Reason Morning Links: Baucus Bill Faces Committee Vote, More Troops in Afghanistan, Fighting With Fox


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  1. You guys missed the big story, the continued tanking of the dollar. Trillions of dollars in wealth is being lost in purchasing power and all the Obamasiah can do is attack Fox News. I am starting to think we are doomed.…..0.html?x=0

    1. Starting? Where the hell have YOU been?

      1. You guys may be doomed. I have been storing away granola bars and rainwater ever since the two parties decided their nominees last year to hold me down for a decade.

        BTW, Snowe is going to vote for the Baucus bill. DOOM!

    2. Let me say this as plainly as possible: Obama is the Democratic party version of Richard Nixon.

      Never before in my memory has the public persona of the man in the White House been so at odds with the reality of the actual man.

  2. 13000 troop deployment…Nobel Peace Prize

    Honky says wha?

    1. It’s OK — they’re only *support* troops.

      1. So we can call this operation sports bra?

        1. Did you know: that while the Marine Corps is built upon travelling fast and light in “expeditionary” fashion, the Army’s doctrine stresses strong logistical support?

          The More You Know

          1. Uh it’s invasion v. occupy. There’s a reason Marines are generally younger and fewer in total number when compared to the army. They are the spear head(invasion force) the army is the shaft. (or you get the shaft [there’s a don’t ask don’t tell joke in there])

            I thought that was a generally understood idea.

  3. Stock up on Everclear. It’s the perfect bartering medium.

    1. Canned goods and ammunition.

      I may add hard liquor to the list as well.

      1. Beer will last a little while.

  4. Fire proponent, disinfectant and buzz all in one!

  5. Fire proponent, disinfectant and buzz all in one!

    Plus, you can use it to fuel your vehicle when the guzzoleen runs out!

    1. And nothing cleans bongs or pipes better.

  6. Wow. An idea I might actually use. Thanks, Attorney.

    1. Beer is another good one. Get yourself a home brew kit, a ton of bottles and brew making kits. Beer can be bartered for anything. When you will need a wheel barrell full of cash to fill your car up, a six pack will make a nice substitute.

  7. Anybody have a good recipe for making sour mashs?

  8. Home brew? Come the apocalypse, I don’t want to have to work that hard (much less wait weeks for fermentation).

    And using bottles of beer for trade would be like shopping with nickels.

    1. Really? So you think the budweiser truck is going to keep showing up through the apocolypse? Where exactly do you think people are going to get beer? Further, if the water supplies are bad, alchohol will be the only reliable safe source of water.

  9. I suggest barrels of light bulbs.

  10. Antibiotics, opiates and condoms. Loot the pharmacy phirst.

    1. Just watch out for the raiders and molerats.

      1. I have a Tesla Cannon. Nobody fucks with me.

        1. That band is so overrated. You can’t scare me with that noise.

          1. I will Taser you like a 72-year-old woman.

            Please test me on this.


            1. Wait, taser him like he’s a 72-year-old-woman, or like you’re a 72-year-old-woman?

              1. Both, if you ask nicely.

    2. Goig to need the later for the potential sex slaves that wonder into the outer parameter of the compound. God knows what diseases hungry people may be carrying along with them.

  11. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson gets in touch with his inner jingo.

    More sports bar politicaql pundrity. Go, Team Blue, Go!

    1. Some of Obama’s most strident critics, however, just can’t give it a rest. They use words like “farce” and “travesty,” as if there were always universal agreement on the worthiness of the Nobel peace laureate. Does anyone remember the controversy over Henry Kissinger or Yasser Arafat or F.W. de Klerk?

      Let me get this straight…Eugene Robinson is using Kissinger and Arafat to defend Obama’s Nobel Prize?

      1. Believe it or not, I heard someone defend him based on the fact that unsavory people have been NOMINATED in the past… “Oh, you know, Hitler was nominated, so it only stands to reason that Obama would win.”

        Which would be just as ludicrous even if it weren’t the case that the Nobel committee has no control over nominations.

  12. Eugene Robinson: “The Nobel Peace Prize, irrespective of the idiosyncratic process that selects its winner, is universally recognized as a stamp of the world’s approval.”

    President Obama: You like me! You really like me!

  13. Senate Finance Committee to vote on Baucus health care bill today.

    Meanwhile, here in Michigan –
    Is it fair to balance budget with special doctor tax?
    Democrats push new bill to make physicians pay 3%

    When Michigan House Democrats shook the tax tree last week, a 3% tax on the gross receipts of the state’s approximately 28,000 physicians dropped. Nothing on other professions. [italics added]

    We tax that which we wish to discourage.

    1. Wow, how progressive.

    2. Which doctors are the special ones?

  14. J sub D,

    Only Jennifer Granholm could be dumb enough to think that taxing doctors is the way to balance a budget. That woman is dangerously stupid.

    1. Either that, or it’s further proof that a Harvard Law degree is not necessarilly a guarantee of good policy making.

      1. A Harvard Education in One Lesson

        The answer to every question:

        It’s just so simplistic to say that!

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  16. According to CBO, a family of four making $54,000 would pay $4,800 for health insurance. The rest of the premium would come from government subsidies. If the family’s income rises to $66,000, the subsidy falls, and the cost of health insurance rises to $7,600. In other words, earning an additional $12,000 requires the family to pay an additional $2,800. The implicit marginal tax rate is $2,800/$12,000, or 23 percent.

    Similarly, a single person earning $26,500 would pay $2,300 for health insurance, but if his income rises to $32,400, his premium rises to $3,700. This yields an implicit marginal rate rate of 24 percent.

    You get somewhat different numbers at other income levels. Typically, however, the implicit marginal tax rates are around 20 percent. Those figures for marginal tax rates are, of course, added on top of those already imposed by existing income and payroll taxes.…..eform.html

  17. Don’t forget to stock up on unfiltered Pall Malls.

  18. Why, oh why, do conservatives hate America so?

    Dear Stupid-

    “Barack Obama” not same as “America”.

    Make a note of that.

  19. If Obama doesn’t think Afgahnistan is worth it, he should pull out. If he does think Afgahnistan is worth it, he sould give the military as many troops as they need. There is a reason police call for back up. Situations are much safer when the guys in uniform have overwhelming numbers.

    1. It wouldn’t matter if we sent every adult in the U.S.(including illegals)to shitholistan. As long as we don’t know whether to whoop their ass or hold their hand they are going to continue using us like a prisoner with a titty tattoo on his back.

    2. Situations are much safer when the guys in uniform have overwhelming numbers.

      Safer for whom? Seems like when the guys in uniform have overwhelming numbers, lots of innocent people end up dead.

  20. “Barack Obama” not same as “America”.

    To be fair, I hate everybody to varying degrees. So in the aggregate, yeah, I hate America. But I’m not a conservative, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

  21. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson gets in touch with his inner jingo.

    Eugene Robinson wakes up every morning with this nagging thought

    “Because I’m just not quite the douche I hope to live up to be, I’ll crack my knuckles and get to work on rubbing out another column”

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