Reason Writers Around Town: Katherine Mangu-Ward on GOP Stars



In day two of their Los Angeles Times Dust Up about the future of the GOP, Associate Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward and Instapundit impresario Glenn Reynolds handicap potential Republican stars-in-waiting. Reynolds sees a possible future for Sarah Palin. Mangu-Ward argues that any potential star will turn out be a sacrificial lamb.

Read all about it here. Read the first installment here


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  1. Too bad Tom Coburn asked Sen. Ensin to payoff that bitch and her loudmouth husband. I’m still rooting for Mitch Daniels.

  2. two words, pay and off darnit.

  3. Sarah was a schoolgirl
    When she heard her first right wing hack
    Rush Limbaugh I think it was
    And from there it didn’t take her long

    Got herself a satellite dish
    Used to watch Hannity every night
    Now she’s in a governor’s mansion
    and everything’s all right
    Don’t ya know

    Sarah told her mama
    Hey, Mama, I’m going away
    I’m gonna hit the big time
    Gonna be a big star someday

    Momma came to the door
    With a teardrop in her eye
    Sarah said “Don’t cry Momma,
    Smile and wave goodbye.”

    Don’t you know

    Don’t you know
    That you are a shooting star,..(don’t you know, don’t you know)
    Don’t you know that you are
    A Shooting Star
    And all the world will love you
    Just as long as you are?

    Sarah made a big jump
    Went straight up to the VP slot
    Suddenly everyone loved to hear her make a speech
    Watching the world go by
    Surprising it goes so fast
    Sarah looked around her
    And said “Well I made the big time at last.”

    a shooting star.,….


    Sarah resigned one night
    Resigned from her post
    With her husband and that mongoloid kid
    By her side

    Sarah’s career passed her
    by like a warm summer day
    If you listen to the wind
    You can still hear her say

    Don’t you know,…

  4. Bad Party,

    If you’re taking requests, could you do a rewrite of DEVO’s Come Back Jonee?

  5. The elephant is the room that no one will address is Bristol’s pregnancy.

    Try it a different way.

    “I’m John Adams, and I want to to introduce my lovely family. This is my sweet baby girl who has Down syndrome, and Carol, my preschooler, John, my noisy pre-teen, and Kyle here, a handsome great guy who talked the panties off a schoolmate and knocked her up. We see fine things for Kyle once we get past this hurdle and he finishes high school.”

  6. Reynolds is right about one thing: Our system is weighted towards douchebaggery. Thus, we elect douchebags.

    Imagine having a different federal legislator over to your house for 535 straight days. Now imagine that you’re in the district of none of these people and that you’re forbidden from relaying the events of the evening to your blog or the outside world in general, so that they are free to be themselves. How many do you think you could entertain for the entire night without throwing them out of your house? Is thirty enough? Is five too many?

  7. “Entire night” being dinner, drinks, cards, whatever. Think ~3 hours.

  8. Why can’t this lady go away for five damn minutes

  9. Because we’re trying to jerk off the rest of this Cialis.

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