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All Star Game Followup: Pitch-Gate Not The Issue (We Know That Was as Faked as The Moon Landing!); It's Mom-Jeans-Gate!


Leave it to my esteemed and accomplished colleague and collaborator Matt Welch to miss the point of a story, especially one involving sports.

Acknowledged college-football denialist Welch does a public service by posting video President Barack Obama's opening pitch from last night's MLB All Star Game in St. Louis. (And let's be honest, we haven't seen that jerky a handheld camera since porn made the transition from film to video back in the first Reagan administration). Even on HD, you couldn't/can't see where the hell the ball crosses the plate. The specific locution of the announcer, who says that Obama got it "to the plate and to the glove" of Albert Pujols, leaves open a grassy knoll's worth of speculation as to the exact trajectory of the pitch.

But the real question emanating from last night's game is: Was Obama wearing a pair of his wife's mom jeans or what? Is he still shopping at a TJ Maxx circa, what, 1992?

This isn't the first time Obama has been caught wearing mom jeans and/or Urkel pants and this is exactly the sort of thing that can sink a presidency, and America's standing in the world, faster than the stimulus bill, health care reform, and cap and trade put together.

Will his mom jeans become the 21st century equivalent of Jimmy Carter's cardigans? Only time, and Obama's tailor, will tell.

NEXT: First-Pitchgate!

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  1. My mom wouldn’t be caught dead in jeans like that.

  2. Mom jeans? Holy shit, Obama’s a chick! Why didn’t I see it before?

  3. If not for the recent gawking footage, I’d think he was gay. Or, at least as gay as Matt Welch.

  4. Remember, he’s cool.

  5. OK, WTH are mom jeans?

  6. Some dude,

    Mom jeans are primarily characterized by the unusual length of the zipper. They are designed to go over the hips, even over the belly button.

    See also.

  7. “This isn’t the first time Obama has been caught wearing mom jeans and/or Urkel pants”

    At least the bitch ain’t saggin’.

  8. “If not for the recent gawking footage, I’d think he was gay. Or, at least as gay as Matt Welch.”

    Just because Matt Welch sucks cocks doesn’t that he’s gay.

  9. I’d give anything to see Obama wear his jeans gangsta-style, with his POTUS-monogrammed boxers hanging out the back.

  10. ok first he wore a soc jacket, so that makes him an instant douche, due to my cubs allegiance. and secondly notice the camera intentionally turned away from the plate to obsure the plate.

  11. They are designed to go over the hips, even over the belly button.

    Creating, on certain unfortunately shaped ladies, what I like to call the butt-in-front.

    Other tell-tale characteristics of mom jeans include pleats of any kind and that most un-trendy of washes often seen on the “Western-themed” family photo. You know the ones where everyone from baby up to Grandma is wearing the same shade of dorky denim?

  12. This video shows the throw from two angles:

    He made it, but the catcher was on TOP of the plate, and still had to move forward to catch it…

  13. A wise latina would have thrown the ball perfectly.

  14. Who is doing that stupid Fox voice-over that calls it a strike? The ball didn’t even make it to the plate.

  15. I thought Obama was more the catcher type.

  16. I’m sorry, is this TMZ now? This criticism is coming from the guy who thinks that the Fonz put together the perfect outfit in 1974. Come on Reason, I’ve seen the pictures taken at your meet-ups. Mom-Jeans would be a step forward.

  17. He SHOULD wear mom jeans since he throws like a girl.

  18. Your point is noted, mantooth, but c’mon – none of the Reason guys are the coolest President evah.

    The day that mom jeans are all I can wear will be the day I stop wearing jeans.

    My crypto-bubba hubby in his blue jean bermuda shorts with his steel toed Wolverine work boots doesn’t look as dorky as Obama does whenever he’s not dressed in a suit.

  19. I prefer to believe Nick takes his fashion cues from Marlon Brando.

    And don’t hold Reason responsible for the fashion horrors of their party guests; the “casual wear” of Washington DC policy wonks is just one giant elastic waistband.

  20. Was that Pele standing next to Gerald Ford?

  21. Maybe Obama should have thrown up his hand in support of our troops that was at the all star game. My nephew was there because he was asked to unfold the flag on the field. He is a soldier in the US Army. As President Obama walked past them (and BTW He and his company has just returned from an 18 month tour of duty in Iraq) Obama did not even acknowledge that they were there. What a slap in the face from your Boss! He is a JOKE as commander-n-chief. Maybe no one explained to the 2 year senator that this was in the job discription. Its a crime and a shame and I can only imagine what was going through the minds of the soldiers as they were standing there anticipating his entrance and then to be completely ignored by him!!! It’s just wrong.

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