All Star Game Followup: Pitch-Gate Not The Issue (We Know That Was as Faked as The Moon Landing!); It's Mom-Jeans-Gate!


Leave it to my esteemed and accomplished colleague and collaborator Matt Welch to miss the point of a story, especially one involving sports.

Acknowledged college-football denialist Welch does a public service by posting video President Barack Obama's opening pitch from last night's MLB All Star Game in St. Louis. (And let's be honest, we haven't seen that jerky a handheld camera since porn made the transition from film to video back in the first Reagan administration). Even on HD, you couldn't/can't see where the hell the ball crosses the plate. The specific locution of the announcer, who says that Obama got it "to the plate and to the glove" of Albert Pujols, leaves open a grassy knoll's worth of speculation as to the exact trajectory of the pitch.

But the real question emanating from last night's game is: Was Obama wearing a pair of his wife's mom jeans or what? Is he still shopping at a TJ Maxx circa, what, 1992?

This isn't the first time Obama has been caught wearing mom jeans and/or Urkel pants and this is exactly the sort of thing that can sink a presidency, and America's standing in the world, faster than the stimulus bill, health care reform, and cap and trade put together.

Will his mom jeans become the 21st century equivalent of Jimmy Carter's cardigans? Only time, and Obama's tailor, will tell.