Rep. Jeff Flake Goes on Island Vacation, Catches Crabs


flake beefcake

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), one of the most market-friendly members of Congress, decided to spend his vacation alone on a tropical island for a week "sandwiched between town halls and constituent meetings." Cue "no man is an island" libertarian humor.

By day two, he's gone Piggy, lighting a fire with magnifying lens. By day three he's writing numbers on the shells of hermit crabs with a Sharpie, just for fun. Also, reading about occasions when the phrase blood in the water is a literal concern—and not just trash talk at a meeting with a pale dudes in suits—makes you appreciate civilization a lot.

Would have been better if Flake had played this low-key, I think, rather than handing off his vacation snaps for a Washington Post slideshow. On the other hand, then we would have been deprived of what may be the only instance of libertarian survivalist beefcake known to man.

Go ahead commenters, prove me wrong on that last point.