Reason.tv: Liberal and Conservative Agree on Bill of Rights…Especially That it Should Be Much Shorter!



Liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans may disagree on all kinds of things, but based on the way they govern, they've reached a consensus that the Bill of Rights is just way too long.

Indeed, with the exception of the Third Amendment (the one about quartering of troops), is there any aspect of the Bill of Rights that they both support without reservation?

Had enough of left and right? Maybe you're ready for some Reason.

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"Had Enough of Left and Right?" is directed by Courtney Moorehead Balaker and written by Ted Balaker. Director of photography is Alex Manning; associate producer is Nate Chaffetz. Starring Kyle Roper as the liberal Democrat, and Paul Detrick as the conservative Republican. Voiceover by Rin Palmer.

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  1. Don’t forget that right to abortion amendment. And the right to marry a person of your own sex amendment. We gotta git rid of those.

  2. Well said, both Reason.tv and dude. I’m afraid this will never play in Peoria. 🙁


    When a principle or premise defends one’s case, it is affirmed; when it doesn’t, it’s denied. Think about these two statements:

    Individuals have the right to engage in consensual private behavior even if it can harm them.

    The government has the duty to stop individuals from engaging in consensual private behavior that can harm them.

    So, which does our “liberal” believe in? Well, if the issue’s smoking, the second. But if it’s “sodomy,” then the first. And the “conservative”? Just the reverse. What prevails is a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t commitment to any tenet. Moral integrity falls to personal prejudice, and hypocrisy becomes the standard of “social democracy.”


  4. Sodomy? You might wanna pick a better example.

  5. hotsauce,

    Sodomy is just gay sex so I think it fits. Unless of course it’s sex with animals then forget what I just wrote.

  6. I thought Kelo rewrote the BofR with the “Diverse and Always Evolving Needs of Society” Clause.

    You people need to get with current events, the only right you have is “right this way…”

  7. “Had enough of left and right? Maybe you’re ready for some Reason.”


  8. Sodomy is just gay sex

    No, it’s not. I plan on doing a bit of sodomizing in the near future, and I am most assuredly not gay.

    Check your definitions.

  9. hotsauce and libitard, technically speaking, sodomy is anything that is not good ol’ penile/vaginal interaction. This includes both gay sex and bestiality, as well as oral or anal penetration of any gender/species.

  10. Back when I lived in Charlottesville, every fall there would be one or two stories about arresting college girls for giving a guy a blowjob in a car in the football parking lot or something. It was stupid. Of course, they’re not enforced now, but at the time I wanted to get a T shirt with “I got blown in VA” with handcuffs on it. I was also hoping that Bill Clinton had been serviced by Monica in VA, just for the circus that would result, but alas….

  11. as well as oral or anal penetration of any gender/species.

    And I was really hoping to fuck a gay otter in the mouth later.

  12. Lemme guess, the guy with the brown corduroy jacket, the facial hair and the hipster dufus haircut and glasses: liberal.

    The clean cut white boy on the right: The conservative.

    Now I’ll go watch the video.

  13. Ok, it was pretty funny, except the liberal and the conservative would agree that the fourth, and fifth amendments would be null & void.

  14. While I can appreciate the lighthearted comedy regarding whether or not sodomy is or is not sex, this clip did indicate a more troubling tendency of the so-called “left and right” in our country to ignore the real issue. That is whether or not the Government has a duty to intervene in your private life if your activity does not cause harm to people who are not trying to harm you. If the only person harmed is yourself, then so be it. You knew or should have known better. In the instance of sodomy between consenting adults, what is the harm to society at large? The Government does not have any compelling reason to be in your bedroom. Ever.

    Wisley enough, our Founders were insistent in incorporating a written statement of what are the “natural rights of citizens”. As we can attest to, the Government will attempt to take them away from us because it is “for the good of us all”.

    Sadly enough, there are those who would scrap the Bill of Rights in an attempt to gain more “freedom and security”. I want no part of that. I wish to be responsible for myself.

  15. And I was really hoping to fuck a gay otter in the mouth later.

    Ok. But you’ll have to wait until Episiarch is finished.

  16. And I was really hoping to fuck a gay otter in the mouth later.

    You might want to consider that otters mainly eat fish and shellfish, and have teeth designed for that purpose.

  17. As long as the otter isn’t underage, you’re good to go.

  18. Ummm, doesn’t the government stealing our property and giving it to an unconstitutional standing army count as “quartering troops”?

  19. Ummm, doesn’t the government stealing our property and giving it to an unconstitutional standing army count as “quartering troops”?

    Only if they make you take some of those troops and let them stay in your spare bedroom. “Quartering” means providing living quarters in private property. The Brits did that pre-revolution – our men need someplace to live, so move your young daughter out so they can sleep in her bedroom. And you probably want to lock her up while you’re at it, because our redcoats are pretty randy men.

  20. “And I was really hoping to fuck a gay otter in the mouth later.”

    Don’t you mean a TOOTHLESS gay otter?

  21. Google Trends is showing a spike in searches for “Arabian Sandstorm”.

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