Five Percent of New Jerseyans Who Voted For Obama Think He's The Anti-Christ!


Public Policy Polling recently surveyed New Jersey voters and came away with some startling results:

We've been uncovering a remarkable level of anger toward Barack Obama in a lot of our recent polling so for New Jersey we decided to go a step further in determining how extreme some people's feelings are about the President and asked respondents if they think he is the Anti-Christ.

8% said yes. 13% aren't sure. Among Republicans 14% said yes and 15% weren't sure….

The extremism in New Jersey isn't limited to the right though. 19% of voters in the state, including 32% of Democrats, think that George W. Bush had prior knowledge of 9/11.

Beyond that 21% of respondents, including 33% of Republicans, express the belief that Obama was not born in the United States.

To my mind, the most interesting result was buried in the cross tabulations of the survey. It showed that 5 percent of people who voted for Obama believe he's the anti-christ (another 5 percent of Obama voters "weren't sure"; just 90 percent answered no, a remarkably low figure given the question); go to page 6 here for details.

It might be because I'm from New Jersey (the greatest state in the Union), but I think the sort of exercise above tells you more about the limits of public polls than the mentality of the Garden State. I know that if I had ever been given the chance to suggest that an elected politician was the anti-christ, especially in an automated phone poll, I'd have taken it.

Hat Tip: Iain Murray at The Corner.