Enter Contest to Become the Washington Post's Next Columnist!


Nope, not a hoax.

Are you good enough to share a locker room with this guy?

You've got an opinion, but do you have what it takes to be heard?

Here's your chance to put your opinions to the test -- and win the opportunity to write a weekly column and a launching pad for your opinionating career!

Start making your case.

Use the entry form to send us a short opinion essay (400 words or less) pegged to a topic in the news and an additional paragraph (100 words or less) on yourself and why you should win. Entries will be judged on the basis of style, intelligence and freshness of argument, but not on whether Post editors agree or disagree with your point of view.

If this contest isn't packed to the gills with Hit & Run commenters, my faith in humanity will suffer.

Link via Michael Calderone's Twitter feed.