Nanny State

The Vexing Details of Vehicle Discrimination


University of Michigan economics professor Mark Perry tries (in vain) to parse the logic of a UAW parking lot where only "American-Union made" cars are welcome:  

First of all, is that really legal in the U.S. to engage in such blatant "vehicle discrimination/vehicle profiling" based on a car's national origin? Is there really much difference between a sign that says "No Mexicans allowed on our property" and the sign above that essentially says "No cars built by Mexicans allowed on our property"? 

Follow Perry down the rabbithole as things get even more confusing. What about cars made by unionized Canadian auto workers? Cars assembled in both Canada and the United States? Cars manufactured in the United States by foreign companies?

There's a metaphor for the futility of automobile industry protectionism somewhere around here.

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