Soon, All Blogs Will Be Guest-Blogged


I'm helping mind the store blog over at Andrew Sullivan's place this week. I'll be cross-posting frequently, but for now, you can head over to read my takes on Obama's clever public-plan political play, Roger Ebert's cultural declinist streak, and why, like Jacob Sullum, I also support federalism in drug policy. 

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  1. In the interest of safety, don’t touch Sullivan’s mouse.

  2. Andy will be disapointed in you Peter. Not one post on Palin’s OBGYN records. It is almost as if you think his blog is for reasoned discussion as opposed to paranoid ranting.

  3. Why would you demean yourself by being associated with Sullivan’s blog? You’re a young man, don’t do it, son.

  4. Do NOT sit in Sully’s chair. It has a “special feature” that he uses in his blogging.

    P.S. Here’s Andrew Sullivan lying, misleading and smearing. The Times still has not approved my comment pointing that out, nor have they issued a correction.

  5. Lonewacko, don’t you dare make me ashamed for making gay jokes, you fucking queer.

  6. Maybe Suderman could find out who’s the girl looking in at Sully while he blogs. KathyGriffin?

  7. I have not read Ebert’s screed about the dumbing down of movies. (I have my own sources.) But in his defense, Jolly Roger introduced American TV audiences to Harry Knowles during Harry’s fair day. That’s not the act of an elitist. (Though it could be the act of a man who secretly wants somebody else to be known as “the fat guy”).

    Anyway, isn’t the dumbing down of summer movies more an international-release phenomenon than a stupid-Americans phenomenon? That is, you want something that can be grokked simultaneously on a gazillion screens by English speakers and non-speakers?

    For that matter, is it really so terrible? American movies have too many words.

  8. Do not drink the contents vial by Andy Glutes’ keyboard. We don’t need to lose another journalist to testosterone rage, dude.

  9. I hope the retarded douchiness that emanates from Sullivan’s blog doesn’t rot your brain.

    Lately it seems to be: ‘you criticize Obama, thus you evil, thus my vagina hurts, thus you evil thuglican!!!!11!’

  10. Have you found Trig’s afterbirth yet?

  11. Can you ask Andrew when you see him, is he a Christian?

  12. Does Sullivan smoke a lot of weed? These days he writes with the uncritical thinking of a stoner; and he certainly loves pimping any news about legalizing marijuana.

    If he is abusing chemicals, a 28 day stint at Betty Ford or The Pride Institute might empower him to drag his sorry ass out of the pig sty of solipsism that he’s been wallowing in as of late.

  13. You are posting at Sullivan’s blog? I guess Cynthia McKinney and Lyndon LaRouche didn’t need guest bloggers this week.

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