Introducing Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, Edited by Mike Flynn


Andrew Breitbart, late of The Drudge Report, and proprietor of Big Hollywood and Breitbart.tv, has launched a fun, exciting, and depressing site called Big Government. Edited for former Reason Foundation government affairs guru Mike Flynn, the site will take a long look at the machinations of the beast that will not die. From Flynn's opening post:

The mainstream media and politicos from both parties were caught flat-footed by the push-back from average citizens [after TARP, the stimulus, and other big-ticket items over the past year]. Each news-cycle brought a new theory for the protests: "astroturf," angry "mobs," distortions and misinformation, kooks and conspiracy nuts, and, inevitably (and perhaps most offensively) racism (MSNBC amazingly even cut the head off a black man holding a gun to make the point that white racist extremism was behind the entirety the protests).  The elites have convinced themselves that, once Congress is safely cocooned on Capitol Hill, and engaged in some Kennedy-esque legislating-a tweak here, a nip-and-tuck there-ObamaCare will be back on track and the Administration can continue its march to reshape America.

The elites are whistling past the graveyard. The ground has shifted. It could just be that deficits above 10% of GDP are the new $4 a gallon gas, i.e. the tipping point that awakens the silent majority and recalibrates political dynamics. Americans are setting aside parochial self-interest and reaching to reclaim the legacy of the Founders.

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The site, which will feature contributions from various staffers at Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this website, already has scored its first coup: A video sting in which members of the Baltimore office of ACORN give advice to a faux-prostitute and pimp on how to work the system to get a housing loan for a brothel. Seriously.