is-my-personal-piggy-bank thing to be much more annoying. Date nights in other cities, courtesy of the Secret Service and Air Force One? A doggy birthday for their mutt, complete with a veal birthday cake? WTF?

  37. Never has a president acted more amazed that he was in the White House than Obama. President Johnson–either one–was better prepared.

  38. I was always amused when I heard the ‘OMG, Bush is going on vaction again complaints” as thoug there was some gubmintin’ machine in the White House whose levers wer not getting pulled or buttons pushed.

    How is going to a “ranch” with your whole entourage with every communication device known to man at your fingertips slacking off.

    And I agree with the whole “I’d rather they’d do less”, frankly I think the world would be mightily improved if every public servant were to disappear in Argentina on a regular basis.

  39. Actually, I meant to say in my second para:

    “How is going to a “ranch” with your whole entourage with every communication device known to man at your fingertips any different from flying across the country to give the commencement address at some Sheepshit Tech in the heartland.”

  40. Obama sycophant Michael Moore

    Are we sure Moore is an Obama sycophant anymore? what with all the bail outs and billions to bankers?

  41. I’ve never heard of a black person playing golf before. I guess Obama is making history again!

    1. I’ve never heard of a black person playing golf before.

      I gather you’ve been in a coma for several years.

      1. Oh, shit!

        Just got the pun in the name.

        “Panther Irons”, indeed. hmmpf.

  42. Butt it’s ok when Obama rapes Michael Moore up the ass because he liked it!

    1. Ugh. Now there’s an image that’s going to be hard to get out of my mind. Thanks a lot, faggot!

      1. “Give it to me!”


        “Give it to me!”


        “Now that’s what I call celebrating!”

  43. Out golfing? One might think Obama was lazy or something.

  44. If it’s a Moynihan post, it’s an Obamahate post. ad hominem (and any number of other logical fallacies) all the way!

  45. See Obama is better than Bush in every way.

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