A Gentleman Doesn't Kick a Lady Who's Flat On Her Back


Go ahead and get a few yucks from this TV news story about a teacher at a highly rated Sacramento school who "accidentally" (is there a psychiatrist in the house?) sent out a DVD to her students that contained what looks like nude autostimulation footage starring the teacher herself. Yes, of course it's every schoolboy's dream come true, but the scandalized reaction of parents is perfectly understandable. My kid's excellent teacher got laid off this year because she doesn't have enough time in the union, so I'm not shedding any tears for this person. Whatever the school decides to do with her is fine by me.

Still, I have to point out what a big weenie outraged dad "Joe" is for: acting out Mrs. DelFonte's (sp?) Mrs. Defanti's sex act on camera; dragging up that ancient gag where the wide-eyed kid asks the speechless parent a tough question; demanding the school make him whole; expounding on how shocking it all is; and yet keeping his mushmouthed noggin artfully out of frame while he's telling his story. If you want to join in shaming a woman of easy virtue, at least show your face, man.