Michael Moore Will Only Keep Making Movies If There's a Revolution


Mother Jones' David Corn explains how to end Michael Moore's career as a filmmaker:

After a screening in Washington on Tuesday night, Moore told the audience that if people don't rise up and take action after watching this film, that's it-he's done making movies. I can do other things, he remarked. He said this without a smile-which made it seem he wasn't kidding. But what action? Make citizen's arrests of the heads of Citigroup and AIG, as Moore attempts to do in the film? Boycott airlines that pay their pilots diddly? Become squatters in foreclosed McMansions? In response to a question from the audience, Moore did explain that campaign finance reform must be the number one priority. "You have to get the money out of politics," he said. "There is no way for us to compete with Wall Street." He also chastised the White House for endorsing a public option health plan instead of a single-payer insurance program, exclaiming, "you don't start with your compromise." Yet he urged progressives to push Obama, not pile on.

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A couple of weeks ago, Reason contributor Sean Higgins gave a preview of Moore's latest flick, Capitalism: A Love Story. Read all about it here.