More on That Odd Bob Dylan Incident


There are some new details in the Bob Dylan incident in New Jersey reported over the weekend.

Actually, this first link isn't new, it just includes information that wasn't included in the original story I linked to:

According to Long Branch Police Department Sgt. Michael Ahart, Dylan had been peering into a window of a house that was for sale, which prompted a neighbor to call the police on July 23.

This ABC News report also doesn't mention Dylan peering in a window, but does say he wandered onto the property of a house for sale.

Either case would make the police apprehension of him less troubling, and he was technically trespassing, though once it was clear he didn't pose a threat to anyone, I'm still not sure he should have to produce identification.

More interesting is this bit from the ABC report about why Dylan may have been wandering around New Jersey in the rain:

Was Bob Dylan looking for the home where Bruce Springsteen wrote "Born to Run" in 1974 when he was detained by police near the Jersey shore last month?

The 68-year-old music legend was picked up one Thursday last month by a 24-year-old cop who failed to recognize him as he walked the streets of Long Branch, N.J. in the pouring rain.

It may have been as simple as it appears: Dylan told police he was talking a walk and looking at a home for sale.

But the area where Dylan was picked up was just a couple blocks from the beachside bungalow where Bruce Springsteen wrote the material for his landmark 1975 album "Born to Run."

In the past nine months, Dylan has visited the childhood homes of Neil Young and John Lennon, in both cases appearing without fanfare and barely identifying himself after he was recognized.

Last November, Winnipeg homeowner John Kiernan told Sun Media's Simon Fuller that Dylan and a friend arrived unannounced in a taxi to his Grosvenor Ave. home, where songwriter Neil Young grew up.

Dylan, Kiernan said, was unshaved and had the brim of his hat pulled down over his head. He asked for a look inside and inquired about Young's bedroom and where he would have played his guitar.

(Edit: Contrary to initial reports, the police now say it was the occupants of the home Dylan wandered up to who contacted them.)