Last Week's 5 Greatest Hits at


Here are the top five most popular articles that ran at from May 24-31. Read 'em once again or for the first time.

Sonia Sotomayor on Gun Rights and Racial Preferences: Why libertarians-and everyone who believes in limited government-should worry about Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee Damon W. Root (5/26)

California's Silent Big Spenders: Political class refuses to explain why the state requires hysterical spending growth Matt Welch (5/28)

Is the Abortion Debate Changing?: Understanding the latest opinion poll results David Harsanyi (5/27)

Nostalgianomics: Liberal economists pine for days no liberal should want to revisit. Brink Lindsey (5/26)

What Norm Coleman & Al Franken Have Taught America: The Senate is carrying more dead weight than an Uruguayan rugby team Nick Gillespie (5/29)