A Day in the Park


City officials in Kensington, Maryland, have banned children older than five from Reinhardt Park from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The move is aimed at blocking students at a nearby private school from using the park during recess.

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  1. Zog forbid anyone should actually play in a park.

    1. “Zog forbid” so does Reason now facilitate crypto-racist discourse?

  2. I am wondering what feat of magic turns people who pay taxes into people who don’t when their children attend private school. In fact, they are a net gain for the community, as they are paying for public schools their kids are not using.

  3. If some tax payer takes their 6 YO kid to the park during the banned hours will they be asked to leave?

    1. No.

      They will be tazed, thrown to the ground, their dog will be shot and their kid will be taken from them by the “Family Protection Agency” (or whatever the local busybodies are called.)

      1. Kensington: 15 miles (as the google flies) from Berwyn Park.

      2. Kensington: 15 miles (as the google flies) from Berwyn Park.

  4. And how are 6 year old students from a private school a threat to public safety?

  5. Why the hell is there a UN ad on top of Reason Magazine?

  6. Because they show that there are people for him vouchers might be effective. Very dangerous to let on that private school kids are just kids, not evil destroyers of the indoctrination system.

  7. If you’re going to opt out of the system, you have to opt out of the WHOLE system. Oh, and we still keep your taxes!

  8. Please tell me there is some mitigating circumstance to this ruling, like an 8 lane freeway between the private school and the park with no means of crossing….

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