Reason Morning Links: Obama Slams Wall Street, Runoff in Afghanistan, Supremes To Hear Uighur Case


Obama takes aim at banks, insurance companies in New York City speech.

• Congressional report says nation unprepared for bioterror attacks.

• Karzai rival agrees to runoff election in Afghanistan.

U.S. Supreme Court to hear case of Uighurs wrongly detained in Guantanamo.

Rio hit with violence after winning Olympic bid.

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  1. LOL, Words are CHEAP Obama. When areyou going to stop giving stupid speeches and actually start DOING something about it?


  2. Talk is CHEAP Obama, when are you going to stop giving speeches and start actually DOING something about it??

  3. That’s just one more great reason for the Olympics to go to Rio. The violence there can be solved by liberalization of drug laws in plenty of time for 2016.

  4. ? Obama takes aim at banks, insurance companies in New York City speech.

    How many groups does this idiot think he can alienate and still get reelected?

    1. I think he knows he’s a one term president.

    2. All of them.

    3. alienate? come on, it’s all “wink, wink”, he’s just posing for the masses, the banks & insurance companies know he’ll take care of them. All part of the game

    4. Don’t worry about it Grandpa, we’ll find some voters to make up the difference.

    5. That’s not alienation. It’s a shakedown.

    6. First Big Pharma disables the alarm, then the insurance companies shoot Big Pharma. Big Insurance cracks the safe, then doctors shoot Big Insurance. I think the unions are driving the bus.

  5. Am I the only shocked that the Rio “police” in the picture look a lot more like special forces soldiers than cops? When your police look and act like soldiers, you shouldn’t be surprised that your cities turn into war zones.

    1. Are you new here? Ever read Mr. Balko’s posts? 🙂

      1. It does say CaptianSmartass.

  6. You are not prepared!

  7. Sure. Blame It On Rio.

    1. Rio hit with violence after winning Olympic bid.

      I am blaming it on unemployed union enforcers from Chicago. Obama is exporting more jobs.

      1. Sounds more like a CIA job to me.

    2. I’m going to let than one slide, bb, but just watch it.

  8. the financial industry [is] resisting changes because they were “doing just fine under the status quo,”

    Yeah, when the status quo is “you fuck up, you get the taxpayers’ money to fix the fuck up” a retarded monkey would be doing just fine.

  9. Insurers and the financial industry are resisting changes because they were “doing just fine under the status quo,” the president told donors

    With all due respect, didn’t the Obama administration create the “status quo”?

    1. No, Clinton and Bush created the “status quo”, Obama just hasn’t done anything to change it.

  10. Obama “slammed” Big Finance at a fundraiser where he was pocketing max donations from Big Finance. You do the math. You can be sure he will.

  11. $30,000 for a pair of tickets, a dinner, and an autographed picture.

    Yeah, that’s some hope and change right there.

    1. Well, it certainly isn’t speech, so democracy can sleep safely for another night or two.

    2. Ahhh. Demogocracy at work. Or an insider free market?

    3. Just so we are clear is libertarianism currently against large political donations now? Or only against Obama taking them?

      1. II think we should be like the People’s Front of Judea and hide when CT shows up to upbraid us for not showing the proper reverence for the Obama.

  12. Your Daily Pelosi, starring Nancy Pelosi.

    By the way, she lost that finger in a community theater production of Sharky’s Machine. Prop guy was drunk.

    1. My God. Who dresses her? That outfit calls for a pearl necklace.

    2. I don’t see what the problem is with a robust public health plan offered by the political class.

      The car salesman said I needed a more robust car than I originally thought. Even though it was 3 times the price of the car I picked out, had metallic puce paint, got half the gas mileage and was known for spontaneous acceleration and sporadic fires, I went with his opinion. I thought the inward facing spikes on the steering wheel made it look all the more butch.

      After all, who would know better about which car I should have than someone who sells cars for a living?

  13. They accused the industry of lobbying to weaken the regulatory plan after taxpayer bailouts helped them restore profits and executive bonuses.

    I see we have what is commonly known as shakedown: “We stole that money to prop your failing asses up, the least you could do is ‘give’ us our cut. You know what they say about biting the hand that feeds you!”

  14. Congressional report says nation unprepared for bioterror attacks.

    Yeah man, I know it. I’m staying in this hotel right now and you should see this 800 lb guy that they call the chef. THAT is bioterror.

  15. I really was not prepared for it.

  16. Speaking of Afghanistan, even Secretary of Defense Gates is publicly going on record now saying that it’s time for Obama to make a decision one way or another on the war; no more dilly-dallying.

    1. I think dilly-dallying is usually a bad thing. But if you strategy depends the political climate, I can see why Obama would want to wait until Afghanistan settles it’s election issue.

      Having said that, it’s still not a good idea to dilly-dally around, and Obama does need to make a decision as quickly as he can.

  17. That outfit calls for a pearl necklace.


    1. “You completely misunderstood that story!”

      1. Obviously you missed the point of that story, Brian.

  18. ? Obama takes aim at banks, insurance companies in New York City speech.

    Was this before or after he wired them $100 billion dollars?

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