Celebrate Philadelphia Freedom! Happy Hour with Reason, FIRE, and SFL at Smokin' Betty's on Friday, August 28 at 5 P.M.!


On Friday, August 28, please join the staff of Reason magazine for an extra special happy hour in the City of Brotherly Love, co-hosted by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and Students for Liberty. Among the reasons to celebrate:

American independence! Cheesesteaks! Elton John!

The release of the August/September double-issue of Reason, featuring an indictment of the illegal, illiberal, and ill-fated bailout of General Motors and Chrysler.

The publication of Peter Bagge's new book, Everybody is Stupid Except for Me And Other Astute Observations (order it today!), a collection of political reporting for Reason Magazine spanning nearly a decade, brought out by Fantagraphics.

We'll be gathering at Smokin' Betty's at 116 S 11th street, between Chestnut and Sansom, starting at 5 pm. Free appetizers, copies of our August/September issue, and Reason swag will abound while supplies last, so come early and stay late!

If you would like to be added to our Evite list for other Eastern Seaboard-based events, please send an email to events@reason.com.

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