Net Spending Cuts, Everywhere Except Where They Were Promised


Via Instapundit comes this banally infuriating Politico story about belt-loosening in Washington:

While businesses across the country are cutting back, members of the House saw their own office budgets increase by an average of 7 percent between 2008 and 2009.

House officials say the increase is because of — not in spite of — the nation's economic woes.

If I can wade briefly into unscientific anecdote, a recent West coast swing through Portland, Palm Springs and Los Angeles revealed a startling proliferation of "for lease" signs and noticeable decraptitude since the last time setting foot in all three; meanwhile here in D.C. gentrification seems to roar on uninterrupted. 

Radley Balko wrote about "Washington's wealth boom" in January and February.