The Rasputin Award for Political Prognostication


The always prescient Mark McKinnon (not to be confused with the rarely funny Mark McKinney), writing at The Daily Beast yesterday on the media persecution of South Carolina's Peronist Gov. Mark Sanford:

Mark Sanford unplugged. Literally. He decided to take a hike. And he told his security detail to take a hike as well.

Guy wanted some alone time in the woods to clear his head.

Here we have a guy in politics who actually likes to get OUT of the spotlight. How exceedingly normal.

But oh, no. Not normal at all. A man in his position has to be "troubled" or "hiding something" for taking a walk…

Well, apparently, Sanford has been out hiking the Appalachian Trail: A great place, according to the author and novice hiker Bill Bryson, for a walk in the woods. This is the sign of a healthy, sane individual. So, of course, when someone in politics does something normal, political partisans and the media elite think he's crazy.

Mark Sanford literally likes to go his own way. Why do politicians have to be on a leash? Really, is South Carolina such a highly prized strategic asset that everyone has to freak out if the governor takes a hike for a few days? What's the worst that could happen? The South Carolina libraries flood?

Of course there are "mysteries" to be solved, report the hyperventilating press. His cellphone was last picked up in Atlanta. I think the mystery will be solved when Sanford admits that he committed the crime of turning off his cellphone because he didn't want to be bothered.

And it appears he has a very healthy marriage, because his wife said, "He was writing something and wanted some space to get away from the kids." Sounds like Dad got his Father's Day wish. And he told his staff that he'd be difficult to reach for a few days and that he regularly goes off the tether without his security detail.