A Gentleman Doesn't Kick a Lady Who's Flat On Her Back


Go ahead and get a few yucks from this TV news story about a teacher at a highly rated Sacramento school who "accidentally" (is there a psychiatrist in the house?) sent out a DVD to her students that contained what looks like nude autostimulation footage starring the teacher herself. Yes, of course it's every schoolboy's dream come true, but the scandalized reaction of parents is perfectly understandable. My kid's excellent teacher got laid off this year because she doesn't have enough time in the union, so I'm not shedding any tears for this person. Whatever the school decides to do with her is fine by me.

Still, I have to point out what a big weenie outraged dad "Joe" is for: acting out Mrs. DelFonte's (sp?) Mrs. Defanti's sex act on camera; dragging up that ancient gag where the wide-eyed kid asks the speechless parent a tough question; demanding the school make him whole; expounding on how shocking it all is; and yet keeping his mushmouthed noggin artfully out of frame while he's telling his story. If you want to join in shaming a woman of easy virtue, at least show your face, man.

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  1. I had a teacher in high school who was pretty hot and who everyone would have loved to be statutory raped by. There were lots of rumors about her banging students. Turned out she was banging…the married vice principal. We were all very disappointed.

    If you want to join in shaming a woman of easy virtue, at least show your face, man.

    He didn’t want you to see the leering mask of smug pseudo-morality that he couldn’t wipe off his face.

  2. Still, I have to point out what a big weenie outraged dad “Joe” is

    The proper dad response is to confiscate the DVD and study it carefully for educational content.

  3. ‘Whatever the school decides to do with her is fine by me.’

    According to the article:

    ‘CBS 13 reports that the local school district is investigating the case, but that it is unlikely that teacher, who is well-liked and respected, will lose her job.’

    Of course, since it’s CBS reporting it, it might not be 100% true.

  4. I’m very disappointed at the article’s lack of thoroughness. It assumes that we’ll just take their journalistic analysis of the contents of the DVD. I demand to decide for myself!

  5. I have trouble taking “Joe” seriously since “Joe” can’t even tie his shoes.

  6. At least ‘outraged dad “Joe”‘ hasn’t (yet) made a federal case of the school material to which his elementary-school child was exposed, unlike another outraged dad with a daughter in the same school system.

    The DVD teacher’s school is in the Elk Grove School District, where the famous Newdow case about the use of the phrase ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance originated.

    Recall that, in the Newdow case, the Ninth Circuit federal appeals court declared that the use of ‘Under God’ was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court dismissed the case on jurisdictional grounds.

    In striking down the use of ‘Under God,’ the Ninth Circuit said: ‘The coercive effect of this policy is particularly pronounced in the school setting given the age and impressionability of schoolchildren, and their understanding that they are required to adhere to the norms set by their school, their teacher and their fellow students.’

    As discussed in the Ninth Circuit opinion, ‘Newdow does not allege that his daughter’s teacher or school district requires his daughter to participate in reciting the Pledge. Rather, he claims that his daughter is injured when she is compelled to “watch and listen as her state employed teacher in her state-run school leads her classmates in a ritual proclaiming that there is a God, and that our’s [sic] is `one nation under God.”‘

    I wonder: what would the constitutional implications be for exposing elementary-school children in the Elk Grove district to this teacher’s DVD? I suppose that the Ninth Circuit would insist on editing out the word ‘God,’ if the teacher ever utters it during her throes of ecstasy.

  7. After all, the teacher is ‘state employed,’ and we know that even observing objectionable content has a coercive effect on young, impressionable students. The kids in this school might get the impression that the school is endorsing the utterance of religious names during sexual passion, and we can’t have that kind of mixing of Church and State.

  8. “A Gentleman Doesn’t Kick a Lady Who’s Flat On Her Back”

    unless, of course, she asks him to do so

    Tim, can you get Nick to post the vid to


  9. My god, she was pixellating herself! I hope they give the kids some eye bleach.

  10. You say DelFonte’s (sp?), I say Defanti’s(!)

  11. I wonder how much the DVDs would go for on eBay?

  12. What sort of message does the DVD send to The Children??

  13. Again, the question no one has dared ask, but I will (for the good of the group):

    Was she hot?

  14. A lunch lady in my town was forced to resign.


    Anyway, idiot Dad “Joe” makes a good case for mandatory parenting classes. Sounds like he has his own issues to deal with.

  15. You’re from Vineland, Tricky? The fearful sphere of South Jersey.

    This is the kind of scandal I’d expect out of a lowlife town like Millville.

  16. Actually, SomeGuy, the proper Dad response is to take the video, rip it to his computer, edit the video to remove the offending bit, reburn a clean DVD so the kid can watch, and save the offending bit to a difficult to find folder…should it become useful at some time in the future.

  17. Mad Max ftw.

    I have no problem with mandatory school prayer. Parents can just keep their kids home an extra 15 minutes every day. The First Amendment says “Congress shall make no law”, and I’m pretty sure they were talking about the U.S. Congress, so where did they get the idea that it applies to public schools?

  18. How is this teacher only in jeopardy of losing her job? Remember that sub who was sentenced to forty years in the slammer because of the porn lick she clinked in front of the class.

  19. What’s the worst part of being an atheist?

  20. My kid’s excellent teacher got laid off this year because she doesn’t have enough time in the union, so I’m not shedding any tears for this person. Whatever the school decides to do with her is fine by me.
    To this person and everyone else:
    Thats what’s wrong with people now. Whether you are gay, straight, single, married, divorce,”People have sex, that’s what we do. This was a mistake that the woman is truly sorry. Have some compassion. People are so self righteous until their own dirty little secrets comes to light. Stop condemning people nobody’s condemning you for every stupid thing that you do or have done

  21. yeh,yeh,yeh,yadayadayada,but where do you see the tape.i’m outta here

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