What dire Offense from global Warming springs


Good news for American poetry: Rhymes are back. Witness this evacuation of heroic couplets in condemnation of human progress by Bluegrass State man of letters Wendell Berry in El Neoyorquino.

You won't stay for the couplets (the schmendrick rhymes wonder with hunger). But you may be intrigued by what appears to be an assault on the recently deceased Norman Borlaug (under color of a familiar lamentation about fast food and pharmaceuticals), complete with post-Miltonic capitalization of Supreme Ideals:

Burning the world to live in it is wrong,
As wrong as to make war to get along
And be at peace, to falsify the land
By sciences of greed, or by demand
For food that's fast or cheap to falsify
The body's health and pleasure-don't ask why.
But why not play it cool? Why not survive
By Nature's laws that still keep us alive?

I had hoped Berry (who indicates he got help with the poem from one "Wes Jackson") would commit to the genre and include a shoutout to Phoebus Apollo in italics, or even Gaia. He didn't. Points off.

I've reported. You decide if you want to read the whole thing.