The Weak Case for Public Sector Unions


Via Instapundit comes this Mickey Kaus take on public-sector unions:

The justification for public sector unionism is way weaker than that for private sector unionism. "[Government] workers are not extracting a share of the profits but rather a share of taxes," as former N.Y. Liberal Party leader Alex Rose puts it. And the right to strike, in the hands of key public unions, approaches a blackmail power. But the political strength of the unions is such that even most Republicans, at the state and local level, are scared to question them. They gelded Arnold Schwarzenegger. You want to be next?

Read the whole thing, which looks at how public-sector union members are pulling away from average workers in terms of compensation.

Watch "Hasta La Vista, Arnold: What California's budget mess means for America" for details on how unions have bankrupted the Golden State.