You Know All Those Stories About The Apocalypse Being Nigh? Well, Now That Tom DeLay Is Going To Be On Dancing With The Stars, I Believe Them.


More signs that we all died and entered a Philip K. Dick novel about 30 years ago:

Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will be among the cast of 16 celebrities in this season's "Dancing with the Stars" reality television show, the network behind the program said on Monday.

DeLay, a Republican who earned the nickname "The Hammer" for keeping lawmakers in line, served as House Majority Leader from 2003 to 2005.

He is not the first former politician cast in the show, as TV personality and former mayor of Cincinnati Jerry Springer appeared on a past season of "Dancing."

This is, needless to say, the wrong sort of Hammer Time.

Bonus Question: What surreality show will Newt Gingrich end up on?

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