Recently at Is Your iPod Unpatriotic? Why America shouldn't "buy American"


Is your iPod unpatriotic? Its parts and technology come from all over the world and it's assembled in China. Yet is any product more American than the iPod? The stimulus spending bill contains "Buy American" provisions that seek to keep government dollars in our borders, being spent on American products. But is that even possible in a world where the Chryslyer Jeep Patriot SUV contains fewer domestic parts than the Toyota Sequoia? And if it is possible, does it make sense from an economic or nationalist perspective anyway?

Featuring insight from George Mason University economist Donald Boudreaux, scenes from union rallies and conferences, and's own bikini bandits, who traveled to California's Venice Beach to smash iPods in a fit of protectionist rage.

Approximately 9 minutes long. For embed code, iPod (of course!), HD, and audio versions, and for related links and videos, go here.

Written and produced by Ted Balaker and hosted by Nick Gillespie. Field producer is Hawk Jensen and director of photography is Alex Manning. Associate Producers are Meredith Bragg, Paul Detrick, and Dan Hayes, with additional photography provided by Nathan Chaffetz and Dan Haas.