"What this is about is a personal issue that happened late in the campaign relating to a close, personal friend of Bill Kristol"


In case you needed any fresh reminders of why the gang at The Weekly Standard should never be within drop-kicking distance of the Oval Office, this Politico article about the Palin Wars within the McCain campaign last fall should do the trick. If Sarah Palin emerges as a 2012 front-runner for the GOP, her intrigue-fomenting, audibly panting WS kingmakers would be reason enough to run screaming for the exits. Though in fairness to the former in-flight magazine of Air Force II, for whatever managerial or temperamental reasons, John McCain's political campaigns have frequently been riven by messy civil wars.

Read the Vanity Fair Palin profile that kicked off the latest spat here. More on the Weekly Standard and John McCain here.